Can you make safe preservative free skincare products?

There is one golden rule when making your own natural skincare products: If a product contains water (or an aqueous solution like hydrosol, herbal infusions, aloe vera), it needs a preservative. If your product could come into contact with water during use then you...

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How to substitute ingredients when making skincare products

Has this ever happened to you: You find a product that you want to make but you are missing one or more of the ingredients? You live in a country where some ingredients are not readily available? You want to save money by using less expensive ingredients while still...

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7 ways beauty products can change the world

Beauty products are not just about looking beautiful anymore. In fact, beauty products that are simply aimed at helping you look more beautiful are on the way out and something much more exciting is taking their place.   How about if you could take care of your...

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How natural is natural skincare?

“Is this natural?”  We’ve heard many of our students ask that question about a wide spectrum of ingredients, as they move through our courses, or sometimes it will be posted in our online student forums.  The answer is not so straightforward, and it actually poses a...

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How balls and a broken down car launched our 6 figure biz

One of the maxims we live by and that has completely transformed my life is: start before you are ready. Seems counter intuitive right. Surely you need to feel ready before you do something. You should have what you need (time, money, expertise, stuff) and feel ready...

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