Quick DIY summer foot spa

Going to the spa and getting a pedicure is one of my favourite treats! Sometimes when time (or budget) is tight, it's just as lovely to have one at home. Here is a luxurious, quick and easy two-part DIY summer foot spa to enjoy at home. I've made this really quick to...

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5 ways to use nourishing cocoa butter (plus a free recipe!)

I thought I'd share a little about wonderful cocoa butter, why it’s the most amazing skin nourishing ingredient, how to use it AND one of my favourite recipes!     When and why to use cocoa butter       For those of you who like to know exactly what is going into your...

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Natural after sun recipe

Despite our best efforts not to catch too much sun, sometimes a little after sun care is needed.   This natural after sun recipe is quick and easy to make. It contains lovely carrier oils to soothe and replenish the skin and is also rich in antioxidants which help to...

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Vanilla Cocoa Body Butter recipe

This body butter smells wonderfully of vanilla, chocolate and coconut. It takes its amazing scent from deliciously natural ingredients that will leave your skin soft, moisturized and smelling amazingly yummy. Coconut oil is great for improving skin’s elasticity,...

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Coconut Coffee Body Scrub recipe

Summer is a great time to use a body scrub and it is so exiting to be able to share this beautiful recipe with you. Making your own body scrub is so much fun and allows you to experiment with different ingredients, scents and textures to suit your taste. This scrub...

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5 Natural DIY Christmas present ideas your friends will LOVE!

Give a gorgeous homemade gift this year to delight your friends and family.   So much more fun than battling through crowded shops too! If you are wondering where to buy your ingredients check out our recommended suppliers.   All these recipes are quick, easy and...

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Rose and Cocoa Butter Bath Truffles

These Rose and Cocoa Butter Bath Truffles are super simple to make, look beautiful and leave the skin silky and smooth. We like to call these bath bombs 'bath truffles' due to the indulgent cocoa butter they contain.   Adapt this using essential oils, colours and...

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Natural Lavender and Myrrh Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil recipe

Create your own manicure in a bottle…   I like to call nail and cuticle oil a ‘manicure in a bottle’.  Regularly using a nail and cuticle oil to meet your specific nail needs or concerns is the best way to achieve healthier-looking, stronger, longer and more beautiful...

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How to make shower scrub bars

LUSH were probably the first people to start selling shower scrub bars. Solid bars full of wonderful shea butter and cocoa butter that moisturise and exfoliate all at once. Take one in the shower and emerge with glowing silky soft skin!   The great thing is you can...

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