Beautiful Bodycare Online Course

Learn to create a complete range of natural bodycare product using luxurious ingredients

Body Butters – Body Lotions – Creams- Lotion Bars
Massage Bars – Body Oils – Body Scrubs – Balms & more!

“This is the best course that I have done. Really helpful and you make it so enjoyable. The videos are great!”

Do you want to use products that are free of harmful chemicals?

Do you like knowing exactly what you are putting on your skin?

Do you want skincare that is safer for your body and better for the environment?

Are you ready to experience radiance, health and happiness – naturally?

Congratulations! You’ve found it!
The BEST place to learn how to create your own gorgeous, natural products!

Make products free from petrochemicals, mineral oils, petroleum derived ingredients, silicones, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and parabens

See the difference natural ingredients make – have glowing, radiant, silky soft skin in no time!

Know exactly what you are putting on your skin! Make 100% natural products that are kind and nourishing.

Learn the secrets of the beauty industry – make products sold by the top organic brands for a fraction of the cost!

Here’s what our students say…

Better than Clarins & Chanel

“I made your serum a couple of weeks ago and a friend who has trained with Clarins and Chanel said its one of the nicest she’s ever tried. Thank you so much!”

Helping me heal and finding pure joy

“I just wanted to say I’m finding your course is helping me heal & I am finding pure joy making your products:) I’ve made the Chocolate Orange lotion bars so far & some bath bombs I’m finding a kind of joy & inner peace when I am in the kitchen. I found some tins perfect for the lotion bars so gave some as gifts, my mum & sister are really impressed!”

Friends coming back for more

“The recipes are wonderful and so easy. I’m able to help my friends and family with all the knowledge I have gleaned from your courses. The eczema cream is a particular favourite with friends coming back for more!”

My skin is so much healthier & full of life

“The Natural Skincare Course has revolutionised my life! My skin is so much healthier and full of life. You are truly an inspiration!”

The Beautiful Bodycare Online Course is a fun, multi-media course making learning easy and enjoyable!

Over 60 recipes – 10 essential oil profiles – 5 quick reference charts – 6 step-by step videos – lifetime access

  • Step-by-step video tutorials so you can see exactly how to make creams, whipped body butters, balms, lotion bars and more.
  • Audio tutorials that make learning easy and enjoyable – listen at a time convenient to you
  • Beautiful recipe files for each module with step by step instructions and gorgeous photographs
  • Quick reference charts – so you can see the information you need at a glance
  • 60 wonderful natural beauty recipes plus guidance on adapting these to formulate your own personalised products and creating your own recipes
  • Lifetime access: Study at your own pace

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Recipe Index
  • Plant oils for natural bodycare products
  • Butters and Waxes for natural skincare
  • Herbs for natural skincare
  • Guide to Antioxidants, Emulsifiers and Preservatives
  • Equipment
  • Suppliers
  • Health and Safety checklist
  • Safety and Storage of essential oils Audio Tutorial and checklist

Module 2: Essential Oils for Natural Bodycare Products

Discover the properties, benefits, uses and contraindications of ten wonderful essential oils

  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Benzoin Essential Oil
  • YlangYlang Essential Oil
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • Orange & Mandarin Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil

“The audios and videos are my favourite part of the course. This added dimension is really helping expand my understanding.”

Module 3: Body and Massage Oils

  • A Ray of Sunshine Body Oil
  • Replenishing and Rejuvenating Wonder Oil
  • Amazing Eczema Oil
  • Sweet Dreams Bath and Massage oil
  • Exotic Bath and Massage oil
  • Grapefruit and Geranium Cellulite Oil
  • And more!

Module 4: Body Balms and Salves

  • Sweet Seduction Body Balm
  • Super Smooth Coconut Body Balm
  • Dry Skin Rescue Balm
  • Calm Balm
  • Magical Marigold Balm
  • Lemongrass After Sport Balm
  • Video: How to make a Beautiful Body Rescue Balm

“What a great course, I’m enjoying everything about it! I’m finding the range and variety of recipes particularly helpful, and the explanations of the principals behind producing each product is great.”

Module 5: Lotion Bars and Massage Bars

  • Sweet and Floral Lotion Bar
  • White Chocolate Lotion Bar
  • Baby Bump Lotion Bar
  • Party Time Lotion Bar
  • Cocoa Loco Lotion Bar
  • Wakey Wakey Peppermint Lotion Bar
  • Relaxing Bedtime Massage
  • And more!
  • Video: How to make a Mandarin and Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar

Module 6: Whipped Body Butters

  • Simple Body Butter
  • Wonder Butter for dry chapped skin
  • Bedtime Butter
  • Wild Rose and Geranium Body Butter
  • Cocoa Mango Whipped Body Butter
  • Mango and Coconut Butter
  • Baby Bump Butter
  • Lemongrass Foot Butter
  • Peppermint Foot Butter
  • Video: How to make Coconut and Shea Whipped Body Butter

“I’ve really enjoyed making products at my own pace. My skin loves the balancing lotion!”

Module 7: Body Creams and Body Lotions

  • Rose and Vanilla Body Lotion
  • Frankincense and Orange Body Lotion
  • Super Soothing Hand Cream
  • Almond and Orange Milk Sapry
  • Revitalising Wild Rose & Shea Body Cream
  • Nourishing Mango and Almond Body Cream
  • Soothing Eczema Body cream
  • Beauty Sleep Body Cream
  • And more!
  • Video: How to make Soothing Hand Cream

Module 8: Body Scrubs

  • Grapefruit and Geranium Circulation Boosting Scrub
  • Softening Shea Sugar Scrub
  • Coconut and Lemongrass Body Scrub
  • Rise and Shine Morning Shower Scrub
  • Detoxifying Mud Scrub
  • And more!
  • Video: How to Make Coconut and Lemongrass Body Scrub

“The information is laid out really well and the instructions are really easy to follow. I love the videos as they are really easy to follow and they allow me to see what my finished product should look like”

By the end of the course you will:

  • Be able to create a range of beautiful, safe and effective natural skin care products free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients
  • Be able to adapt recipes to suit your skin type and preferences
  • Understand the key properties and benefits of a wide range of raw ingredients
  • Understand the key properties and benefits of a range of essential oils including which skin types they are good for
  • Know the role of preservatives, antioxidants and emulsifiers – when you need to use them and when not
  • Be confident and empowered with your new knowledge and skills!

“Brilliant. Huge content and really informative. A fantastic course with loads learnt”

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About the School of Natural Skincare

The School of Natural Skincare is the world’s premier natural skincare school for people who want to create safe, gorgeous, natural beauty products.

Led by Natural Skincare Expert & Cosmetic Formulator, Gail Francombe and Aromatherapist, Gareth Despres, the school is dedicated to helping you ditch chemical & synthetically laden products and instead have the knowledge and confidence to make your own beautiful, effective natural skincare products for yourself or to start a business.

The School’s fabulous recipes and fun, creative classes have been featured by the BBC and glossy magazines like Green Parent, Spirit & Destiny and Country Homes and Interiors Magazine.

Gail and Gareth have run classes for prestigious colleges, large corporations & passionate individuals. Students have flown from around the world to join their live classes and their online classes have been joined by over 1500 students in 40+ countries.

Have a question? See our answers to your most FAQs here:

When can I start?
You have instant access to all the course materials. The course access details are sent to you immediately after signing up – look out for an email to your PayPal email address and if you don’t see it do check your spam folder as its likely ended up there. You can get started straight away and will be making gorgeous natural skincare products in no time!
What happens after I pay?
The course access details are sent to you immediately after signing up – look out for an email to your PayPal email address and if you don’t see it do check your spam folder as its likely ended up there. We recommend you add to your email address book so that you safely receive emails and course details from us.
How long do I have access to the course?
Once you purchase the course the material is yours to keep forever! So you can refer back to the material as often as you like. We recommended that you download the files and documents to your own computer for safe keeping.
I’d like to make 100% natural products made without preservatives, does the course cover this?

Yes! The course includes how to make a range of natural products which don’t need preservatives. Generally products that don’t contain water don’t need preservatives. I first started making my own products because I wanted 100% natural, preservative free products so included in the course are preservative free moisturising balms and butters, cleansers, facial serums, toners, spritzers, lip balms, lip gloss, face masks, scrubs and more. These products have a good shelf life of around 6 months or so.

Some of the recipes do need preservatives – creams and lotions for example. Where preservatives are needed we recommend those that are permitted in Ecocert organic products and the details of where to buy these is provided. I’m really happy with these preservatives and you can make wonderful creams and lotions by using them.

What are the benefits of making natural skincare products?
  • Natural ingredients work wonders on the skin, they heal, nourish, rejuvenate, promote the healthy functioning of the skin and bring about natural radiance
  • Plant based oils are easily absorbed, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which help the skin function optimally and improve its condition and appearance.
  • Essential oils are readily absorbed and very beneficial to the skin. They speed up the removal of old skin cells and stimulate the growth of new skin, are antiseptic and help the skins protective functions,  promote healing, improve muscle tone and blood circulation, reduce inflammation, regulate sebum production and reduce the impact of emotional stress.
  • Most people notice huge improvements just weeks after switching to natural products
  • It’s fun, creative, empowering – I haven’t used a shop bought product for years and I’ve had lots of fun creating my own blends and recipes
  • They are inexpensive – make very high quality products for much less than the price of the top brands
  • They are better that products bought in the shop because you know exactly what’s in them! This is great if you have allergies or sensitive skin.
  • Design custom products – for yourself, friends, family or clients
Do I need any special skills?
No not at all. The videos and tutorials show you everything you need to know.
Is the course practical or just theory based?
The course covers both the theory and the practical! The course contains videos and step-by-step guides with photographs so you can learn all the practical skills you need. The recipe files,  study notes and charts contain all the theory and information. The course guides you to develop both the knowledge and the skills you need so that by the end you’ll be designing and making your own beautiful products with confidence.
How much time do I need?

You can go through the course at your own pace. The materials are yours to keep forever!

You could immerse yourself in all the material over a few days, study one module a week or take several months. The choice is yours.

What equipment and ingredients do I need?

You’ll need some basic kitchen equipment to get started. Digital scales, measuring jugs/spoons, saucepans, glass bowls, a whisk. That’s about it!

You can begin with a just few ingredients – decide what recipes you’d like to try first and start with those. From there you can gradually get more as you want to try making different products. Alternatively you can stock up at the beginning. The choice is yours. Many of the recipes need similar ingredients so once you have a few supplies there are lots of recipes you can try.

The ingredients we’ll be using are highly effective, easily obtainable and affordable. I know from experience that there’s nothing more frustrating than finding a recipe you want to try that suggests you use rose essential oil! Rose is a delightful oil but prohibitively expensive for most people. So we’ve chosen specialist ingredients that are wonderful to use and affordable. Not that we’re saying don’t splash out on some amazing rose oil if you want to! But it’s not necessary.

Where can I buy ingredients?
Module one contains a list of our favourite suppliers around the world. There are many for you choose from. Some online suppliers are great one stop shops for everything you’ll need. Alternatively many local health food shops and holistic shops sell many of the things you’ll need
Will the recipes be suitable for my skin type?
Yes! The course contains recipes for every skin type – normal, oily, combination, dry, mature and sensitive plus how to treat eczema, acne and anti-aging treatments. You will learn which ingredients are suitable for which skin types so you can adapt and design recipes that suit you.
After I have bought the course is it possible to get a refund?
No, as this is an instant digital access course once you have made your payment it is not possible to get a refund. You can see the full terms and conditions here.