Worrying about your kids is a natural part of parenthood. From bumps and bruises to fallings-out with friends, there’s a lot mothers and fathers can’t control. 

A big area of concern can be what you’re putting in – or on – to your children’s bodies. This is a feeling that Denisse García knows well. It was a key factor in her decision to venture into the world of natural skincare.

Denisse B García – the Naturally Nourishing Mama Student success stories

Reconnecting with a more holistic way of life

Denisse spent her early years in Ecuador. She felt drawn to herbal remedies after growing up seeing her grandma use them to treat ailments. 

After delivering her second child at home, Denisse knew she wanted to move towards a more holistic lifestyle. Part of this meant being more in control and aware of what she was putting on her children’s skin.

As a starting point, Denisse began to experiment with making more natural products for use at home. She already had the benefit of a decade of at-home practice, guided by YouTube tutorials. 

It wasn’t long before Denisse realized that this was something she’d love to do full time.

But she wanted to be more than just another ‘YouTube graduate’. 

Denisse knew that she needed to invest in herself and give this new path the attention and care that it deserved. 

This meant saying farewell to the world of learning from unregulated online videos. It was time to call in the professionals.

Studying with the School of Natural Skincare

Denisse began to research online for courses that were more structured. She found that the School of Natural Skincare’s friendly and simple approach resonated with her. 

To learn how to make products in the right way, she enrolled on the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. And the teaching, she says, has not let her down.

Using the skills and knowledge from her formulation courses with the School, Denisse has launched her business, Nourishing Mama. And she’s now taking the Diploma again!

“I’m loving all the new additions added to its third edition. You never stop learning!”

Denisse’s advice for new natural skincare formulators 

Denisse appreciates the skills and knowledge she gained from self-study online. But she does have some words of caution for aspiring formulators. 

She says it’s important not to believe everything you watch and read online. A large follower count doesn’t mean that someone knows what they’re talking about.

So, she says, if you want to start selling your creations and be much-better placed to turn your passion into a viable business, it’s important not to cut corners. 

“Study your passion with a reliable school like the School Of Natural Skincare”. 

Denisse also wants new formulators to know that it’s okay to ask questions. While professional formulators are often busy, everyone was a beginner once. 

The School of Natural Skincare experts are very welcoming to new community members, and so are the current students. They’re often happy to take the time to answer a quick question here and there. So don’t be afraid, she says – reach out for guidance if you need it.

Her own natural skincare business

Nourishing Mama reflects Denisse’s passion for family, Mother Earth and natural ingredients. Her aim is to help others reconnect with nature “after the most beautiful and empowering act, which is bringing life to this Earth”.

Denisse considers herself a mother above everything else. This guides her when conceiving and creating her products.

Her range makes use of the combined knowledge of her background in herbalism and formulation.

Denisse B García – the Naturally Nourishing Mama Student success stories

She offers products that cover everything from postpartum healing to cradle cap.

With the business going from strength to strength, she’s also recently moved from selling on Etsy to launching her own website. 

She says that everything from her Mom and Baby range to her body butters and bath salts are all made to be as skin-loving, safe and natural as possible.

Denisse B García – the Naturally Nourishing Mama Student success stories

The best part of the natural formulating experience

The act of creation using natural ingredients brings Denisse great joy. It’s clear that she loves sharing this with the world. From the very beginning of her journey, she has poured her heart and soul into her products.

In turn, she says, the best part about formulation has been the feedback from customers.

She says she never imagined getting such kind words about her products – but it’s something she treasures. 

“It has already helped so many people that I feel truly honored to have served and helped in some way.”

It’s confirmation that she is succeeding in her goal to help families rediscover the healing potential of the natural world.

Why keeping things natural is so important

So, the all-important question: why natural skincare? For Denisse, it’s about recognizing that the Earth has provided us with everything we need. From foods and medicines, to building materials and, of course, cosmetics. 

“Mother Nature has been there before any lab was ever created.”

Everything we need for survival is already here, she says.

Denisse B García – the Naturally Nourishing Mama Student success stories

We just need to trust and use it. This will lead us to products that are “beautiful, effective, healthy and sustainable”. 

It also comes back to why she started her brand in the first place. Denisse formulates the way she does because she wants to set a good example for her own children. 

There might be an easy way to do something, such as going into a shop to buy cosmetics. But it’s not necessarily always the best way. 

In the case of skincare, formulating yourself is a joyful way to connect to the natural world around us and a way to bring our own creativity to life. And she’s showing her children that there is a gentler way of moving through the world – and that you can do it yourself.



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Denisse B García – the Naturally Nourishing Mama Student success stories

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Denisse B García – the Naturally Nourishing Mama Student success stories

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