Skincare recipes and getting started

Make your own $140 serum for under $5

Would you be surprised to find out that you can make a serum that retails for $140, at home, using basic equipment, in under five minutes and for less than $5? In this article we’re going to show you how easy it is! We’ve formulated our own version of...

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Make your own lip balm (with no nasties) for under $1

Are you becoming increasingly aware of undesirable ingredients in commercial cosmetic products? Here is a simple swap you can make: a well-known, commercial lip balm that contains mineral oil, parabens, synthetic color/fragrance, silicone and lanolin for an...

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Skincare formulation tips

Ingredient information

Five essential vitamins to support skin elasticity

The natural aging process reduces the elasticity of our skin. While this can be accepted as part of aging gracefully, there are vitamins that can help support and improve skin elasticity and therefore help improve the appearance of aging skin. Let’s take a...

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Building a business

When Natural Skincare Becomes More than a Hobby

What would it mean to you if creating skincare products could be more than just a hobby? Knowing that the passion you have could combine with skills and practical knowledge to allow you to share it with the world. Would it make your heart sing to be able...

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