LUSH were probably the first people to start selling shower scrub bars. Solid bars full of wonderful shea butter and cocoa butter that moisturise and exfoliate all at once. Take one in the shower and emerge with glowing silky soft skin!


The great thing is you can easily recreate these gorgeous shower scrub bars at home with just a few ingredients! Here is our recipe for an uplifting shower scrub bar made with cocoa butter and shea butter to moisturise, epsom salts to exfoliate and lemongrass essential oil to refresh and uplift (plus its great for boosting circulation too).


Rise & Shine Shower Scrub Bar


You will need:

55g cocoa butter

15g shea butter

15g vegetable oil of your choice (sunflower, peach kernel, fractionated coconut oil, etc)

14g beeswax or almond wax

1g (approx 20 drops) lemongrass essential oil (or essential oil of your choice)

100g coarse sea salt or epsom salt (you could replace this with sugar if you wish)

Silicone ice cube tray

How to make

1. Weigh the butters, wax and vegetable oil.

How to make shower scrub bars Natural Bodycare recipes


2. Melt together gently in a bain marie (also known as a water bath or double boiler).

How to make shower scrub bars Natural Bodycare recipes


3. Once melted remove from the heat. Mix together with salt and essential oil and spoon into a silicone ice cube.


How to make shower scrub bars Natural Bodycare recipes

4. Place the ice cube tray in the fridge or freezer and allow the bars to set.




To use

Take one into the shower and gently rub onto the body in circular motions and rinse off. Emerge with silky soft skin!

*Important* As they don’t contain a preservative these shower scrub bars are for single use only. That’s why it’s good to make them in an ice cube tray, then they are the perfect size for one use. Store them in a dry place.

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How to make shower scrub bars Natural Bodycare recipes

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