You love making your own natural skincare products, you’ve shared them with friends and they love them too. So, you’re thinking can I turn my passion into a successful beauty business?

The good news is yes, you can! Many people like you have started with a dream, which formed into an idea, in which they invested time, money and energy and so created their very own skincare brand and business.

Now, we’re not going to tell you its easy; creating a successful business takes consistent energy and effort over the medium to long term. Being passionate about what you’re creating and selling goes a long way to injecting the enthusiasm you need to be successful.

Awesome, but where do I start?” we hear you ask. Well we’re here to help.

First, you really need to get clear on your long-term vision and set effective goals to ensure you work towards that vision step-by-step, so that you can stay on track, stay focused and motivated to creating your awesome business.

You will need to research your market and decide what kind of customers you want to create products for (don’t make the mistake of creating products first). Then decide on your niche and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so you can stand out from the crowd.

Next you need to create your brand and products. Think of a unique name (which no one else is using), decide which products you’re going to start with, produce your capsule range and identify your star product, design and produce the packaging (choosing which vessel to use, labels, lids, boxes), get it tested and certified.

The one thing you must work on is pricing your products to ensure you make a profit. This is something nearly everyone (new and seasoned entrepreneurs struggle with) and it takes some knowledge and skill to get right.

Then you need to effectively market, promote and sell your products, either directly to customers or through retailers, the latter being the only way to build sales and profit quickly.




There are many different types of facial cleanser that you can make (or buy) and each is formulated in a completely different way.

In this free video training series we’ll look at the different types of cleansing products in detail so you’ll know how to formulate them for yourself or to sell.

How to start a skincare business; create, launch and grow your own natural skincare line Business

With this training you'll get:

    1. The essential theory required to make a natural & organic cleansers
    2. A free formula for a natural Jelly Cleanser created in our Cosmetics Lab by our team of Cosmetic Scientist
    3. A free formula for a more simple cleansing balm created in our Cosmetics Lab by our team of Cosmetic Scientist
    4. A video demonstration showing you how to make a Jelly Cleanser using the free formula we give you! You get to see how it is all done in practice!
    5. A supplier list so you can buy the ingredients and make your cleansers

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