Teacher Training

Earn excellent money doing something you love!

Teach people how to make their own gorgeous natural skincare products by running your own workshops, classes and parties!

We are so delighted to invite you to join our flagship Teacher Training program! 

Its a fully ONLINE course meaning you can study with us from wherever you live and run classes in YOUR area – wherever that may be!

Five years ago I started with an idea.


I wanted to live more naturally and more simply and as part of a big lifestyle change I started making all my own natural skincare products.


I created my own skincare range and started selling my products. Then I realized other people out there also wanted to learn to make their own products.


I decided to run a class to teach people. It was scary at first as no one else was doing anything like it.  I had absolutely no idea what would happen!


Would people come? Would they pay? Could I do it? It was a huge leap of faith. And guess what? It paid off!


The answers to all those questions turned out to be YES!


Fast forward a couple of years and what started as a hobby and some extra income on the side had become a business that could support me and my family.


We both left our office jobs to live and teach our passion every day.

And now we’re giving YOU the opportunity to do the same!

Do what you love

Share your passion

Inspire and empower people

Have fun

and make really good money!

We’ve spent five years creating a business model that works and now we want to teach it to you

Yes, really! I can’t quite believe we are giving it all away. But we are.

Now is your chance to do something you love and earn excellent money doing it!

We want to see more and more people teaching these valuable skills and empowered to be supporting their families at the same time.

There is a huge interest in natural skincare and so many people wanting to learn. There is also a huge shortage of teachers, workshops and classes.  Go on – have a look on Google and see what you can find. Not much! Which is GREAT news for you!

We certainly cannot fill the demand which is why we are giving you the opportunity to learn from us and become a teacher too! 

“It is a fantastic course and I am so happy that I found it!  Everything is very well explained and the information about all aspects of becoming a teacher is very complete. I especially love the modules on marketing, finding students and running a successful workshop. It’s wonderful learning a lot about natural ingredients, how they work together and the importance of making a product correctly.

It is an honour and a pleasure to be able to teach such a beautiful subject and something I am passionate about. Natural skincare is beautiful, exciting and the right thing for us and the environment. It is a huge contribution to my business as I am able to offer a new and exciting service that complements my shop so well.”

Watch the video to go behind the scenes and see what a class like…

Teach something people are desperate to learn about (customers are there waiting for you right now!)

Take away all the guesswork about how to do it and use a business model that is proven to WORK

Have all the planning and hard work done for you

Be fully supported each step of the way

Have your successful and profitable business up and running in no time!

“Through the Teacher Training program I’ve gained a realistic, practical way of making a wish become a reality!

It was wonderful to learn from knowledgeable and experienced tutors and share my fears and uncertainties. I’m much more confident and don’t feel alone anymore. Can’t wait to get started!”

Viki, London

This is a fully online course and the most comprehensive

training of its kind available.


18 modules with workbooks and audios – its just like being in a live training with us


Actionable exercises and tasks to accelerate your business growth


30+ templates, checklists, schedules, forms and charts


3 Workshop Blueprints: run our 5-star sell out workshops


4 ‘pick our brain’ LIVE training calls


12 months' support in our private, exclusive mastermind group

Module by module. Here’s what you get:

Module 1: Behind the scenes: what’s involved in running a workshop and what does a great workshop look like?

We take you behind the scenes! Exactly how we plan, prepare and deliver amazing workshops and classes that have customers returning over and over again! You can download a sneak peak here: 7 Step Guide to Running Amazing Workshops (pdf). Read what our students say about our workshops here.

“Thank you it was a brilliant workshop, exceeded expectations – really simple, learnt lots and really feel confident to go home and make more!”

Module 2: Where to buy your materials and how to ensure you get the best price

When you start running workshops and classes you’ll need to buy a fair amount of ingredients. In this module we’ll give you our top tips for finding quality suppliers  and getting the best value for money.


  • Recommended suppliers
  • Setting up trade accounts

Module 3: Become confident making products and gaining the knowledge you need

It’s super important that you have enough knowledge and experience to feel confident delivering workshops. The good news is that it’s possible to learn and practice everything you need to know.  We’ll take you step-by-step through the process! Includes:

    • Acquiring the knowledge you need
    • Getting confident making products
    • What to learn and practice
    • Running a practice workshop

If you’re a newcomer to making your own natural beauty products our Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products will teach you everything you need to know to get confident making products.  That’s why we’re giving it to you as a FREE bonus when you sign up for the Teacher Training! 

Module 4: Getting started

Here we cover the nuts and bolts of getting set up. By following our simple guidelines you’ll be up and running in no time. Includes:

    • Legal and safety considerations
    • Terms and conditions, and disclaimers
    • Equipment
    • Setting up a simple website
    • How to get online without a website
    • Getting on the front page of Google without a website

Module 5: Making Admin easy!

As with everything in life, there will be essential admin to do as part of running your workshops. Emails, bookings and payments and keeping track of the financial side of things are all crucial. You’ll want to keep things as streamlined as possible both to make your life easier and to create a good first impression with your students. Over the years I’ve simplified and streamlined my processes and systems and in this module, I’ll reveal exactly how to do it. Includes:


  • Email templates
  • Class booking records
  • How to take online payments via PayPal and other means
  • How to set up easy online booking forms
  • Monthly income and expenditure spreadsheets

Module 6: How to be a great teacher

In this module, we’ll cover what it takes to be a great teacher, which personal qualities are important and how you can recognize which you already have and which ones to develop. You’ll also learn how to manage a group and handle your students’ questions to ensure everyone has a great experience. Includes:


  • Great teacher checklist
  • Different learning styles and how to cater for them in your classes
  • How to meet and greet students and begin your workshops
  • How to handle students questions
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions

“Brilliant. Huge content and really informative. A fantastic day with loads learnt. Gail was lovely, really helpful and informed. Would do again at the first opportunity.”

Module 7: How to price your workshops, budgeting and simple business plans

When you’re starting out pricing can be tricky! In this module, we’ll give you our guide to pricing your workshops. We’ll provide a range of mini business plans showing your different pricing models so you can see at a glance how much money you’ll make. Includes:


  • Working out what to charge
  • Mini business plans
  • Business plan templates
  • BONUS: Top pricing tricks to ensure you fill your workshops!

Module 8: Finding suitable venues, setting up your venue and working with other course providers

In this module, we’ll look at the pro and cons of running workshops from home, what other venues would be suitable and how to find them. We’ll also cover how to work with other course providers including colleges, retreat centres, and adult education providers. We’ll cover the pros and cons of working with them and even help you get a foot in the door by giving you a template proposal to use (this has worked for us many times to work in prestigious venues around the UK). Includes:


    • Venue checklist – what to look for in a venue
    • Setting up your venue
    • Pros and cons: working from home vs hiring a venue
    • Course Proposal Template – to send to external course providers

Module 9: How to find customers

There are many, many ways to find customers both online and offline. We’ll give you plenty ideas for how to find your customers and where and how to advertise (for free!). You’ll discover how you can get listed on our website and featured in our newsletters. By completing and following our marketing plan template you’ll have all your bases covered! It will remind you exactly what to do in the countdown to your workshop. Includes:


    • How to promote workshops – online and offline
    • Marketing plan example
    • Marketing plan template
    • BONUS: Top tricks to create a buzz about your workshops and fill them!

Module 10: Promotional materials

Your promotional and marketing materials are so important! It’s these that will catch people’s attention, get them interested and excited, reassure them and convert them into customers! If you don’t have a marketing background there can be a lot of guesswork and frustration involved. Let me remove the frustration and guesswork and give you marketing copy for your website, and flyers that I have used time and time again to fill my workshops! I’ll even give you leaflet templates, course testimonials and some beautiful photos to use. Includes:


  • Marketing copy that sells
  • Workshop description templates
  • Leaflet templates
  • Testimonials and photos (included with Modules 12 & 13)

Module 11: Growing a loyal fan base: keeping in touch with customers


Staying in touch with existing customers is really important as very often it results in repeat bookings and further sales! The same goes for potential customers – staying in touch and building a relationship with them will help them become customers in the future. Includes:


  • How to stay in touch
  • How to generate further sales from existing customers
  • How to send out newsletters or ezines
  • Converting enquiries into customers

Module 12: Workshop blueprint: Bath and Bodycare

The complete guide to running our highly popular Bath and Bodycare workshop. Everything you need! This has been refined by us over the last four years to a format that works, that flows, that is highly enjoyable and has people coming back for more! On average students give our workshops a 5/5 rating for how satisfied they are and 35% of our customers go on to attend future workshops. The Blueprint includes:


  • Recipes to teach on the day
  • Teacher’s script
  • Health and safety briefing
  • Step-by-step schedule
  • Workshop handouts to give to each participant
  • Easy reference charts to use

The Blueprints are included in your Teacher Training license which can be renewed annually. See the FAQ section below for more details.


 “I feel that you have opened up a HUGE new world to us and taken us through the process in such a calm, interesting and informative way. Fabulous.”

 “Had a great day! Very informative, informal and fun. Would highly recommend it. Thanks Gail!”

Module 13: Workshop blueprint: complete Facial Skincare


The complete guide to running our highly popular Complete Facial Skincare workshop. Everything you need! This has been refined by us over the last four years to a format that works, that flows, that is highly enjoyable and has people coming back for more! On average students give our workshops a 5/5 rating for how satisfied they are and 35% of our customers go on to attend future workshops. The Blueprint includes:


    • Recipes to teach on the day
    • Teacher’s script
    • Health and safety briefing
    • Step-by-step schedule
    • Workshop handouts to give to each participant
    • Easy reference charts to use

The Blueprints are included in your Teacher Training license which can be renewed annually. See the FAQ section below for more details.

 “I have had so much fun on these courses. Fantastic people, teacher, atmosphere and you go home feeling a million dollars.”

Module 14: Workshop Blueprint: Parties – Hen Party, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Party and more

The complete guide to running a hugely enjoyable Natural Skincare Party. Everything you need! This can be used for hen parties or birthday parties or as a short half-day introductory workshop. The Blueprint includes:


  • Recipes to teach on the day
  • Teacher’s script
  • Health and safety briefing
  • Step-by-step schedule
  • Workshop handouts to give to each participant
  • Easy reference charts to use
  • And more!

The Blueprints are included in your Teacher Training license which can be renewed annually. See the FAQ section below for more details.

 “Just wanted to thank you for the amazing day on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the workshop and have raved about it to everyone I’ve seen since! Thanks again, Gail. Best day I’ve had in ages…”

Module 15: Getting ready for your workshop: Countdown to the big day!

There are important things to do in the run-up to the big day. The more organised you are, the more smoothly everything will run! This module takes you step-by-step through the last minute important details. Includes:

    • Countdown calendar and checklist
    • Shopping list
    • Packing list

Module 16: How to run the big day!

There are lots of things to remember to do on the big day and with so much swirling around in your head it’s can be difficult to remember everything! This information in this module will mean it will be like having me with you cheering you on and making sure you remember all the important things you need to do! Includes:


  • Checklists
  • Scripts
  • Feedback form template

“I really enjoyed the hands on approach and the personal touch. Gail and Gareth are very friendly, down to earth and informative. I gained priceless knowledge which has now given me the motivation to pursue an interest and hopefully a business!”

Module 17: Making additional income at your workshop

The fees people pay to attend your workshop are not where the income ends! There are many ways to increase the income you make from each workshop by selling additional products and services. At the end of the workshop, participants are enthused and excited and eager for more! Includes:


  • How to sell additional products to customers easily and effortlessly!
  • Making money as a School of Natural Skincare Affiliate. We’ve done all the hard work for you! When your workshop participants buy one of our online courses or eKits, you’ll keep a % of the sale! We’ll give you unique discount codes meaning they’ll get snapped up and you’ll benefit from extra $ with no effort at all!

Module 18: What to do after the workshop

There are some important things to do after the workshop which its easy to miss in all the excitement! Includes:


  • Celebrating!
  • How to follow up with participants
  • Follow up Email template
  • Feedback and evaluation: How to make the next workshop even better

PLUS: Let us help you promote your workshops!

Take advantage of our extensive network of thousands of natural beauty lovers

around the world who are just waiting to learn from you!



  • Have your business listed on our website
  • Promotion through our social media networks
  • Guest blog contributor and social media contributor opportunities to increase your exposure and establish your expertise

The training has given me a fresh burst of enthusiasm and energy! I knew I wanted to start a new line of business but wasn’t sure about starting right from the beginning.  With the aid of the teacher training, I haven’t had to start from scratch and so much information is provided, I haven’t felt daunted at all about setting out on a new path. The most useful?  The workshop blueprints. I’ve had no experience of training others, so this has made the difference of whether I would do it or not.

The training is giving me the opportunity to free up my time and earn as much (if not more) in fewer hours. I’ve known for a while that I didn’t want to continue the level of massage I have been doing as it is getting more tiring for me the older I get! When I have my workshops up and running, I will have more available time to spend with my wonderful friends and family.”

Carol Aplin, Swindon, United Kingdom

Beauty & Holistic Therapist

Your Online Training Includes

“This course has given me opportunity to study something new and I have gained loads of confidence.
I like that this course has been flexible and very informative and that I have been able to study from home as I have two little boys.
I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to take my beauty business in totally new direction.”

Miia Leino, Findland

5 reasons to train with us

  • Since 2010 we have designed and personally delivered hands-on natural skincare classes. We built our business by running live classes. We know what people want to learn, what questions people have, how to practically deliver workshops and how to create a highly enjoyable experience people will come back for time and time again and tell their friends about! Plus we know all the potential problems and how to avoid them. Learn from us and get the ultimate shortcut to success!


  • The workshops we teach have wide appeal. We teach the products people want to learn to make in a way that is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with experience already. We give you all the secrets in our workshop blueprints.


  •  We have 30 years’ combined teaching experience. And that’s not the dull kind of teaching you have experienced at school, college or training seminars but fun, engaging, innovative, informative and practical classes, workshops and courses. We’ve delivered training to groups to of 1 – 100 people, in colleges, large corporate organisations, homes, gardens and much more!


  • We have built our business from the ground up. We have taken an idea and grown it into a business that provides us with the income to live the life we want. We’re happy to share all our entrepreneurial experience and expertise with you.


  •  The training covers ALL aspects of running a successful business. Gail brings her professional experience as an Events and Marketing Manager for prestigious organisations, such as Save the Children UK and Sustrans, to teach you exactly how to craft stunning promotional materials, find customers, and plan, prepare and deliver amazing events. Gareth’s background in International Sales Leadership means you can learn from him successful business planning, sales, communication skills and relationship building. It’s all included in the training! Plus we are both qualified Life and Business Coaches committed to helping you excel in your business and life.

“The training has given me the opportunity to put myself out there as a teacher in natural skincare – with confidence.  It has given me so many ideas on making my own products and how to get people interested in coming to one of my courses.

I have gained KNOWLEDGE – lots of it. I loved all the pointers on how to be a great teacher.

I really liked all the templates that make things so much easier and the audio classes and listening to you both talking so enthusiastically about your subject.  Everything was there at the push of a button.

I am excited about getting started – starting to put things in place for my first workshop!”

Wendy Beeton

Have a question? Check our FAQ below

Or feel free to get in touch! Email hello@schoolofnaturalskincare.com

What previous experience do you need?

No previous experience is needed. The training is designed for anyone who has a passion for natural beauty or holistic wellbeing. We’ll provide everything you need to gain the knowledge, experience, tools and confidence you need to deliver fantastic classes and workshops.

Included in the training is our Certificte in Making Natural Skincare Products which teaches you how to make a wide range of products. These complement the Teacher Training perfectly. And we’re giving them to you as a free bonus when you sign up! If you’d like to go more in-depth and learn to formulate products from scratch too, you can join the VIP package which includes our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation at a discounted rate.

If you have a background or qualification in aromatherapy, beauty therapy and other natural therapies, your prior knowledge and experience will be an asset, however not a prerequisite. If you have the passion and desire to develop the knowledge and skills you need then our training will enable you to be running your own successful workshops in just a few short months.


I live in South Africa/USA/Australia, etc can I still take the training?

Yes, the course is a completely online course meaning that you can study from anywhere in the world. We’ve had students join us from Finland, Dubai, Egypt, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, UK and many more countries.

The skills, knowledge and techniques you will learn on the training are applicable to all countries worldwide.

Can you explain a bit more about the blueprints and how the license works?

We provide the workshop blueprints so that you have a complete step-by-step guide to running a workshop. This is a format and structure that we’ve refined over the last five years and we know works really well for both complete beginners and those with some knowledge already. They include teaching about types of products, ingredients, essential oils, health and safety and the actual making of the products. We also include a suggested schedule (useful for staying on track!).

The materials included in the blueprints remain our copyright and are loaned to you by means of the license for one year. To continue using them after a year you’ll need to renew your license. Renewing your license also means that you’ll continue to receive coaching and help from us and you can also be listed on our website which is a great way of promoting your workshops.

You don’t have to renew the license. If you go on to create your own materials and workshops and won’t be using ours after the first year then it’s not necessary. If you want to continue using our workshop blueprints and enjoy the other benefits of being licensed teacher then you’ll need to renew.

Is this a franchise?

No, the teacher training is not a franchise. You can run your business as you wish and the profits you make are yours. You will be granted a license to use the School of Natural Skincare workshop blueprints, materials, logos and brand for one year as set out in the Teacher Training agreement. You will have the option to renew your license each year to continue to use our workshop blueprints and materials. Briefly the agreement:

  • gives you permission to use our intellectual property (logo and materials) for one year following the training
  • gives you the opportunity to continue using our materials and logo after the first year by paying a small annual renewal fee
  • clarifies that you take full responsibility for running your business and your workshops in accordance with national, regional and local laws in the area in which you run your business
  • clarifies that you accept liability for your workshops and that you accept you are responsible for taking out full and proper insurance cover in connection with your provision of services.
How do I renew my license?

With a small annual renewal fee of US $125 you’ll get to continue using your license and you’ll receive the following additional benefits (all this is included in your first year):

    • Have your business listed on our website – a great way for students to find you
    • Connect with and learn from other teachers in a private online forum
    • Enjoy live quarterly group coaching and training calls (recording provided too!)
    • Have the option of scheduling additional mentoring time with Gail or Gareth at a special licensee discount
    • Occasional updates to materials
    • Guest blog contributor and social media contributor opportunities to increase your exposure and establish your expertise
Is there a specific time frame the online course needs to be completed in?

You can complete the training at a time convenient to you, within the year that you enrol, so you can study as quickly or slowly as you like. If you join the payment plan option then the course will be delivered over four months. If your tuition fees are paid in one instalment all training materials are available to you immediately.

Are there any tests?

There are no tests as part of the training. When you have completed it, we will send you a quiz to complete which will help you demonstrate what you have learned. Once your quiz has been received you will be eligible for your Teacher Certificate and Teacher Logo. We may send you feedback on your quiz if we feel that any important points have been missed.

How does the online training work?

After you enrol you’ll receive a log in to our online classroom where you’ll access all of your training materials.

Here is how we ensure that you learn effectively and enjoyably online:

  • Multimedia. Each Module is provided as a written module and also an an audio class. This means its just like being in a classroom with us as we talk through each module in detail, adding in our personal experience and emphasising the key points.
  • Practical. There are lots of suggested activities throughout the course to put what you are learning into practice. We provide lots of examples and templates for all aspects of running your workshops and classes which you can complete to get your business up and running in no time. As one of our teacher Carol (UK) says, “So much information is provided, I haven’t felt daunted at all about setting out on a new path.  The most useful?  The blueprints.  I’ve had no experience of training others, so this has made the difference of whether I would do it or not.”
  • Quarterly live group coaching sessions with us. As part of the training we are providing live webinar training sessions so that you can ask any questions you many have and we can support your personally with your training.
  • Teacher Training Mastermind group (hosted on Facebook). Meet other teachers on the training, and be fully supported by us and them as you build your business. As one of our teachers Janine (NZ) says, “I love this group. You gorgeous women are amazing! I love that you share your knowledge and views and are so supportive. Thanks Gail & Gareth for the group and bringing use together and for being so helpful and supportive”.
Do I need lots of equipment and ingredients to get started?

No, the only equipment you will need is some basic kitchen equipment. Digital scales, a thermometer, heat proof bowls and jugs. Thats enough to get started. You can also start with a basic set of ingredients. £50-£100 ( US $70-$150) will buy you enough to get going. Remember that you’ll cover this cost after running your first class.