The eco-warriors taking the natural skincare world by storm!

Maya, student of the School of Natural Skincare and co-founder of natural cosmetics brand Cut.Le.Crap has brought the eco-warrior outlook of her everyday life into the heart of her business!

Maya shares:

“For us it was very natural to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, as this is who we are in our daily life – eco-warriors! So it was really natural to look for the best alternatives. The cost of going green might be slightly more expensive but I think it is worth it. For our own peace of mind, but it will also help attract customers for the right reasons and they will value your sustainable approach.”

Cut.Le.Crap recently gained industry recognition by winning an award for ‘Best Inspirational Entrepreneur’, and have also been cited as a ‘Best Buy’ brand in the Ethical Consumer magazine.

Amazing work!

Reducing, reusing and replacing plastics…

Maya focuses on plastic reduction for her products wherever possible, and then uses the most ethically manufactured plastic where there is currently no other option. So you’ll find that Cut.Le.Crap products are mostly housed in glass, and they operate a re-use system for the non-recyclable elements of containers such as pipettes and pumps.

Maya also has her eco-warrior’s eye on labeling – offering entirely biodegradable labels on all products. (Did you know that most water or oil-resistant labels are plastic-coated?) In terms of outside packaging, Cut.Le.Crap have eliminated printed instructions in favour of offering information on their website (what an awesome idea… and why aren’t more brands doing that?), and they package all products for posting in recycled materials – even the tape is made with paper and can be recycled!

Maya is keen to highlight the possibilities of refills/reusing containers where plastic cannot be avoided. She feels very strongly that:

“… recycling isn’t enough. Plastic is everywhere, even down to our food, we need to take action.”

She believes that businesses have a responsibility to lead the way in offering eco-friendly packaging but also recommends that we vote with our wallets – reminding us that as consumers, we can influence company practices by selecting who we buy from, and holding them to account.

We love Cut.Le.Crap’s products and ethos and we’re so pleased that they’re getting industry recognition!

You can make a difference, too!

We’d also like to add on the end here, that Maya is right.

As consumers we hold all the power because money talks and the money comes from our purses and wallets. Change is hard, especially with the busy lives we lead, but with a little research it is possible to find products and brands and business to buy from, who are honestly trying their best to create a better world for everyone.

If we all make a few more conscious choices about the things we buy and who we buy them from, we can make a huge difference, not just to brands like Maya’s but also to ourselves and the wider world.

The great thing about natural and organic skincare is when you learn to create your own, you can create them with your dearest values at the very heart. So, if it is plastic or package free you want to move into, or fairtrade, eco-friendly or carbon-neutral, it is possible.

All you have to do is:

  1. Decide on what is important to you and what you want your products to be known for.
  2. Learn to create professional quality skincare products from scratch that are safe, stable and effective.
  3. Develop the knowledge, cultivate the skill and perfect the art of natural skincare formulation.

And with belief, passion, desire and determination, you could do what Maya is doing!

Fortunately, this is exactly what we teach students to do – either for themselves, family and friends, or to sell – in our online Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation.

Want to find out more first? Learn about formulating for the conscious consumer

If you’re a natural beauty fan, we’re offering an email training series to help provide some key insight for our students, as well as natural beauty fans even if they’re not students with us yet!

Right now, consumers, formulators, and brands alike are becoming much more aware of environmental and ethical issues.

Discover the issues that are important today and how to become a conscious formulator creating cosmetics for the conscious consumer!

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Eco-friendly skincare: Bringing your eco-warrior credentials into the heart of your beauty business! Student success stories

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