Recommended Suppliers

Recommended suppliers of cosmetic ingredients, raw materials and packaging

We are often asked about the best place to buy the ingredients, materials and packaging needed to make natural and organic skincare products.

As part of our courses, we provide a comprehensive supplier list that includes hundreds of suppliers from all over the world that provide ingredients, raw materials, equipment, packaging and labels.

Here is a shortened version of that list; useful suppliers of cosmetic ingredients from around the world that we (or our students) have used and can recommend.

Ingredients (USA and Canada)

Ingredients (UK)

Naturally Thinking: great for vegetable oils, essential oils, packaging and more

Soap Kitchen: wide range of ingredients


Akoma: good for cold-pressed unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter and other butters

Aromantic: wide range of ingredients – preservative eco, emulsifying wax, CO2 extracts, etc

The Soapmakers Store:


Baldwins: sells dried herbs, bottles and jars and essential oils

Essential oils (UK)

Fragrant Earth: high-quality essential oils

Materia Aromatica: high-quality essential oils

Purple Flame Aromatherapy: for essential oils

Amphora: inexpensive range of essential oils

Packaging (UK)

Naturally Thinking: good range of packaging

Compak South: wholesale glass supplier

Coloured glass:

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Recommended Suppliers
Recommended Suppliers

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Recommended Suppliers

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