The satisfaction of creating our own natural skincare products can be immense. No matter what draws our students to natural and organic skincare in the first place, there’s no question that seeing the hard work pay off when they successfully create a beautiful product is a fantastic feeling. 

Nevertheless, for most, there will also have been moments of stress, maybe even self-doubt, along the way, as they strive to turn their skincare product dreams into a reality.

It can be too easy to lose ourselves in the process of pursuing the perfect product. We can become disheartened and self-critical when we feel we are not achieving our goals quickly enough. 

When we begin to think of achieving our goals as a chore, we forget to engage with the real fun and creativity of the product making process. When we feel this pressure mounting, it’s time to remind ourselves of the passion that brought us this far!

This got us thinking…! 

What do our students actually experience? How do they keep their enthusiasm and passion for natural & organic skincare alive? 

So we asked them 🙂

We’re excited to share the inspiration that keeps their passion for making their own natural skincare products burn brightly today. 

What part of making natural skincare products is the most fun?

Enjoy the whole process and each small step…

Many of our students told us how important it is to enjoy each small (but important) step that leads to creating the perfect handcrafted product.

Building a recipe, choosing which essential oils to use, and even just sitting down with a pen and paper to start crafting the perfect ingredients list were all listed as personal highlights of the making process. 

All these seemingly small steps are crucial to creating a great natural skincare product, and if when we truly appreciate the fun that can be had with each step then the process itself becomes far more rewarding – and the products that much better!

For one student, the fun is found in…

“…the whole process. The most important is finding the right blend of essential oils, the amount depending on if they are base, middle and/or top notes. I love the smell of the soaps, the scents are all around me while they cure.”

Maintain full creative control…

It was also important for a large number of students to ensure they have full creative control when making a product, especially from scratch.

There is so much freedom that comes when you create your own natural skincare products. Discovering the ingredients that work best for different skin types and skin concerns can be a transformative experience, and our students have shared with us a huge array of favourite ingredients from across the globe. 

From essential oils to carrier oils to high-performance botanicals, there is a whole world of ingredients for students to discover, enjoy, and share with others. 

One student shared: 

“I love the preparation time, and the feeling of satisfaction when it is done 🤗 I am always Super proud of myself 💫”

Knowing exactly what you’re putting on your skin…

Perhaps the most commonly heard reason people choose to make their own natural skincare products is the fact that they know exactly what is in the products they are using.

Most people, especially the more conscious consumer, struggle with conventional products because it is hard to know exactly what ingredients are being used and where they have come from. 

When they find out how to read a cosmetic label, they are often shocked and disappointed to find out what’s in the products they’ve been using

However, when you make your own products, you decide! You know exactly what is in your products and what you’re putting on your skin. You also know that those ingredients are straight from Mother Nature.

Ensuring that products are free from any harsh, synthetic, or undesirable ingredients is a huge source of motivation for many. Drawing from nature, our students learn to create beautiful, safe, and effective products. No parabens, petrochemicals, or silicones, but pure, organic goodness.

One student described the values they incorporate into their products as… 

“organic and as non synthetic as possible. We are bombarded with toxins. I would like to get back to wholesome, good, honest ingredients.”

Another student shared their own journey to creating natural skincare products: 

“Started to help family with skin issues – discovered I really like making them – realised products can be so much better than what’s on the shop shelves 😁 added bonus I get exactly what I want.”

Make products you believe in…

Everyone who enrolls with the school has a great desire to make their own all natural skincare products and most – if not all – want to make products they absolutely believe in.

It seems to be a growing trend that people don’t want to compromise any more. They aren’t satisfied with using anything they find on the shelves. It has to conform with their deepest values and beliefs.

We hear from all sorts of passionate people in our community, and it is wonderful to hear how personal values can inspire the creation of ethical products.

One student spoke on creating a product that helps retain natural skin color:

“My Ocheukele blacksoap made up of plant extract, traditional herbs, pure honey & body friendly oils to help clear skin issues like eczema, white patches, rashes, etc. while it helps retain your natural color. It is our best seller.”

For so many, the making process is a chance to create products that  reflect their values and ethos – vegan products, halal products, organic products, locally sourced ingredients, fairtrade, waterless products, plastic or package-free products… 

Making your products for many has become more than just the physical act of making and using our handcrafted masterpieces, it has also become about giving back to the world in positive ways and creating a brighter, more sustainable or ethical future.

This is a fantastic reminder that creating products can contribute so much to the causes we care about most deeply. 

What is your favourite product you’ve created whilst studying with the School of Natural Skincare this year?

There were so many different answers to that question, and this stands as a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to success! 

For one student, it had to be… 

“my facial serum, my favourite so far !!! Leaves the skin deeply moisturised and oh so soft !!! I’m also seeing great results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This serum has also helped extremely dry skin, eczema and reduced the size of pores on the face !!! So all around win !”

For another, the winning product was… 

“Whipped Jasmine Mango Body Butter with Hemp Oil. It was so easy to make and it’s deeply moisturizing.”

From body butters to facial serums and overnight oils, the projects we heard about were fantastically diverse, as were the reasons behind pursuing them. 

For some, the reason one product stood out was that it had helped to alleviate troublesome skin concerns – dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and more. 

For others, it was the simpler joy of crafting a recipe that was effective and easy to make, or even being able to use product making as bonding time with a child who was keen to help! 

What we heard from our students was that natural skincare is not only a learning process, but a part of everyday life that can be incredibly joyful. 

It is when we take a step back and appreciate all the small steps that go into a big project that we reconnect with our joy.

Learning is more than simply acquiring new skills

When we learn, we must connect to the root of our passion, and rediscover the source of inspiration that inspired us to start learning in the first place. 

We’d like to encourage you to ask yourself, what was it that inspired you to make great skincare products in the first place?  Where and how did it all begin?

Finally, and most importantly, please remember to allow the next project, and every one after that, to be one that lets you have fun! 

Always remember the fun. Keep your ‘why’ close to your heart and everything you do. 

Make the reason for doing this the centre of everything you create.

We make our own natural and organic skincare and haircare products because it is the thing we love to do – the thing we get excited about. Please don’t forget that 🙂

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