The secret of (really) getting to know your essential oils

Do you find yourself getting confused about which essential oils to use in your skincare products? You can read so much about the wonderful benefits of so many oils, that it leaves you even more confused about what to use! Here is a secret….reading about...

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3 Essential oils for studying

Would you like to know a secret? There is an easy and enjoyable way to boost the effectiveness of your studying… by using essential oils!   Essential oils possess a vast range of therapeutic properties for mind, body and spirit and are great for all kinds...

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Getting the most from your essential oil burner or diffuser

We know that you love using essential oils in skincare! Today we wanted to share another really fabulous way of using and enjoying essential oils, in an oil burner or diffuser. This complete mini-guide will cover: Why use an oil burner. Where to use your oil burner....

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The best essential oils for skin (and for each skin type)

With so many essential oils to choose from you are probably wondering:"Which are the best essential oils for skin?"       Here we'll share the top five essential oils for skin handpicked by our in-house Aromatherapist, Gareth Despres.       In this article we’ll...

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How to make a natural perfume part 2: oil-based perfumes

Most fragrances available in shops today are a combination of natural and synthetic fragrance ingredients diluted in perfumers' alcohol and these often irritate the skin. One of the best reasons to make your own natural perfume is to have a custom blended fragrance...

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Energizing and revitalizing essential oils for spring

Spring time is a wonderful time for revitalizing and energizing; leaving winter behind and embracing the new season. Here are our favourite essential oils for detoxing, energizing  and cleansing plus some easy recipes to try at home. Why not combine some of the...

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Complete aromatherapy detox

 A detox usually concentrates on food and drink but aromatherapy offers a detox of a different, more holistic and enjoyable sort! Below you'll find ideas for: Top detox essential oils Cleansing and detoxing your skin Breathing easy - oil diffuser blends Detox massage...

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How to make a natural perfume part 1: eau de toilette

We all use perfumes, deodorants, aftershaves, body sprays and fragrances of all kinds to ensure we smell nice, feel good and are refreshed. Have you thought about making your own perfume? How about making a perfume that is uniquely yours with no artificial...

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How to create unique and beautiful essential oil blends

Blending with essential oils is fun and creative and the results can be astounding. We can make our own personal fragrances, use them in our handmade products as well as in our oil diffusers and burners at home. We can even make our own natural perfumes!       This is...

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De-stress, reduce anxiety and sleep better – naturally!

Today I wanted to share with you how essential oils can help us in our everyday lives to de-stress, reduce anxiety and sleep better. Many oils are calming and relaxing and they help us de-stress on many levels – emotionally, mentally and physically. They are so easy...

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