Just imagine … what if you could care for your skin, naturally improve how it looks and feels AND at the same time, do something positive for the world around us? 

Well, you can! 

It’s one of the core beliefs that led us on this path and it’s the passion behind our School of Natural Skincare. 

Our shared life goal is to do whatever we can to help bring positive change to the world, not just for us but for our children’s future.  And we’ve always believed that trying to do something to help – no matter how small – is always better than doing nothing.

Moving to positive living and ethical business

There’s been a huge shift in consciousness in recent times.

More and more people are seeing the importance of moving away from fossil fuels and the identification of sustainable and clean sources of energy.

The Zero Waste movement is growing fast in towns and cities across the world, and companies like Lush have pioneered the use of naked packaging. 

More people than ever have become aware of the damage that plastic is causing to our planet and are looking for ways to ditch it.

How you can make a difference in the world with Natural Skincare Studying

Concern for the world’s great rainforests is driving people to actively seek out alternatives to palm oil or use only sustainable sources. 

Water conservation is an important issue for many in countries where the supply of clean and fresh water is in short supply. 

Organic living has been on the rise in our western world for almost half a century as a growing number of people question why synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals are sprayed on our food and used in cosmetics. 

And alongside the growing importance of fairtrade, there’s been a greater awareness that people in the developing world benefit a lot more from a hand up, than a hand out.

The amazing growth of today’s ethical movements has seen the vegan, organic, eco-friendly, green and clean movements, move from the fringe of society right to the front and centre.

What we’re seeing is a generation with a new vision for our future. 

A world with clean air, clean water, and clean renewable energy. A planet with soil full of nutrients, flourishing natural habitats, and well managed, plentiful renewable resources.

 A future where we can thrive in smart and green urban environments, eat healthy natural and organic food that nourishes, revitalises and regenerates, and enjoy living conditions that fits with our values.

You can make a difference right now… wherever you are!

We live in times of rapid change. 

In a world where everyone is connected, and ideas can go viral in a moment, anyone can become an influencer or be seen as a knowledge expert. 


Knowledge is the key – and almost anything you want to know is now at your fingertips, in an instant.

How you can make a difference in the world with Natural Skincare Studying

This means you can learn, grow and become anything you want – and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Join a worldwide community

We are part of a community of students more than 250,000 strong and what we find in them is a group of positive, creative, and passionate people from across our shared planet. Many of them don’t just want to create their own products, they want to change the world we live in for the better.

It’s a belief shared by a lot of our students and we’ve been so proud to watch as they’ve gone on to start successful businesses and make their difference in the world by living their values.

Take Maya – ecowarrior, entrepreneur and co-founder of cut.le.crap, an award winning natural beauty brand cited as a ‘Best Buy’ in the Ethical Consumer magazine.  

Maya’s passion is to create skincare products, and a successful business, focused on sustainability.

Working to minimize her ecological footprint with brilliant and simple innovations – like doing away printed instructions in the packaging and simply putting the information on a website instead – Maya used her beauty business to be the change she wants to see in the world.

You can read more about Maya’s story here.


And she’s not the only one. Many of our students are making a positive change to the industry. Some focus on making clean and non-toxic products; others work for social justice. 

 Every one of them is making their difference.

 You can hear about the wonderful journeys of some of former students here.

For more information about the courses our students take with us, you can find out more here:

Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products here

Certificate in Natural, Preservative Free Face Mask & Cleanser Formulation here

Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation here

Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation here

Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation here

Becoming the positive change you want to see

Beauty products are not just about looking beautiful anymore. In fact, beauty products that are only aimed at helping you look more beautiful are on the way out, and something much more exciting is taking their place.

The latest industry trends show that consumers are more conscious of what they buy, and they’re demanding more from their skincare.

From water-saving products and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, to products that enhance your sleep and energy levels, people want more from their beauty products than just beauty.

How you can make a difference in the world with Natural Skincare Studying

And when you make your own skincare products, the power is in your hands and there are so many ways you can make positive change.

By choosing where you buy ingredients for your own skincare products you can support the causes that matter to you. 

If fair trade and the environment matter to you, you could source your Shea butter from a community in Ghana where the women use ancient techniques handed down through generations to produce a pure and natural product. 

Baraka Shea Butter sells direct to you from the community and provides a fair and decent living for the families who produce this wonderful ingredient, and who also protect and nurture the trees that provide it. 

You could also support the bee population by choosing certified organic ingredients, choose renewable energy for your manufacturing, put money back into your local economy by supporting local artisan brands or simply lead the way with clean, non-toxic products … the possibilities are limitless. It’s up to you.

 Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is important to me? What kind of world do I want to live in?
  • If I could change three things about personal care products, what would it be?
  • What could I do when creating my products that would make a difference?

Use these answers to help you create products that live out your values, which help you express your own passions and uniqueness, which help you make your mark.

So, can the beauty products you choose really change the world? 

The answer is most definitely yes! You can make a difference. Right now. 

You can make it yourself!

When you make your own cosmetics, you make the choices, you design the future and you make the change. 

How you can make a difference in the world with Natural Skincare Studying

You might want to create natural beauty products for yourself and your family, so you have the power to make choices that support the values you want to live by. 

Or you could be the person who wants to launch your own natural beauty brand, so you can create an even bigger change. 

The choice is yours.

You can join our community and do what you can and make your story a part of all of ours. You may only be one person, but as part of a community of more than 250, 000 people across the globe, you can be part of a much bigger change.

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