Kelly Ford, a graduate of the School of Natural Skincare and founder of award-winning brand Wheesht, has created a natural skincare brand with an ethical approach and social responsibility at its heart.

A clear conscience and clear skin!

Kelly shares:

“Wheesht is a skincare company with a difference. In addition to natural, vegan and cruelty-free products we are firm believers in our social responsibility. Our aim at Wheesht is to give our customers ethical skincare products they can use with a clear conscience.”

We love this approach as social responsibility is a big part of how we run our business, too!

How can we operate brands that we call ‘sustainable’ if they aren’t socially responsible?

Removing plastic from cosmetics: being part of the solution

A fantastic way to introduce corporate social responsibility is to be a part of the solution when it comes to the current plastic crisis the world is now in.

We’ve all seen the images around the world of beaches covered in plastic, sea creatures with bellies full of rubbish or wrapped in plastic and the eastern and western pacific garbage patches. Anything we can do to reduce our plastic consumption will play a part in alleviating this situation.

And the plastic clean-up is exactly where Kelly sees a key role in her business, by helping to reduce the plastic packaging of cosmetic products. She believes that small businesses have a big role to play in helping to create the demand for a plastic-free world. She’s decided to lead the way, and we applaud that!

Creating a plastic-free world is important to Kelly because:

“We have no more space left for plastic to go. We have all seen the news of the ocean filled with plastic and animals eating plastic and I find it very scary. I have seen a shift in the way companies are moving away from plastic, but so much more could be done.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Through her sustainable skincare brand Wheesht, Kelly has implemented a number of measures to reduce plastic usage, and has further plans in the pipeline.

  1. Kelly is conscious of avoiding product and ingredient wastage, and uses equipment that is reusable rather than disposable.
  2. The products are filled into glass jars or compostable and biodegradable pouches.
  3. She offers a returns system for the jars.

Her plans for the future include introducing plastic-free lids on all her products, and promoting refill and ‘fill your own’ options within the community.

Kelly has some advice to pass on to aspiring formulators:

“Think about what you will use all the time. What can you reduce. Never use throw-away materials if you can help it.”

Great words – and amazing actions – from Kelly Ford, creator of sustainable skincare brand Wheesht!

We love what Kelly has created. Her products are amazing – go buy them and try for yourself!

The compound effect! How multiple small changes have a massive impact

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Van Gogh

Socially responsible skincare: Putting social responsibility at its heart helped this beauty brand to flourish Student success stories

Kelly’s brand looks the part, she’s a fab lady, a graduate of our courses and her focus on creating something sustainable and ethical is just awesome. Sometimes all it takes is for everyone to do little things differently, better and with an ethical or sustainable mindset.

The compound effect of all those great things added up creates a ripple effect that could begin to dramatically change the world we live in.

It all starts with something small, and we can all do something small. We’re not saying it’s easy, but by asking the tough questions, Kelly has challenged herself to find solutions that not only benefit her, but also her customers and most importantly the planet.

What a way to go, Kelly!

Do you feel inspired to change the world?

If everyone made small ethical choices and changed a few small things in their everyday lives, the compound effect would be massive.

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Socially responsible skincare: Putting social responsibility at its heart helped this beauty brand to flourish Student success stories

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Socially responsible skincare: Putting social responsibility at its heart helped this beauty brand to flourish Student success stories

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