“I’m happy, and we are excelling. We’re making products all day long!”

Memhet – devoted husband, father, grandfather and natural cosmetics formulator, was introduced to the wonderful world of natural cosmetics when a family friend suggested a kinder, more natural alternative to his son’s steroid eczema treatment.

“Our friend said, “this is like a natural product.” And they started to push us into going natural, and we were intrigued about it. My wife did as well, and she started to make soaps. We made soaps together first, and then I said, “I want to get into the cosmetics side of things.”

Choosing the Path of Natural Beauty: Mehmet’s Quest for Knowledge

Meticulous with his research in seeking a natural cosmetics school, Memhet methodically sifted through countless reviews to find a school that resonated. What distinguished the School of Natural Skincare from its counterparts?

“I decided to go with the School of Natural Skincare, because it seemed to suit me, and I haven’t regretted it. It’s the history and the lifespan of the founders, Gail and Gareth. You’ve got trust there as well, because this is actually someone who’s dealing day to day with all the oils and everything. I’ve done two courses that I’ve finished, and I’m on my third one now, which is the Haircare Formulation.”

Balancing Act: Juggling Study, Work, and Family Commitments

In his exploration of natural skincare, Memhet has encountered both trials and triumphs, gracefully navigating the demands of a challenging profession alongside family responsibilities. Amidst 12 to 14-hour workdays, carving out time for study posed a formidable challenge for Memhet. However, when an unexpected break in his demanding schedule materialized, his creativity and unwavering dedication took flight!

This is where the role of resilience and perseverance in overcoming obstacles comes in – lucky then, that Memhet has bucket loads! 

“I took a long time to get into it, because when you’re working, and sometimes I work 12, 14 hours a day, it’s very difficult. But then I had a bit of space with work, and I just binged it all! Then when I’d done all my courses and my assignments, I joined the serum course as well, and then I joined the hair course. So I had three courses that I hadn’t finished yet, and it was all on the go!”

From Novice to Adept Cosmetics Formulator

The way our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is designed means that you will feel supported and equipped with the knowledge you need to blossom into a confident formulator. With the guidance of our team of seasoned cosmetic scientists, we ensure a seamless progression, propelling you from beginner to an adept cosmetics formulator! 

With no prior experience in formulating, Memhet can relate to this:  

“I had zero prior knowledge. I couldn’t even read the ingredients to understand what they were. I’d look at something and go, “What’s this cetyl alcohol? Why is there so much alcohol in this?” You know? But now I can read the labels. It’s easy. It’s like every day of life for us nowadays! That’s the benefits. You know what is going into your skin if you’re buying off the shelf.”

And what’s more, you don’t need to have a formal educational background to flourish as a natural cosmetics formulator, as Memhet explains:

“Studying-wise, it was very straightforward. I believe you don’t need to have a formal educational background to understand it. You have the Facebook page as well, where people write their problems, and then afterwards we got the answers, which was very good. I would always read other people’s comments. Some were very helpful questions!”

Newfound Confidence: The Sweet Taste of Accomplishment

One of the things we hear so much from our students is how much their confidence grows throughout their study, and this is delightfully apparent when we speak with them – their confidence shines like sunbeams!

So, if you will, imagine taking that first leap of faith and enrolling onto the course of your dreams. Imagine how it would feel… Exciting? Nerve wracking? You may even get the feeling of imposter syndrome, – many of our students do!

Then slowly but surely, like the clouds parting to reveal the dazzling sun, the realization dawns on you that you can now craft a standout product all by yourself and it feels immensely satisfying! Memhet describes this feeling beautifully:

“Oh, it feels fantastic. When you’ve accomplished something, it’s like climbing Mount Everest, and going up there, putting the flag in, and waving it about to the whole world to see. 

It’s like when I go foraging for St. John’s Wort, we separate the flower, and then we infuse it in olive oil and sunflower oil for about six to eight weeks, and then we’ve got the pure oil of St. John’s Wort, which is very good for your skin, for burn marks, blemishes, everything. 

So when we accomplish things like this, it feels fantastic. You’re over the moon, saying, “I did it my way!” 

And so it is a journey of empowerment, choice and discovery. It is the most rewarding feeling to be able to hand-craft bespoke products to meet the needs of your own skin, as well as your customers. 

But what’s even better, is because you’ve invested in learning how to formulate natural cosmetics the proper way, you can be confident that you can blend ingredients to create a wonderful product, and you can also create something that is safe to use. 

Memhet loves this about his journey with the School! 

“It’s actually understanding what the product does, and if the ingredients are compatible with each other. Also learning about the pH levels, and about stability – these are all very important factors, And I wouldn’t have known any of this if I didn’t start this course.”

Sharing Wisdom: You’re Never Too Old to Learn

We love the adage that you’re never too old to learn, don’t you? And it’s true! Look at Memhet and his family, striving to learn all that they can about creating natural products. And here’s his valuable advice to those considering a journey into natural cosmetics formulation:

You’re never too old to learn, as I can prove it. I’m 50 plus! I mean, if someone really wanted to take it seriously and to the next level, or they’re a novice, like I was – people would rather have input from someone who’s experienced it. I will tell anyone!”

Memhet’s Testimony to Lifelong Education

Memhet’s belief in the power of continuous learning and the impact it has on his craft is contagious! He understands the importance of gaining the right kind of knowledge and learning with a trusted educator.

“I’m happy. It’s a really, really good course, and no one will make a mistake in joining this. It’s not OTT. It’s just at that right level. My gut feeling was to go with this School and I haven’t been wrong. I’ve done three more courses, and I’m still here, so you must be doing something right!”

We think that Memhet is clearly doing something right, too! 

Discover the Maker in You: Unleashing the Magic of Natural Cosmetics Crafting

What about you? Are you called to be a maker, a creator, an impassioned crafter of natural cosmetics? Perhaps you have been spurred on by Memhet’s story, or maybe you’ve grown tired of relying on other brands for your skincare products?

Many of our students’ first experience with natural skincare is because their skin is unhappy, just like Memhet’s son’s with his eczema, and they realize that the commercial products they’ve been using aren’t helping, or may even be making it worse.

Whatever your reason, remember that with the right guidance, along with passion and perseverance, you can go from complete beginner to an inspired natural cosmetics formulator, just like Memhet.

No longer do you need to tolerate the wrong cosmetics or resign yourself to problematic skin. Since 2010, we’ve been empowering individuals to craft their own natural cosmetics, embodying our motto ‘DiY Cosmetics Done Professionally.’ We are passionate about preserving the authentic ‘made in your kitchen’ essence, infusing it with a dash of expert knowledge and a pinch of precision.

So if you, like Memhet, have been scouring the internet for a Natural Cosmetics School that can help you to formulate your own professional grade natural and organic products and that is the perfect fit for you, perhaps you need look no further…

Begin with our Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products, invest in our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, or check out our courses on formulating hair products, soapmaking, zero waste products, formulating natural makeup, and more!

We’re excited to welcome you! 



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