9 reasons to make your own skincare products

We converted to making our own skincare products a long time ago! However if you are quite new to making your own products, or haven’t yet and want to know why you should, here are 9 fantastic reasons to inspire you to start!   1 - Trust   It's hard to trust...

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Can you make safe preservative free skincare products?

There is one golden rule when making your own natural skincare products: If a product contains water (or an aqueous solution like hydrosol, herbal infusions, aloe vera), it needs a preservative. If your product could come into contact with water during use then you...

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How balls and a broken down car launched our 6 figure biz

One of the maxims we live by and that has completely transformed my life is: start before you are ready. Seems counter intuitive right. Surely you need to feel ready before you do something. You should have what you need (time, money, expertise, stuff) and feel ready...

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