As a mom and homesteader living amongst the rivers, forests and mountains of British Columbia in Canada, Diane Evdakimoff has always been drawn to the power of nature to nourish and heal.

Her youngest son had asthma and he had to take on lots of different types of medication to manage this condition. But Diane believed there had to be natural alternatives that could help her family, and her instinct drew her to search for a more holistic solution. 


She learned how to make herbal remedies, and then started to make natural rubs and salves to help animals. 


In the next step of her learning journey, Diane trained to become a registered aromatherapist. As her knowledge grew, she saw the effectiveness and power of natural ingredients, and her focus shifted to personal skincare. 

Diane’s research led her to believe that the cosmetic industry was selling a lot of what she called “one hit wonders” — formulations using chemicals that target a single issue, but that could often also have a negative impact on the natural function of the skin. 

Wanting to find out how to create clean products with high-end performance properties to nourish the skin, Diane set out to learn how to create her own skincare that would support the function of the skin and keep it healthy, productive and radiant throughout our lives. 


This was her passion, and it gave her the courage to start her own natural health and beauty business. 


However, she was finding it very difficult to get reliable information on how to formulate properly. Lots of the articles she read were either just basic recipes that didn’t explain any of the principles or, at the other end of the scale, information that was far too technical for her to understand. 

But Diane knew if she wanted any credibility in her field she would need professional training if she was to go any further in her business.

To achieve her goal, Diane chose the School of Natural Skincare. She says it was because we offered 


… the most flexible and comprehensive course material that was easily accessed and in language that allowed for building blocks to continued learning and understanding.


You won’t be surprised that someone with this much self-motivation is now a successful graduate of our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation, Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation and Certificate in Preservative-Free Face Mask and Cleanser Formulation and we’re proud that she has used this knowledge to carry on her own lifelong learning journey.   

She says:


I can explain why I’ve put in everything that I have — it’s not just because, well, it’s supposed to work. It’s because these are the reasons, this is the chemical reaction that’s happening and this is what’s supposed to happen so it does what I want it to. Being able to provide that knowledge to my customers, they’re usually pretty blown away because there’s not a lot out there who can do that.


We caught up with Diane to ask her more about the course, her business and herself.  

Q: Why did you choose to start creating your own serums?

I completed the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation in the Spring of 2019. To further my small company  Wild Beauty Skin Care in Canada I wanted to get further in-depth knowledge of serums, actives and botanicals to formulate high-end functional products for my customers.

Q: What has been your best experience about formulating your own serums?


I love to formulate! 


The best experience is being able to exercise creativity in formulating high performance serums that actually perform, creating a product that I can believe in and my customers love!

Q: Have you got any tips for aspiring natural cosmetic formulators about starting to formulate serums?

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Have some fun! I would also highly recommend printing the text manuals for easy fingertip reference. I now have three large binders full and they are my go-to.

Q: Why did you decide to study with us?


I originally studied aromatherapy, receiving my Registered Aromatherapy Recognition in 2018. 


This was amazing but unfortunately the information provided regarding emulsions, etc. was not adequate therefore I required more education to satisfy my growing needs within my small business at the time. 

I researched for a school that could provide me with extensive knowledge in formulating emulsions that were safe and effective. From the educational opportunities I found, the School of Natural Skincare offered more flexibility and in-depth study than others I researched. 

I had no idea that the opportunity to study with the School of Natural Skincare would afford me the ability to create such amazing unique products in the Natural Cosmetic Industry. 


This is why I have taken many courses with the School of Natural Skincare;


to further my formulating skill and understanding, and I have now established a small company in Canada.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Studying with the School of Natural Skincare has been one of the greatest assets to creating a thriving natural cosmetic company!

Q: What has studying with us helped you to do?

The courses that the school offered opened my learning and capabilities to formulate for my company. It has given me the knowledge not only to formulate but to further explore other products to formulate with that I would have otherwise not known about or even remotely how to effectively formulate with!

Q: What have you learned about that you never even thought about before?

The skills and knowledge learned is just the beginning, I now have the opportunity to continue learning with some of the key concepts that are stepping stones to the future of formulating with natural ingredients.

Q: What is your favourite or best product that you’ve created from the course?

My anti-aging moisturizer Nourish. It is a soft moisturizer that almost melts at your fingertips, with three peptides for aging and kukui nut oil. The scent is a combination of rose/lemon/frankincense; all oils that are added for their anti-aging and brightening.

Q: What does the future hold for you now? 

I will continue to work to expand my company, maybe begin workshops or look to write a book! And of course continue to push the boundaries on the formulating with continued education! I hope that I can inspire those who want to practice natural skincare, whether by way of customers or those who wish to learn to practice themselves.



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