Natural massage candles provide a beautiful fragrance to a room, encouraging rest,

relaxation and reflection, but the wax can also be used for a massage once warm. Organic

massage candles are a growing market, with profit to be made by providing customers

searching for high-quality natural products.

In this article, we describe what massage candles are, why they are used and provide

information on the best massage candles you can make at home.


What are massage candles?

The Best Natural Massage Candles You Can Now Make at Home Skincare Formulation

Massage candles are unique, providing fragrance to a room, with the warm wax a soft and natural substance used to provide a relaxing massage.

Just like normal candles, massage candles can be burned to effuse a gentle scent into a

room. The exciting difference between traditional candles and massage candles is that the wax can be used for a massage once warmed. The wax has a lower melting point than traditional candles, which means it is safe to apply directly to the skin. 

These simple candle formulations are designed with a blend of waxes, butters and oils, merging all the benefits of aromatherapy, body massage and skincare ingredients into one supremely indulgent product.

They’re 100% natural, which means they’re soft on the skin and are an increasingly popular option for customers.

How do you use massage candles? 

Once the natural and organic massage candle’s beautiful scent has been enjoyed, and the candle has melted, it can be extinguished and left to cool slightly. This warm molten wax can then be applied to the skin and used as a massage oil.

Wax from natural massage candles should be handled carefully, so we recommend that you spend some time learning about the correct techniques before trying it on someone.

Why use massage candles? 

The oil blend of a massage candle provides numerous skin benefits, including moisturization and emolliency, creating softer and more supple skin. It can also potentially boost circulation, relieve tension and promote relaxation.

How are massage candles made?

The oil blend in a massage candle differs from a traditional candle wax blend due to their melting point requirements. 

To make a suitable massage candle blend, soy wax is usually used as it has a lower melting point. This wax is usually blended with butters and oils to further lower the temperature at which the blend begins to melt.

The Best Natural Massage Candles You Can Now Make at Home Skincare Formulation

The basics of making massage candles

Massage candles must melt at a temperature which is suitable to be applied to the skin in order to be safe. If the melting point is too high, the liquid will burn the skin.

Therefore, traditional candle wax blends are not suitable for massage candles as they are typically made from paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax or carnauba wax (with higher melting points).

The heat tolerance of skin varies greatly from person to person. Users should always

perform a patch test by applying a small amount of oil to the skin to check the temperature.


The Best Natural Massage Candles You Can Now Make at Home Skincare Formulation

Varying the massage candle formula

Replacing the oils, butters and waxes in a massage candle formula is easy and simple to do. But you must remember to substitute the ingredients with alternatives of similar melting points.

Different blends will cool at different rates, so you may need to adjust the usage instructions to ensure your product is suitable for use.


Can I make my own massage candle at home? 

If you would like to make your own massage candles, in different varieties, you can do that with our guide to Formulating Massage Candles, complete with example formulations, available exclusively in the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club.

If you are a Member of the Club you will have the ability to access three formulation examples, including the uplifting Lemongrass, Lime and Lavender Massage Candle, the sweetly floral Orange, Neroli and Petitgrain Massage Candle, and the deeply relaxing Lavender, Benzoin, Frankincense and Vetiver Massage Candle.

You will also learn more about the science behind massage candles, as well as have access to a troubleshooting guide to help you with any formulation issues you may encounter.

This once elusive spa-quality beauty product can now be made by you, in the comfort of your own home.

Not a Member?

No problem. Simply check out our Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club page here to find out how you can join the Club, get access to the Formulation Lab’s Massage Candles and discover more exciting material that’s released on a regular basis.

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The Best Natural Massage Candles You Can Now Make at Home Skincare Formulation

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