Marketing Masterclass
for Beauty Brands


Do you dream of selling your own range of gorgeous natural skincare products?


Are you frustrated with slow sales?


Confused about how to spread the word about your gorgeous products and attract people to buy from you?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

This course is perfect for you if:


You are still working on your product range and want to start building a fan base and know how to sell your products when you are ready


You already have products to sell and want to increase your customer base and sales

The Marketing Masterclass will help you:

Marketing Masterclass

In 2013 we got serious about marketing. It transformed our business and our income.

Now we’re ready to show you how to transform your business too!

Our Marketing Masterclass for Beauty Brands is:

A complete marketing course specific to beauty and skincare brands

Practical and full of how-tos, helping you put your knowledge into action

Comprehensive, easy to follow and fun!

A fun, easy to follow, practical course designed to get you results!

Learn from 4 marketing experts, sharing their expertise with YOU!


7 in-depth lessons with tasks and activities to move your business forward

Over 2.5 hours of video lessons and tutorials


Ready-to-use plans and templates to get yourself focused and on track

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

Lesson 1: Your Brand, Your Message and Your Customers

In this lesson, we’ll be laying the foundations for success! 

Before you can start to reach out to customers and market your products you need to get clear what is special about your brand and your products so you know what to communicate.

You’ll also need a clear idea about who your customers are so you’ll know where to find them.

Do this and you’ll be marketing a product that is irresistible to your ideal customer! 

This lesson will help you:

  • Understand what’s special and unique about your brand.
  • Know who your ideal customers are and who you are marketing to.
  • Discover the message you are sharing.
  • Attract customers who will find your products irresistible!
Marketing Masterclass

Lesson 2: How and Where to Market your Products

Marketing Masterclass
Now you know who your ideal customers are its time to explore how and where to find them so you can share your message and products with them!

This is essential, so you target the right people in the right places and don’t waste valuable time and resources.

If you’ve been selling products for a while but are not seeing the volume of sales you desire this will get you inspired and motivated and back on track.

This lesson will help you:

  • How to reach your target audience – both online and offline.
  • Types of marketing and promotion.
  • How to market your products effectively for free + cost-effective paid-for advertising.
  • Understand the psychology of selling and how to use it in your business to increase sales from your marketing efforts.
  • Develop your marketing mindset so you are a confident and excited about promoting yourself and your products!

Lesson 3: Blogging and Email Marketing

Blogging and email marketing are VERY powerful ways to build your customer base and sell products.

  • Marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads (potential customers) than those that do not (Source: Hubspot).
  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email (Source:

This lesson will help you:

  • Understand content marketing and why you should write a blog.
  • Discover what to blog about to attract your potential customers, get them excited and buying!
  • Set up a mailing list or subscriber list of current and potential customers – this is possibly the most important marketing tool you have!
  • Nurture and engage your list through email marketing.
  • Keep customers coming back for more.
Marketing Masterclass

Lesson 4: Social Media for Beauty Brands

Marketing Masterclass
Confused about which social media networks to use and how to use them effectively? Feel you’re wasting precious time on social media?

In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • How to decide which social media networks to use.
  • How to make the most of your limited time.
  • What to share with your followers.
  • How to use social media effectively to increase your brand exposure and engage customers.
  • How to turn fans and followers into customers.

Our guest expert for this lesson is Prerna Malik, social media marketing expert, who runs Social Media Direct and specializes in helping you create content to inspire and engage your audience and ultimately to convert your audience to customers (plus have fun and stay sane at the same time).

Lesson 5: PR for Beauty Brands

For this lesson, we’ll be joined by Public Relations expert Jenni Retourne, who specialises in leading communications and marketing campaigns for the beauty industry.

In this lesson she’ll share her insider knowledge to help you:

  • Get featured in glossy magazines, newspapers and other media – without paying for it!
  • Attract the attention of busy journalists and know who to contact.
  • Write a great press release.
  • Work with popular beauty bloggers to reach a wide audience quickly and easily.
  • Decide whether to do PR yourself or through an agency.
Marketing Masterclass

Lesson 6: Website Marketing

Marketing Masterclass
Your website is your online shop front. It can work for your day and night, growing your customer base and bringing in money even while you sleep!

In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • Easy ways to get online and create a winning website (even if you’re not techie).
  • How to generate more traffic to your website.
  • How to maximise sales and subscribers.
  • How to create amazing product pages that increase sales.
  • How to write for the web and create marketing copy that sells.

Lesson 7: Creating Your Marketing Plan

Getting organized and focused with your marketing is what will really get you results. For this, you need a plan!

In this lesson we’ll bring everything together to create an amazing marketing plan that will:

  • Stop you feeling overwhelmed.
  • Keep you on track.
  • Help you meet your goals.
  • Help you stay sane and have fun while growing your business!
Marketing Masterclass

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What students say about our courses:

“What a great masterclass – practical, informative and with easy to implement tips. I can’t wait to start using the social media calendar.”
Vicki Evans

Walk Mill Botanics

“Thanks a lot Gail and Gareth for this opportunity. It is such a great learning and sharing experience. It helped make it all much clearer and also helped keeping the motivation. Thank you also to all participants for your enthusiasm and inspiration. I really enjoyed the course. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.”
Natacha Maillard

“I have gained confidence and a fundamental platform of knowledge to build and grow my own skincare business… thank you so much!”
Heather Urquhart, Winnipeg, Canada

“The course offered me everything I needed. I enjoyed the way the information was given, the resources, tutorials and support. It was a great step-by-step course I would do again.”
Dennis Julien, Fribourg, Switzerland

Let us help you nail your marketing and start attracting your perfect customers!

Stop trying to figure it our on your own and instead be guided each step of the way by your team of marketing professionals.

Your course tutors are:

Gail and Gareth Despres, Directors, School of Natural Skincare

Having worked in the corporate sector as sales and marketing professionals for many years before becoming successful and award-winning entrepreneurs, Gail and Gareth share their wealth of experience and successes.

Marketing Masterclass
Marketing Masterclass

Prerna Malik, Social Media Direct

Gourmet “content and community engagement” chef, author of the Content Cookbook and Social Spread, Prerna Malik infuses online communities with sugar, spice and everything nice… for a small business.

She works with time-starved entrepreneurs worldwide to free up their time and increase their profits via beautifully crafted and optimised content and good-for-community-building social media.

Social Media Direct,

Jenni Retourne, Style with Substance

Jenni Retourné is a beauty marketing and communications expert who runs Style with Substance, the go-to consultancy for beauty brands wishing to raise their profile and sales through communications, PR and marketing campaigns.

She has worked with hundreds of beauty brands, well recognized and new, including NEOM Luxury Organics, Organic Surge Carmine, Elemental Herbology and Boots Smooth Skin by iPulse, helping them to generate significant online coverage, expand brand awareness and dramatically increase sales.

Marketing Masterclass
Marketing Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Australia/USA/ India/ _______ (insert country here). Can I still take the course?
Yes! The course is a fully online training program that consists of online training videos, downloadable workbooks and worksheets and an online student mastermind group. It is designed to be taken from home from anywhere in the world.
I don’t have any marketing experience. Can I do it?
Yes you can certainly take the Marketing Masterclass as a beginner. In fact it will ensure that you learn the correct way to find customers, get them coming back for more, build a loyal following/fan base and market your products right from the start. So it’s a great way to begin your journey!
Can I start marketing before I have something to sell?
Yes! It takes a while to build a following on social media and an email list. That’s why its great to start marketing before you have your products ready to sell. That way, when your products are ready, you already have an audience to sell to!

There is lots of great marketing you can do before your products are ready. You can start to build an engaged audience who share your passion, vision and beliefs. Then they’ll be ready to buy when you have something to offer and your business can grow quickly. We’ll show you you exactly how to start building your following whether you have something to sell now or not.

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