The growth of the natural and organic beauty market is the fastest growing section of the cosmetics industry and many people are turning away from conventional high street beauty brands in search of brands they can identify with, that conform to their values and that sell products that don’t contain harsh or undesirable ingredients.

There is a huge desire among a growing population for truly natural and organic cosmetics. But there is also a problem; many people are still finding it hard to find brands who sell products that fit the bill. There is a market for it.

Our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is the right course if you want to create top quality skincare products from scratch like a professional without following other people’s recipes, for yourself, family or friends, or to sell and launch successful businesses.

In fact, we’ve designed this course specifically to enable passionate natural and organic beauty lovers to design their products as if they were creating them for their brand, whether real or imagined!

Everything in the Diploma has been beautifully created by:

  • Expert, qualified scientists.
  • Experienced, professional cosmetic formulators.
  • A professional cosmetic laboratory manager.
  • A regulatory specialist.
  • Beauty business professionals.
  • An aromatherapist. 
  • With the help of professional skin experts, a publications manager, editor, graphic designer and copywriters.

All of their passion and expertise is available to each and every student of the Diploma. If you’d like to know more about our Cosmetic Scientists, you can find out more about them here.

So, if you are looking for a course to help you create your natural skincare products like the professionals so you can sell them and launch your own brand, our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is the perfect course to take. 

This accredited online course is our most comprehensive course taking you through the practice, art and science of designing your own products like a professional, either for yourself or to sell. This means you’ll learn to formulate like a professional and launch your own brand!

How the Diploma will help you to become a professional natural skincare formulator

Every module of the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is designed and crafted to enable you to learn every part of designing and creating your own skincare products.

Let’s take a look.

Module 1 – Your Values, Brand and Creating Unique Products

The Only Course You Need to Create Your Own Skincare Brand Beauty Business Advice Skincare Formulation Studying

If you want to make products for yourself, exploring your needs, preferences and concerns is essential if you want to make perfectly tailored products. 

And if you want to start selling your products, rather than making a product and hoping someone will buy it, you need to go through a process of identifying who your ideal customer might be and what your target audience could be.

If you want to create a unique brand with meaning and value to you, a strong purpose and reason for being, you have to go through a process to define all of that when designing your own unique products, you would do the same thing!

That way you can more easily and deliberately infuse your products (and your brand) with the things that mean the most to you. 

This also helps to make sure your products are the very best they can be.

Module 2 – Skincare Product Design Process and

Module 3 – Creating Professional Cosmetic Formulations

The process you go through to design your own products is similar to the process you’d go through when creating your own brand.

If you want to create professional quality products, you have to use and follow professional methods, whether you want to create them for yourself or to sell. 

These two modules in particular will help you to become professional in your approach.

The Only Course You Need to Create Your Own Skincare Brand Beauty Business Advice Skincare Formulation Studying

Module 4 – Skin Anatomy and Physiology: Formulating for Different Skin Types and 

Module 5 – Cosmetic Ingredients and Raw Materials

If you want to be able to deliberately select ingredients to suit specific needs, concerns and preferences, you need to know:

  • About a wide range of natural and organic skincare ingredients; their properties, benefits and uses as well as recommended usage rates.
  • The structure and function of the skin, characteristics of different skin types and skin concerns.
  • The different types of products you can make as well as their individual uses, benefits and features.

Modules 4 and 5 cover these topics in great depth. 

To find out more about Module 4, we wrote an article all about it. It is called Learning skin anatomy & physiology: the key to formulating for different skin types and you can find it here.

Module 5 is a 600+ page textbook that covers the whole spectrum and a diverse range of ingredients and raw materials used in natural and organic cosmetics. You simply can’t get a textbook as comprehensive or all encompassing as this. Graduates continue to use this textbook as a resource for many years after completing their studies.

You can find out more about this in an article we wrote on that subject called The Complete Guide to Natural Skincare Ingredients and Raw Materials!

The Only Course You Need to Create Your Own Skincare Brand Beauty Business Advice Skincare Formulation Studying

Module 6 – Lab Skills, Equipment and Packaging

Whether you want to make products for yourself or to sell, if you want to cultivate the art, skill and science of proper product formulation, you’ll need to make sure you:

  • Have the right equipment that also helps you to scale up properly when you need or want to.
  • Follow good manufacturing practice bad practices lead to bad results, unstable and unsafe products as well as lots of wasted time and money.
  • Use proper lab techniques and skills that mean you can easily weigh, heat, calibrate, sanitize, mix, homogenize, fill and calibrate.
  • Know about the required pH of your products as well as test and adjust the pH.
  • Calculate batch sizes correctly, especially when you scale up or down.
  • Identify and use the right packaging for the right product.

You’ll learn about and be able to apply all of this in Module 6.

Module 7 – Preserving Skincare Products Naturally and

Module 12 – The Science of Emulsification

If you are going to make products for yourself or to sell, you need to make sure they are safe, stable and effective; you have to get the basics right. 

Science outweighs all rhetoric on this subject, otherwise you seriously risk making products that are not safe for use and that can actually cause more harm than you realize. 

Making safe and stable products is also not just about adding a preservative or an emulsifier. You may need to use multiple ingredients and follow a structured system for both preservation and emulsification.

For an introduction to creating a broad-spectrum preservative system, check out our article, ‘Creating a Broad-spectrum Preservative System for Natural Skincare Products’ here.

Of course, this article is very much an introduction to this topic. We teach you everything you need to know about creating stable emulsions using the science of emulsification and creating your own broad-spectrum preservative system – that works! – in these two modules and ensure it’s explained in a way that is easy to understand. Plus, you’ll find a range of natural preservatives and emulsifiers from which to choose..

The Only Course You Need to Create Your Own Skincare Brand Beauty Business Advice Skincare Formulation Studying

Module 8 – Formulating Oils, Oil-based Serums and Self-emulsifying Oils, 

Module 9 – Formulating Butters and Balms, 

Module 10 – Formulating Spa-style Soaks, Scrubs and Polishes, 

Module 11 – Formulating Toners, Spritzers, Mists and Gels, and 

Module 13 – Formulating Creams and Lotions

These are the practical formulation modules where you’ll apply your knowledge to actually formulate your own complete range of natural and organic skincare products. This is where you’ll get hands on and make your own products, whether for yourself or to sell.

What students love about these modules is not just creating and perfecting their own formulations, but using the example formulations we’ve created for you in our in-house cosmetics lab. These example formulations will help you to develop your practical product making skills and give you a little bit of inspiration to what’s possible.

In addition to that, inside each module you’ll find formulation templates for each product type with guidelines about recommended usage rates for each ingredient type. These usage rates follow industry standards and guidelines, so you know you are formulating to the highest possible standards for each individual product you make. Graduates use these templates after their studies and in their businesses.

Module 14 Cosmetic Regulations and Business Essentials

It is your responsibility to sell products that are safe. With our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation you’ll have peace of mind that you are creating high-quality, safe products.

This topic is covered throughout the entire course and Module 14 places specific emphasis on ensuring you know what you need to do.

The Only Course You Need to Create Your Own Skincare Brand Beauty Business Advice Skincare Formulation Studying

The most comprehensive online natural skincare course available

The third edition of our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is without doubt, the most comprehensive online course available on this subject.

It takes you through every aspect of creating skincare products; from identifying your target audience/customer, defining your values and creating your brand, to formulating high-quality, professional safe, stable and effective natural skincare products using the right equipment, proper lab skills and having them tested to comply with cosmetic regulations.

The Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is the course you need to help you to sell your skincare products and launch your brand.

By enrolling on the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, you’ll be laying the foundations and creating the very essence of your brand. This is where it all begins.

When it comes to enrolling, you can either pay in full or choose our payment plan option. Whichever option you choose, you can get started immediately!

To find out more, you can discover all the information about the course on the webpage here.

You might also like to take a look at the article 6 Success Tips For Natural Beauty Entrepreneurs: Creating the mindset of a successful business leader for some ideas and inspiration.



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The Only Course You Need to Create Your Own Skincare Brand Beauty Business Advice Skincare Formulation Studying

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