Caroline, founder of Caro’s Creams and graduate of our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, has created an inspiring skincare brand with ethics at its very heart, informing every aspect of how she works and runs her business.

We’re inspired by her ambition, drive and determination to create the brand that matches her values and she has some wise words to share, too:

“I advise incorporating eco-thinking (especially about packaging and production processes) from the start, because it’s as important as your brand.”

Caroline’s ultimate dream is to become entirely plastic free and she is working towards making that a reality – a fabulous ambition that she has very nearly achieved!

Not wanting to limit her eco aspirations to just the packaging she uses, Caroline scrutinises the entire production process from start to finish, to ensure her skincare brand is as close to zero waste as she can manage.

How to create an eco-conscious skincare brand

More than just going plastic free, Caroline places a huge emphasis on creating her eco-conscious brand. From the equipment she uses (glass and stainless steel rather than plastics) and her external packaging (reused, upcycled or compostable), to the energy required to heat water (only heating using the sun, or green electricity), and operating a returns system on her product containers, Caroline wants each element of her business to be sustainable, in every sense of the word.

She is also very conscious of raw material usage, and water is central to that. Water is something we may not consider when creating an ethical, sustainable skincare brand, but in fact it forms a major component of our raw ingredients if we’re making emulsions (most creams and lotions are 70-80% water), as well as being a huge factor in the production process.

So, how does Caroline use water efficiently? She has an innovative three-step approach:

  1. She utilizes rainwater in her double boiler/bain marie and to cool down products.
  2. The heated water is used as many times as possible, including to wash up with at the end of the manufacturing process.
  3. The used water then goes on her garden!

Way to go Caroline, amazing water-saving measures!

How to create a skincare brand with sustainability at the heart of business Student success stories

Why creating a sustainable and eco-friendly brand might be the way to go

We’re utterly inspired by what Caro’s Creams has put in place and by the efforts she has gone to, to not only challenge herself to ask the question “How could my brand become more sustainable and eco-friendly” but to actually go ahead and implement some practical measures. This helps to make her brand stand out above others whilst also enabling her customers (and potential customers) to understand who she is and what her brand’s ethics are.

A recent study found that 90% of Gen Z and millennials say more products should be sustainable and 65% say their top motivator when purchasing sustainable products is making a choice that is better for the environment.1

In fact, we think that Caro’s Creams has such a strong narrative and personal story, as well as the products themselves being natural and gorgeous, that the brand will appeal to consumers seeking a sustainable, eco-friendly skincare option. Sometimes you just have to be yourself, make a stand and do things in the way that you think is right. That’s exactly what Caroline has done here and we wish her all the best of success for her brand.

Caroline’s example shows us what can be possible when we put our minds to it, placing sustainability at the centre of all of our decision-making, and expressing our most heartfelt beliefs through our beauty brand.

How to make eco-friendly skincare products

If you like the idea of creating your own products – maybe your own beauty brand – that reflects your ethics, values and beliefs, then you can take the fast track with our accredited, online Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation!

Our most in-depth training program takes you step-by-step through designing, formulating and creating your own line of natural skincare products.

You will learn how to select ingredients based on the benefits they offer for different skin types and different needs, as well as discover what ingredient options you have, based on your own values or ethics. Want to create organic products? No problem. Fascinated by anhydrous options? We include loads! Interested in vegan products? We’ve got you covered.

By studying the essential functions and attributes of the skin itself, you’ll come to understand how to create products that promote healthy skin to look its best and how to tailor products for different skin types and concerns. You’ll take a deep look at different categories of ingredients, from emollients and occlusives to humectants, and learn how to choose the proper ingredients to achieve the result you desire!

Whether you want to start a business, take your business to the next level, or just learn for your own enjoyment, The Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is for you. It provides an amazing opportunity to develop your skills, increase your understanding of skin health, function, and specific skin types, and build the knowledge necessary to build a brand that is precisely what you wish it to be, one that reflects your desires, ethics and beliefs.

You can learn more about our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation here.

Formulating for the conscious consumer

If you’re not quite ready for a course yet, but you are a natural beauty fan, a formulator, or a small business owner, you’ll want to know what all of this means for you. We’re offering an email training series to help provide some key insight to our students, as well as natural beauty fans even if they’re not students with us yet!

Right now, consumers, formulators, and brands alike are becoming much more aware of environmental and ethical issues.

Discover the issues that are important today and how to become a conscious formulator creating cosmetics for the conscious consumer!



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How to create a skincare brand with sustainability at the heart of business Student success stories

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How to create a skincare brand with sustainability at the heart of business Student success stories
1 “What Gen Z and Millennial’s Think About Natural and ….” 25 Sep. 2019, Accessed 24 Oct. 2019.

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