Today we’re sharing our secret facial serum ingredient that has proven a hit with many of our students!

Our secret ingredient is…olive squalane (INCI: Squalane).

There are so many benefits of using olive squalane in your skincare products. Let’s explore them now.

What is olive squalane and why should you use it in skincare? 

Many natural serums are made from specialist nutritious plant and vegetable oils. There are many oils that work wonders on the skin but some people don’t like the idea of using oil on their skin fearing it will leave it oily. It rarely does but if this is something you’re concerned about, you will love olive squalane.

Derived from olive oil it’s not like an oil at all. Vegetable oils consist of long molecules called triglycerides, which are made of fatty acids and glycerin. Depending on the fatty acids in the molecules, the oils can feel light or heavy, silky or greasy, they can absorb quickly or slowly. Squalane is a special molecule, completely different to triglycerides. It is similar to squalene, which occurs naturally in the sebum our skin produces. Light and easily absorbed, it leaves the skin really silky and smooth. It softens the skin, improves elasticity, protects against moisture loss and has a luxurious skin feel.

Our secret facial serum ingredient Natural Skincare Ingredients

11 benefits of olive squalane for skin:

  • An excellent natural emollient that smoothes and softens skin.
  • Similar to the skin’s natural oil (sebum).
  • Penetrates the skin easily so a great carrier for other ingredients.
  • Enhances elasticity.
  • Spreads on the skin easily.
  • Protects against moisture loss.
  • Clear and odorless.
  • Stable and has a long shelf life.
  • From a natural and renewable source – olives.
  • Light and quickly absorbed.
  • Creates a luxurious, silky skin feel.

Where to buy olive squalane

Lotioncrafter (USA)

Soap Kitchen (UK)

New Directions (Australia)

How to use olive squalane in skincare products

Olive squalane can be used at up to 100% in your formulations or recipes. It can be used in place of another carrier oil.

It is more expensive than other carrier oils so we like to reserve it for use in luxurious facial serums and creams.

Rejuvenating Facial Serum recipe

This silky smooth serum uses some wonderful natural anti-aging ingredients. Frankincense encourages new cell growth and is one of the best known regenerating essential oils. Pomegranate oil is rich in antioxidants and regenerates and repairs skin. Olive squalane moisturizes and protects the skin, enhances elasticity and leaves a beautiful silky skin feel.

You will need:

89g olive squalane

10g pomegranate oil (or another carrier oil of your choice)

1g frankincense essential oil

Weigh all your ingredients and mix together thoroughly. Massage a little serum into the face in the morning or evening.

Simple and gorgeous. Enjoy!

Kim, S. K., & Karadeniz, F. (2012). Biological importance and applications of squalene and squalane. In Advances in food and nutrition research (Vol. 65, pp. 223-233). Academic Press.

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Our secret facial serum ingredient Natural Skincare Ingredients

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Our secret facial serum ingredient Natural Skincare Ingredients

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Our secret facial serum ingredient Natural Skincare Ingredients

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