Behind every good idea is a person with a dream. Making that dream a reality is the difference between an idea thriving and seeing it disappear.

One member of the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club has found that her dreams of becoming a brand founder are being nourished by the Club’s information, support and values.

Finding those all important values

Barbara Chwalko began her natural skincare journey when she read an article describing the benefits of not only natural ingredients in your diet but also in your skincare products.

“That was really an eye opener for me. The skin is our largest organ; why would I put any nasties, any chemicals on it?”

Looking through her family’s shop-bought skincare products, Barbara made the “quick decision” to empty the cabinet and start afresh. She began to look “for solutions, new products.”

Barbara wanted to use products that were transparent about what ingredients they contained. She wanted to be in control and choose what went into them.

She wanted to help the environment, by choosing products that had environmentally friendly packaging.

She wanted to spread the word about natural skincare and its holistic benefits.

And so began Barbara’s journey to the School of Natural Skincare and the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club.

Barbara felt the longing, the need, to create her own skincare brand that represented her values; using natural or organic ingredients, helping the planet and conscious consumerism. But she needed the knowledge to go with it.

A platform to create amazing natural cosmetic products

Barbara’s journey with the School of natural Skincare started when she enrolled in the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. Having tried out some homemade recipes, not so successfully, the Diploma made a real difference.

“I really enjoyed the course; learning, studying, applying the knowledge.”

When the invitation to join the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club dropped into her inbox, Barbara was compelled to become a member. 

“It really was very attractive for me to join. I thought it would be a really good idea to connect with people who have the same passion that I have; maybe learning from each other, exchanging experiences, as well as all the resources that the Club offers.”

It wasn’t long before Barbara felt the excitement of what new things she could discover in the Club.

“Before, I was making creams and lotions, but I was always dreaming about making soaps, as well. And that’s where it was really one of these extra things that I loved about the Club, that I could actually have access to this course… Making soaps!”

And it wasn’t just the Cold Process Soapmaking course that sparked an interest. Formulating Mineral Makeup also proved to be a course Barbara enjoyed.

Creating makeup was something that Barbara had never even considered in the past. But when she saw the class, she thought, “What a brilliant idea! I can actually make my own makeup, as well!”

The ease at which information can be found in the Club works to everyone’s advantage. If a member is looking for a new ingredient or not sure about certain equipment for a new idea, the answers are all in the Club. And by a click of a button they can just log in and find what they are looking for. 

With more and more classes, formulations, courses and resources being uploaded it’s not difficult to see where the excitement for formulating natural skincare products comes from.

“I know there will always be surprises for me to explore and find in the Club. I love it!”

And Barbara knows that what she creates with the help of the Club will have her values at the heart of it.

“I think it’s just giving me freedom of being the way I want to be. And I think creating something through my values is giving the space for them to be expressed through the products.”

The community that is developed and encouraged within the Club allows members to share knowledge, their journey and experiences, encourage each other and feel part of a worldwide group of like-minded people.

For Barbara, it is important to feel there are people to interact with at the touch of a button; “That was really something that drew me into the Club – just being part of the group.” 

For a great deal of members, the Club can help supply the power to create natural skincare products, and the freedom to believe that goals can be met, and even exceeded.

“It’s a really great experience. It’s a great adventure. There’s a lot of space to give your creativity a go and it is a really nice thing to experience. I feel like I’m quite a creative person, so my creativity and my imagination can grow, while having the knowledge.”

Would Barbara recommend the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club to someone who was still unsure whether to join? The answer’s pretty clear; 

“Don’t hesitate! It’s a beautiful way of spending time allowing your creativity to be put in something that you will enjoy. It’s pure enjoyment. Just don’t wait, because it’s really good fun!”

If you’d like to know more about the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club, click here, and join people all over the world in a natural skincare formulation journey.

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