Certificate in Preservative Free
Face Mask and Cleanser Formulation

Create your own range of 100% natural or organic masks, cleansers and scrubs

Preservative free doesn’t mean with a short shelf life.

When you know what does and doesn’t need preserving you can
create beautiful, preservative free products with a long shelf life.
Join us to discover how.

For the natural beauty lover:

Unleash your creativity and play with a wide variety of exciting ingredients

Blend clays, superfoods, botanical extracts, vitamins, exotic spices, oils, butters and essential oils. Discover activated charcoal, raw cacao, spirulina, colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk and more!

Enjoy an at home spa ritual

Create specialist treatments to refresh, refine and smooth your skin

Increase your product range with luxurious spa style masks

Be at the forefront of the new “Kitchen beauty” trend – products sold to be mixed and activated at home

Tap into the demand for preservative free products. PLUS no need for microbiological testing.

Sell your products quickly and easily. Cosmetic Product Safety Report is included in the Business Edition!

“I feel more confident now working with different kinds of ingredients to create the product I want.”

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this formulation course. It’s so much more than I had expected and exactly what I needed. I have learned so much from it and feel more confident now working with different kinds of ingredients to create the product I want.”

Jean Liao, Toronto, Canada

We’re Gail and Gareth, Directors of the School of Natural Skincare

We help our students create unique, innovative products they and their customers LOVE.

Learn from our team of beauty experts including Cosmetic Chemists, Formulators and Safety Assessors.

Study our fun & enjoyable multi-media online classes from anywhere in the world.

Have fun creating your own unique products with our multi-media online course!

Here’s what’s included:

6 multi-media Modules featuring video classes, workbooks, worksheets and reference charts

International student community and tutor support


Formulation Worksheets and Guides plus gorgeous example formulations

Fully mobile responsive online classroom for studying at your computer or on the go from anywhere in the world


50+ Natural and Organic Ingredients plus an Ingredient Chart helping you easily select your ingredients based on suitable skin types, main functions and benefits


End of course Certificate

Included in the business edition:


A Cosmetic Product Safety Report Package: Includes having 3 formulations certified (and more if you choose at an small additional cost)

Module by Module Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction to Formulating Preservative Free Face Masks

1.1 Introduction to Formulating

New to formulating? No problem! You’ll learn the professional way to create formulas and what to include. This lesson also explains formulating in % and converting this into weight based measurements.

1.2 Formulating Preservative Free Face Masks

We’ll cover the main types of preservative free face mask (with a long shelf life), typical ingredients, examples and the advantages of each. Learn how to make cleansers and exfolitors too!

1.3 Functions of Face Masks

You’ll discover the many possible functions and benefits of your masks including: Cleansing, Exfoliating (chemical and physical), Detoxifying, Anti-oxidant, Soothing , Conditioning, Brightening and more.

1.4 Product Development: Questions to ask and how to use a product development brief

To create products with a particular purpose or benefit in mind you’ll need to use a product development brief. This lesson explains how to use one to create products you and your customers love and that deliver the results they want.

Module 2: Ingredients

2.1 Ingredient Workbook

Discover 50+ exciting ingredients to use in your masks and the functions and benefits of each.

Included are a wide range of ingredients including activated charcoal, colloidal oatmeal, seaweed, chlorella, spirulina, matcha, fruit powders, MSM, vitamins, clays, starches and more!

Learn which ingredients add exfoliating properties to your products if you wish to make masks that exfoliate the skin too.

2.2 Ingredient Chart

At at a glance chart helping you easily select your ingredients based on suitable skin types, main functions and benefits

Module 3: Dry Powder Based Masks

3.1 Formulating dry powder based masks

These are an innovative product that the consumer activates just before use by mixing with water, ensuring they are fresh and potent.

We’ll look at what they are, how to use them and the many different ingredients you can use – far more than just clay! Discover how to make cleansing and exfoliating products too.

3.2 Clay based masks

There are so many gorgeous clays to choose from including pink, red, green and rhassoul each with their own unique properties. We’ll share with you an example formulation for a Pineapple Yoghurt Mask (with Pink clay and Oats), Formulation template for creating your own unique masks and instructions for creating your mask.

3.3 Milk based masks

Milk is an incredible skin softening ingredient to use in your masks and there are so many varieties to try including goats milk, coconut milk and buttermilk. We’ll share with you an example formulation for a Coconut Milk & Honey Mask, Formulation template for creating your own unique masks and instructions for creating your mask.

Module 4: Balm Based Masks

4.1 Introduction to Formulating Balm Based Masks

Another innovative anhydrous product that combine powder based ingredients with butters and oils to create sumptuous facial masks. We’ll look at what they are, how to use them and the many different ingredients you can use. Learn to vary the consistency from a balm to a jelly to create a nourishing and pampering product.

4.2 Formulating Balm Based Masks

By using oils and butters to create balm style masks you can create nourishing and softening skin treats! We’ll share with you an example formulation for a Superfood Face Mask Example (With Coconut Oil and Spirulina), Formulation template for creating your own unique masks and instructions for creating your mask.

Module 5: Honey Based and Honey Activated Masks

5.1 Introduction to Formulating Honey Based/ Activated Masks

We’ll look at how you can incorporate fresh honey into your skincare products, either to create premixed products or as a two phase product that the customer mixes at home before use. Discover the benefits of honey and how to blend it with other ingredients for a sweet skin treat that heals and smooths.

5.2 Formulating Honey Masks

Honey has many beneficial properties for skin including its antibacterial and healing properties, plus its ability to cleanse and smooth. We’ll share with you an example formulation for a Honey Mud Mask and provide Formulation templates and instructions for creating your own unique masks.

(Optional) Module 6: Business Edition Only: Cosmetic Product Safety Report

If you want to sell to or within the European Union (including the UK) you need a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) in order to do so. This can be a costly and time consuming process.

We have done much of the hard work for you by working with a Safety Assessor to create a CPSR package for you.

How does the CPSR package work?

  • Included in the package are over 50 ingredients and their permitted usage %s.
  • Formulate your face mask products using the guidelines given (which allow for a lot of flexibility and creativity)
  • Submit your formulas to our safety assessor and receive your Cosmetic Product Safety Report.
  • Included in the price are CPSRs for 3 products and you can add additional products for a small fee.

Design and make radiance enhancing, detoxifying and beauty boosting face masks & cleansers – preservative free!

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“The course was simply extraordinary!

“You have done a tremendous job putting this course together! It was just the right amount of reading/reference materials, videos, and opportunities to practice formulating products at just the right stage of my learning. The reference guides will be a helpful reference for years to come. Both of your passion for your work and teaching shows through and has been an inspiration for me.”

Heather Weinbauer-Literski, Wisconsin, USA, Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation Graduate

Have a question? Here are our answers to your most FAQ

I live in Australia/ USA/ India/ _______(insert country here). Can I still take the course?

Yes! The course is a fully online training programme that consists of online training videos, downloadable workbooks and worksheets and an online student mastermind group. It is designed to be taken from home from anywhere in the world and the products we make meet global quality and safety standards. We’ll provide information on ingredient suppliers in many different countries and will guide you to the relevant regulations wherever you are based too. We have students in over 25 countries so you’ll be joining a thriving community of global students when you join!

Why are your prices in US $?

We are an international school with students worldwide. US dollars are the most widely recognised and accepted currency.

You can check the exchange rate for your local currency using xe.com

Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes, when you have finished the course there will be a quiz to take. On successful completion of the quiz your course certificate will be issued.

Who is the Business Edition Most suitable for?

The Business Edition of the course has been created for people who wish to sell to or within the European Union including UK. So you may reside in the USA or Australia for example and wish to sell within the EU. Or you may reside in the EU and wish to sell within the EU.

If you reside in a country without strict cosmetic regulations and want to formulate your products in line with the strict European regulations then you may also find this edition helpful.

Can I upgrade to Business edition later?

No you would have buy the CPSR package separately and this would be more expensive. You have up to 6 months to submit your formulations to the safety assessor, so time to buy the package now and submit your formulations later.

Are there other tests I need to have to sell my products?

If you are selling to or within the EU (including UK) then our Business Edition of this course is designed to make it as easy as possible for you.

In terms of having your product safety assessed, anhydrous products such as the ones featured on the course do not need microbiological testing. Stability testing is optional (a self-declaration is permissible).

Our assessor can include all the types of products covered on this course. Regarding the honey based masks the two phase products mixed at home can be included without a microbiological test. If you wish to sell premixed honey based masks then due to the small amount of water present in honey, depending on your usage % a microbiological test may be required.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access to the online classroom for 3 years. Plenty of time to study all the materials. You can also download many of the materials to save on your own computer and keep for longer than that.

Are there set lessons to do on specific days or can you do it in your own time?

The course is a self study, self-paced course so you can study at a time that suits you and compete the course as quickly or slowly as you wish

Is this course for beginners or those with more experience?

The class is perfect for beginners and people with more experience who want to add additional products to their existing product range.