Would you like to know a secret?

There is an easy and enjoyable way to boost the effectiveness of your studying… by using essential oils!

Essential oils possess a vast range of therapeutic properties for mind, body and spirit and are great for all kinds of things from 

  • Healing skin complaints
  • Alleviating aches and pains
  • Fighting infections
  • Speeding up the process of recovery from illness, injury or disease
  • Combating stress and anxiety
  • Improving moods and lifting the emotions

to mention just a few… 

 But did you also know that they are excellent at helping us to focus and concentrate and also help to improve our memory?! 

Well it’s true and that also makes them extremely useful during study or at work, or in fact, anything that requires focus and concentration as well as a good memory! 

Here are three of our top essential oils, as chosen by our Aromatherapist Gareth Després, to help you focus and concentrate and to help you to improve your memory.

The best 3 essential oils for studying Essential oils
 (boswellia carterii) 

Action on the mind, body, emotions and spirit

Frankincense is a fabulous essential oil that possesses cephalic and fixative therapeutic properties which have a direct action on helping us to stay focused and maintain concentration.

 In addition, frankincense helps to create space in our psyche and energy in our body (essential components for effective study) by slowing down, deepening and lengthening the breath. This has the knock-on effect of reducing tension, worry, fear, stress and anxiety so that we can focus our efforts on the task at hand. 

Don’t be confused by the fact that frankincense is a sedative because this does not mean it will send us to sleep. Rather, it helps us to stay calm and relaxed, grounded and centred and able to undertake the task of study with greater ease… it will also not keep us awake when we would rather be asleep! 

So if you are studying in the evening, frankincense is probably the oil of choice, rather than the more stimulating and awakening oils of rosemary and lemon.

The best 3 essential oils for studying Essential oils

Aromatic characteristics

Warm, smoky and woody with a hint of lemon and a touch of the mystic!

Therapeutic properties

Cephalic, fixative, sedative, tonic (respiratory).


Avoid during 1st trimester of pregnancy

The best 3 essential oils for studying Essential oils
(citrus limonum)

 Action on the mind, body, emotions and spirit

Lemon is all about cleansing, cleaning, clearing and creating anew: excellent qualities to have when focus is needed for study or work!

As a cephalic it helps to focus the mind and improve our ability to memorize. As a stimulant for the hippocampus, it is known to significantly increase our ability to concentrate… therefore making lemon an essential companion for work and study! 

The aroma of the oil is sweet and refreshing and pleasing to many which has the benefit of lifting our spirits and improving our moods. This helps to remove stress, anxiety, fear and worry and make study or work a more pleasurable experience.

Oh and as an immune stimulant and circulatory tonic, lemon has the knock-on effect of keeping us well, healthy and vibrant so we can keep going and minimize the downtime we experience when we’re unwell! 

*The hippocampus is involved in the storage of long-term memory, which includes all past knowledge and experiences.

Aromatic characteristics

Sharp, fresh and citrus aroma.

Therapeutic properties

Cephalic, stimulant (immune system + *hippocampus), tonic (circulation).


Caution during pregnancy, phototoxic, can irritate sensitive skin.

The best 3 essential oils for studying Essential oils
(rosmarinus officinalis)   

Action on the mind, body, emotions and spirit

Rosemary is all about action and getting things moving. It is best known for its stimulating and awakening action on the mind and body and that makes it a valuable aid during times of tiredness and lethargy or lack of desire and motivation.

It’s also a hugely positive oil that alleviates stress and anxiety and that can help to boost self-confidence and enthusiasm. This can be important when studying for something important or learning something new.

Aromatic characteristics

Strong and piercing aroma that is fresh, clear and herbaceous.

Therapeutic properties

Cephalic, balancing (for central nervous system), stimulating for circulation, antidepressant.


Do not use during pregnancy, or when living with epilepsy or high blood pressure.

How would you best use these essential oils? 

The best way to access these benefits would be to inhale the aroma. There are several ways you can do so: 

1) Oil burner or electric oil diffuser. To find out how to get the most from your oil burner or diffuser, read this article here.   

2) Tissue, handkerchief or cotton wool pad. Place 2-4 drops of essential oil on a tissue, handkerchief or cotton wool pad and inhale at regular intervals during your study. Alternatively, fold your your tissue or handkerchief or cotton wool pad in the breast pocket of your shirt (if you have one). We found cotton wool pads to be the best solution because it seems to retain a stronger aroma for a longer period of time. 

3) You could also make a simple oil-based perfume that you could apply to your wrists and neck. For information about how to make a simple oil-based perfume click here and use the essential oils mentioned above to specifically help you with your studies.  

We hope you enjoy enhancing your studies with essential oils! 

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The best 3 essential oils for studying Essential oils

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