Build Your Beauty Brand
Business & Marketing Intensive

for natural & organic skincare entrepreneurs

Grow your brand,

increase sales,

make more profit.

Are you ready...

…to transform your hobby and passion for making natural skincare products into a successful sustainable business you are proud of?

Do you want...

…to accelerate your success and step forward as a proud business owner, admired by your peers and customers and make a consistent profit?

Do you dream...

…of creating a recognized brand that gets great reviews, is featured in glossy magazines and is loved and trusted by adoring fans?

Congratulations! You’re in the right place!

We know that right now you might be:

  • Struggling to decide what your niche is and the right product to start with.
  • Trying to figure out how to market your brand and how to get your product noticed.
  • Unsure of how to price your products, disappointed with slow sales or confused about cashflow.
  • Needing help with branding, packaging and labeling and the legalities.
  • Not sure of the bigger steps of getting your products into retail stores.

All this might mean you:

  • Haven’t even started yet, baffled by what to do first or afraid to get it wrong.
  • Keep changing your mind, losing confidence and hence never getting anywhere.
  • Are actually losing money from your business rather than making it.

It’s totally not your fault.

There is so much to think about when starting out and no one to ask for help.

Until now.

Imagine how amazing it would be to…

Have help from a team of beauty industry business experts, showing you the way, step by step.

Feel confident about your business because you have a plan to follow, insider knowledge of how the big brands do it, and how you can, too.

Successfully and easily sell more of your products through premium multi-brand beauty websites, high street retailers and receive frequent large repeat orders...

We’ve teamed up with industry experts that have helped many well-known brands that started out just like you.

Now we are offering YOU our combined expertise and skills in how to build a successful beauty brand.

After completing this program, our beauty entrepreneurs have:


Won awards for their products


Been featured in glossy magazines


Refined their branding or completely rebranded


Had products stocked by online retailers


Been interviewed on beauty blogs


Launched their website

This could be you too!


Go from being stuck and confused to on the path to success.


Find your niche, create your unique brand identity and stand out from the crowd.


Know what retailers expect of you, how to speak their language and how to be accepted into retail stores.


Market and promote your brand like a pro: create and carry out a kick-ass promotional plan to grow your brand awareness, customer base and sales.


Generate more sales, increase your revenue and make more profit.

Student Case Study

Since taking the course I can work out retailers’ margins quickly and easily – you can’t imagine the pressure this has taken off me.

I am excited about moving into retail and I am especially proud of the presentation material I have put together for retailers.

Working with Hils as my mentor enabled me to obtain personal support, talk through issues that came up and deal with them in real time. The positive feedback and encouragement in these sessions really helped to support my business.

Vicki Evans, Walk Mill Botanics

This high-impact mentoring program is only for you if:

  • You are committed to your vision and ambition of becoming a successful beauty entrepreneur.
  • You have a strong desire to have a profitable beauty brand.
  • You have the motivation to do the work required.
  • You are prepared to invest your time, energy and resources to achieve your dream.

This is the only training of its kind.

Here’s what’s included:


20 laser-focused business lessons, with workbooks and video classes


Actionable exercises and tasks to accelerate your business growth


6 industry professionals sharing their expertise


Quarterly Mastermind Sessions that will get you unstuck and filled with new inspiration and motivation


Membership to our vibrant, global community of beauty entrepreneurs

Build Your Beauty Brand
Beauty & Marketing Intensive

for natural & organic skincare entrepreneurs

Lesson by lesson. Here’s what you get:

Module 1: Business Vision and Planning

Lesson 1: Your Business Vision

A fun and uplifting module that will help you dream BIG! Getting clear about your ideal business and crafting a clear vision and mission is the first step to creating your ideal business and attracting your ideal customers.

Lesson 2: Business Planning

Business planning gives you a solid foundation for success, and it’s never too late even if you are already in business!

  • Identify your strengths and maximize the opportunities available to you.
  • Be aware of weaknesses and potential pitfalls so you can avoid them.
  • Understand what a business plan is and why you might need one.
  • How to do a SWOT analysis.
  • The four Ps of marketing.

Lesson 3: Effective Goal Setting and Obstacle Busting

Goals give you a clear direction and intention and they ensure you keep making progress towards your vision.

Learn to be more effective with your time, especially important if you are working alongside starting your business or have other responsibilities, such as a family.

Our tools will make goal setting fun and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make. Stop procrastinating; start taking small steps and giant leaps towards your dream!

Module 2: The Market, and Finding Your Niche

Lesson 4: Building Your Knowledge of the Market

The first step to finding your place in the market is to build your knowledge of the current marketplace. We’ll set you some enjoyable challenges to build your knowledge of your local market so you can make informed decisions, saving you time and money later on.

We’ll also do some competitor research which will help you create something unique.

Lesson 5: Identify Gaps in the Market and Find Your Niche

To be a success you need to find a niche, be unique and fill a gap in the market. Using our secret tool you’ll identify gaps in the market and exactly where you fit.

You’ll also create your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to make you stand out from the crowd.

With our help, finally decide on your niche so you can move onto the fun stuff!

BONUS lesson: Getting to know your customers

The better you know your customers the more you can design products and a brand that they will love. We’ll share our top methods for getting to know your customers, their wants, needs, desires and preferences so you can create exactly what they are looking for. This is the key to creating a product your customers can’t live without and that flies off the shelves!

Module 3: Your Product Range

Lesson 6: How to Design Products your Customers Love

Learn the secret to formulating products your customers can’t live without!

Now that you know your customers’ needs and desires we’ll show you how to turn that knowledge into products specifically designed for your target audience. Targeted products that deliver real benefits for your chosen audience are the key to a successful brand and products that fly off the shelves.

Identify your STAR product and design your product range.

(NOTE: If you need to know how to create products then our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is the perfect accompaniment to Build Your Beauty Brand.)

Lesson 7:  New Product Development

  • Discover the best way to get useful feedback from your customers to help you design and refine your products.
  • Test your products out in the real world through running a customer panel or focus group.
  • Have priceless knowledge to inform your new product development.
  • Product development planning: keep customers interested and continuing to buy by offering exciting new products. When working with retailers you MUST have new products on an ongoing basis, know how to decide what products you should develop next.

Lesson 8:  Choosing your packaging, componentry and suppliers

  • How to choose your packaging: advantages and disadvantages of different types of packaging.
  • Research and choose componentry and suppliers –  they are central to the quality of your product and your production costs.
  • Save time and money by getting this right from the start.

Lesson 9:  Legalities, Assessments and Labeling

  • The legalities might seem complex but they don’t have to be. We’ll help you understand what to do and find the most straight-forward way ahead.
  • Know what records you need to keep, and keep your paperwork in order. We’ll give you Product Information File and Batch File templates.
  • Discover the easiest and most affordable safety testing and we’ll share our top providers of testing and assessments.
  • Understand labeling regulations and what you need on your label.

Module 4: Pricing, Retailers, Distribution and Finance

Lesson 10:  Pricing Your Products

  • Price and position your products properly.
  • Know what margin to put on top to ensure you make a profit.
  • With our help, decide on your product price, wholesale price and retail price.

Lesson 11: Distribution Strategy and Working With Retailers

If you want to significantly increase sales and brand exposure, you’ll need to work towards selling through retailers and distributors.

  • Understand what retailers look for and how best to work with them.
  • Know you what you need to do to get your products on their shelves.
  • Put together a strategy and get a plan in place that will help you to be considered by retailers and work towards to getting your products stocked on their shelves!

BONUS: Jargon-Busting Beauty Industry Glossary

Know your SKU from your GWP!

There’s a huge amount of jargon used in the beauty and retail industries! Understand all the jargon with our handy guide so you can appear professional when dealing with retailers.

Lesson 12: Finance, Budgeting, Cashflow and Forecasting

A successful business is one that generates profit!

  • Discover the easy way to get to grips with start-up costs, ongoing costs, business expenses, margins, income and profit.
  • Use our simple tool to help you build your P&L (Profit & Loss) balance sheet and plan for profit!
  • Use our Budget Tracker to help you track sales, costs and expenses.
  • Discover ways of finding or generating funding.
  • Keep your start-up costs affordable so you can get started straightaway.

Module 5: Branding

Lesson 13: How to Name and Trademark Your Products

  • Discover what makes a great brand or product name and bounce ideas off of our industry experts and your peers in the mastermind group.
  • Learn how to protect your brand and/or product names by trademarking them.

Lesson 14: Visual Branding

Learn from professional designers how to choose your:

  • colours
  • logos
  • packaging and label design

to match your brand vision and values and bring your personality into your brand.

Stand out from the crowd by infusing your brand with what makes it unique… YOU!

My biggest learning from the course was the importance of branding.

I was at the stage of having good products but needed help with branding and marketing. The course has has helped me to get my story sounding better and also the story of each product. With your guidance my branding is finally coming together! Jo Harris

Module 6: Marketing

Lesson 15: Where and How to Market Your Products

  • How to reach your audience.
  • Types of marketing and promotion.
  • Making the most of a limited budget.
  • The psychology of selling.
  • Your marketing mindset.

Lesson 16: Email and Blog Marketing

  • Set up a mailing list or subscriber list of current and potential customers.
  • Nurture and engage your list through email marketing.
  • Keep customers coming back for more.
  • Setting up a blog: why you should bother and what to blog about.

Lesson 17: Social Media for Beauty Brands

Learn to use various social media networks effectively to:

  • increase your brand exposure
  • reach more people
  • turn likes, fans and followers into customers.

We’ll be joined by Prerna Malik,  a social media marketing expert, who specialises in helping you create content to inspire and engage your audience and ultimately to convert your audience to customers.

Lesson 18: Traditional PR and Blog BR

For this lesson, we’ll be joined by Jenni Retourne, who runs Style with Substance and who specialises in leading communications and marketing campaigns for the beauty industry. She shares her insider knowledge to help you:

  • Promote your brand through traditional PR (Public Relations).
  • How to be featured in glossy magazines, newspapers and other media.
  • Work with popular beauty bloggers to reach a wide audience quickly and easily.

Module 7: Promotions

Lesson 19: How to Promote Your Brand and Run Promotions

How to promote your brand through:

  • Offers such as 2 for 1, free gifts, discounts.
  • POS (Point of Sale) promotion.
  • Seasonal promotions.
  • In-person selling.
  • Trade fairs and business-to-business.
  • Events.
  • Creating promotional materials: visuals, posters, flyers, postcards.
  • Samples and testers.

Lesson 20: Creating your Kick-Ass Promotional and Marketing Plan

Market and promote like a pro! Marketing is arguably the MOST important activity to any business.

  • Plan brand and product launches that ROCK!
  • Create and implement an integrated, multi-method, ongoing marketing plan to build a sustainable brand that brings in consistent income for you.

Don’t just take our word for it,
see what our students are saying

I now have the confidence and knowledge to take my products to market.

“I hadn’t started my business before taking the Build Your Beauty Brand course, so I didn’t have any business knowledge and was a little afraid of starting my own business… it was all new to me and I wanted to feel confident about starting the process to sell my products.

The course has given me confidence in knowing the necessary steps to take getting my products on the market and I am excited about getting my products tested and then selling them.”

Martha Mangoyana

Our experts have worked with hundreds of brands to generate significant online coverage, expand brand awareness and dramatically increase sales.

Now they want to help you.

“It’s been such a useful and encouraging course – thank you Hils for being such a great mentor”

Joanna White, Mallow and White

Hilary Crisp

Hilary Crisp (known as Hils to most!) is an expert in the business and marketing arena of beauty and skincare, having worked as a marketer for premium beauty brands for more than 15 years.

Hils’ specialism is new business development – working with smaller brands such as The Organic Pharmacy to expand their distribution into retailers and prestigious high end department stores such as Harvey Nicholls, John Lewis, House of Fraser and Harrods.

Her expertise also includes:

  • Launching and marketing brands, collections and products.
  • Developing new products and collections.
  • How to price products and increase profit margins.
  • Helping brands increase their distribution and get stocked by retailers; both online and in high-end department stores.
  • Working with designers and suppliers of componentry, packaging and formulations.

Jenni Retourne

Jenni specialises in leading communications and marketing campaigns for the beauty industry using blog PR, traditional PR, brand blog writing and social media. She has worked with hundreds of beauty brands, well recognized and new, including NEOM Luxury Organics, Carmine, Elemental Herbology and Boots Smooth Skin by iPulse, helping them to generate significant online coverage, expand brand awareness and dramatically increase sales.

Jenni also works as a copywriter for brands helping them develop a unique voice and style and transform brands’ visions into words. Amongst her successes, she has written on pack and marketing literature for Cowshed and crafted a unique voice and style for luxury Swiss brand SELEXIR.

Gail Francombe and Gareth Despres

Gail and Gareth are the founders and Directors of the School of Natural Skincare International, a school that has taught hundreds of students worldwide how to professionally formulate natural and organic skincare products. Their graduates have developed and launched successful skincare ranges in the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Asia and more.

Gail and Gareth have transformed a hobby into a multiple six-figure business and now they are excited about sharing their experience and expertise to help you do the same.

Prerna Malik

Gourmet ‘content and community engagement’ chef, author of the Content Cookbook and Social Spread, Prerna Malik infuses online communities with sugar, spice and everything nice… for a small business.

She has been the community manager for industry leaders such as Tsh Oxenreider, Anne Samoilov, Andreea Ayers, and Leonie Dawson, among others. She works with time-starved entrepreneurs worldwide to free up their time and increase their profits via beautifully crafted and optimized content and good-for-community-building social media. 

Content Bistro,

Have a question? Check out our FAQ here

When I can join the programme?
This is an exclusive, high-impact programme that is open to a limited number of participants.

We can only accept a small number of participants at a time and when the programme is full, a waiting list is available

I live in the USA/Canada/Australia/India/New Zealand, etc, is the program applicable to me?
The industry works in the same way no matter which country you are in so everything you learn will be applicable. Previous participants have joined us from USA, Asia, UK, Middle East and Australia.
Which course should I start with, this or your Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation?

We know that many people want to get on and get making and designing products – after all this is what you are really passionate about right?

We would, however, recommend that you begin with the Build your Beauty Brand: Business & Marketing Intensive. This is the course that will help you to gather the information you need to formulate products that customers will love. This course will help you to:

  • Discover the gaps in the market and find your niche.
  • Decide on the focus of your products and what problems they will solve.
  • Identify your target audience and define your ideal customers.
  • Understand the legalities, assessment processes and labeling requirements.
  • Plan and manage your business for profit. You’ll find out how to consider costs and expenses of your business, including product development and formulation – this will help you when you come to formulating your range.
  • Get clear about your business, its vision, mission and ambition.

Ultimately, this course is all about setting you up for success and providing you with the tools and methods to use to ensure continuous growth moving forwards. It’ll help you to save time and money, and minimise costly and frustrating mistakes.

Start here, and you’ll start the right way.

I’ve already started my business, is this program relevant to me?
If you have already achieved the level of success you want that, then no; this course is probably not for you. But if you feel there is room for growth, improvements and expansion then yes, absolutely!
Do I need lots of money to get going/launch my brand?
You don’t need a lot of money to get yourself started because you are in a much stronger position if you start small with a Star Product and a small range of products (capsule range).

Through our Build your Beauty Brand: Business & Marketing Intensive, you’ll be able to:

  • Get started without spending a fortune.
  • Build a website for free.
  • Market and promote your brand for free.
  • Price your products properly, taking into consideration your costs, expenses, time, and desired margin, as well as your target market, so that you plan for profit.
  • Manage a simple P&L (profit and loss) sheet, keep an eye on your cashflow and control your budget.
How long is the program and how much time will I need to dedicate per week? I’m very busy at the moment, especially because I’m working full time.
We completely understand this because we started our own business while working full time. That’s why we’ve designed the course for busy people who need the things that will really make a difference.

We’ve broken the course down into 20 bite-sized lessons that are laser focused on what will make a real difference to your business. There are no pointless exercises that will waste your time, just the good stuff that will make a difference quickly.

If you dedicate two hours per week to the course, this will be enough time to complete the exercises and come up with excellent ideas. Some of the research and implementation of the ideas may take a bit longer.

In addition, you can download and keep the material forever which means that you can keep referring to it and adding to it as your business grows.

Can I pay in a different currency? How much is the course in my currency?

You pay in US Dollars. When you enrol, Paypal will convert the currency into your local currency for you according to the exchange rate at the time. If you would like to check the conversion rates with your own currency, you can do by going to one of the following websites

If I join the payment plan can I start the course right away?
Yes, all you need to do to get started is pay your first installment, and you will receive access to the first two modules.

A new module will be unlocked after each payment so you’ll receive the content over the next five to six months.

If you pay in full the entire 20-lesson course is available to you immediately.

Is there a self-study option?
No, to ensure the greatest impact on your business this programme is only available with personal support from your mentor Hils Crisp.

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