Five essential vitamins to support skin elasticity

The natural aging process reduces the elasticity of our skin. While this can be accepted as part of aging gracefully, there are vitamins that can help support and improve skin elasticity and therefore help improve the appearance of aging skin. Let’s take a...

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13 Natural anti-aging skin care secrets formulators swear by

The natural anti aging skin care market is overflowing with products that aim to either combat all signs of aging or are targeted to fight particular signs of aging. Labels, adverts and packaging market products as containing certain ingredients and claim the...

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Our secret facial serum ingredient

Today we're sharing our secret facial serum ingredient that has proven a hit with many of our students! Our secret ingredient is...olive squalane (INCI: Squalane). There are so many benefits of using olive squalane in your skincare products. Let's explore them now.  ...

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How to substitute ingredients when making skincare products

Has this ever happened to you: You find a product that you want to make but you are missing one or more of the ingredients? You live in a country where some ingredients are not readily available? You want to save money by using less expensive ingredients while still...

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Superfood skincare: how to make your own

Kale in your smoothies?   Cacao for breakfast?   Now you can put quinoa in your hair care, chia in your body lotions and matcha in your face masks!   There’s no doubt that including superfoods in your diet has been a trend for quite a while and now the concept of...

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3 Natural preservatives for cosmetics

We are asked all the time about natural preservatives for cosmetics. So today we are sharing three broad spectrum preservatives, either derived from natural sources or nature identical, that are readily available, easy to use and carry organic certification. Would you...

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Benefits of buriti oil for skincare

There are so many reasons to add buriti oil to your skincare products! Here our Cosmetic Scientist, Chandi Patel, gives an overview of the oil and its benefits.   Buriti oil (INCI: Mauritia Flexuosa (Buriti) Fruit Oil) comes from the moriche palm tree in the...

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Quick guide to natural and organic emulsifiers for cosmetics

So many of you want to make natural or organic creams and lotions and for that there is one essential ingredient needed: a natural and organic emulsifier for cosmetics. We've put together this quick guide to three of our favourite natural and organic emulsifiers to...

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What makes products foam?

Have you ever wondered what makes foaming products foam?   It's thanks to a category of ingredient called surfactants.   Surfactants allow us to create a wide range of foaming products: everything from shampoo to body wash, hand soap to bubble bath.   Surfactants are...

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