Supercharge your Skincare:
Ingredient Masterclass

Amazonian butters and oils, Nordic beauty secrets
and new organic anti-aging actives

A 60-minute video training presentation delivered by Cosmetic Scientist, Chandni Patel with formulation pack, worksheets and guidebook

Ingredient Masterclass

Join us to discover HOT new global beauty trends in the natural and organic skincare market

Boost your brand and sales with new and exciting ingredients

This masterclass is for you if you want to:

Wow your customers with the latest natural oils, butters, extracts and actives

Sell more products by telling captivating product stories to woo your customers

Freshen up your formulas and create innovative products that stand out from the crowd

Keep ahead of the game with the latest product trends

Ingredient Masterclass
Ingredient Masterclass
Ingredient Masterclass
Ingredient Masterclass

Join us to discover new and cutting-edge ingredients:

NEW organic anti-aging actives to supercharge your products

The latest exotic Amazonian oils and butters and how to use them

Nordic beauty secrets: the next big trend.

Plus how to create your product story for a memorable and captivating brand

This online masterclass will cover:

Module 1: Amazonian Oils and Butters

Cosmetic companies and consumers alike are showing an increasing interest in the unique oils and butters of the Amazon as they seek out innovative ingredients to enhance their formulations and product stories.

From the well-known cacao butter to lesser known andiroba oil
these oils and butters are known to have an array of cosmetic benefits
and they also enhance the sensorial feeling for a wonderful consumer

Discover a range of exotic Amazonian ingredients that:

  • help maintain skin elasticity and integrity
  • restore lipid layer of the skin
  • prevent transepidermal water loss
  • protect the skin cells against photo-oxidative damage.

In this presentation you’ll discover:

  • 7 luxurious and exotic Amazonian oils and butters to enhance your skincare and haircare formulations
  • the benefits of each of these and their main applications.

You’ll also receive a formulation pack with formulations for:

  • Murumuru Peppermint Lip Balm
  • Buriti Rose Body Butter
  • Passion Fruit Orange Body Oil
Ingredient Masterclass

Module 2: Nordic Beauty Secrets

Ingredient Masterclass

The Arctic represents one of the harshest climate conditions on
the planet, and as a result nature has developed extreme
protection mechanisms. Through generations, the people of the
North have explored these mechanisms in their everyday use.
Scientists have been intrigued by this phenomenon and have
found some of these Nordic beauty mysteries to give unique
properties when applied to the skin.

Discover ingredients rich in minerals, essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants and vitamins that help protect against premature aging, increase skin strength, elasticity and smoothness.

This presentation will include:

  • 6 Nordic beauty secrets, including beauty berries, extracts, scrub and mask ingredients
  • benefits and types of applications
  • formulating with them.

Please note: These Nordic beauty ingredients are brand NEW onto the market and some are currently only available from large scale suppliers (who will also provide samples for you to try). As this trend grows an increasing number of suppliers will stock these ingredients. Learn about them now to be the first to formulate with them!

Module 3: New Organic Anti-Aging Actives

Discover two new 100% natural anti-aging actives with organic certification.

These actives are for those of you serious about creating premium, high-performance products.

These actives have undergone efficacy testing to prove that they:

  • significantly reduce wrinkles
  • even skin tone in 21 days
  • repair sun-induced skin damage such as wrinkles and redness in 14 days.
Ingredient Masterclass

Module 4: Creating your Product Story

Ingredient Masterclass

The role of a product formulator is not simply to create excellent product formulations with just the right look, feel and performance.

You also need to make your products stand out in a crowded marketplace by telling a STORY about your products.

In this presentation you’ll learn how create a story about your ingredients and products, that will help you:

  • woo and intrigue your customers
  • win their business and their loyalty.

What’s included in the masterclass?

Access to the online masterclass

An enjoyable 60-minute presentation by our Cosmetic Scientist, Chandni Patel

PDF guidebooks

The presentation slides in handy PDF guides for future reference



Create your own product and brand story!


Reference chart

An at-a-glance guide to the composition of oils and butters and their benefits

Formulation pack

3 formulas for an Amazonian product range including:

  • Murumuru Peppermint Lip Balm
  • Buriti Rose Body Butter
  • Passion Fruit Orange Body Oil

Ready to supercharge your skincare?

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Ingredient Masterclass

What students say about our courses

I’m truly delighted

“I must confess this course is good value for money. Honestly all I expected was the course material and a certificate! I’m truly delighted with this extra bonus and all the prompt online support we get!”

Mary Um Mustafa, UK

The results are bombastic!

“Now I’ve completed the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products, I really want to say a BIG thank you for teaching me this knowledge! I continued experimenting with my own products, such as a serum oil for congested oily skin and blocked pores. The results are bombastic! Only one overnight application and next morning the blackheads and whiteheads were easily removed! My oil massage works great, especially for the joints, and it healed cramped and numb muscles.
I recommend the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products with the School of Natural Skincare for those who want to learn how to make their own skincare products. You can sign up at any time and it really sets you up for a bright future with your own skincare business!”
Carol Rudy Darius, Australia

This course is the one you want… trust me!

“I had my eye on this course for over a year. I was choosing between this course and two others. I decided to start with another one, and to be honest I made a huge mistake – I should have gotten this one from the beginning because it is SO detailed and gives you everything you need to become a great formulator! It is mapped out in such a way that is so easy to understand and you are excited to keep going. The course helped me to really grasp the information and take it in. Maybe there are other people out there deciding between courses… don’t go with the others! You will end up frustrated like I was. This course is the one you want… trust me!”
Tamara Hinds, Canada

I found the course addictive!

“I found the course addictive! I have come a long way in the last few months with my formulating and have found the course to be exactly what I needed”

Carol White, UK

The course has revolutionised my life!

“The course has revolutionised my life! My skin is so much healthier and full of life. You are truly an inspiration!”

Lu Brown, UK

I have loved doing every aspect of the course

“I have loved doing every aspect of the course and can’t wait to keep improving on these skills with other products”

Leonie Turenne, Australia

My clients are loving the new creations I am making.

“My clients are loving the new creations I am making. I am so happy I came across your site and decided to take this course.”

Veerpal Sidhu, Canada

I gained priceless knowledge

“I gained priceless knowledge and it has now given me the motivation to pursue an interest and hopefully a business. Thank you!”

Femi Robinson, UK

This class has been so awesome!

“This class has been so awesome! Formulating is so much fun after all!”

Raquel LoVetere Curtin, USA

I have really enjoyed all the inspirations

“I have really enjoyed all the inspirations and different ways of thinking about my future that your courses have opened up for me! Thanks for all your amazing work”

Liv Henrich, New Zealand

The Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation was simply extraordinary!

“The Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation was simply extraordinary! It exceeded my expectations.”

Heather Weinbauer-Literski, USA

Have a question? Here are our answers to your most frequently asked questions

I live in Australia/USA/India/_______ (insert country here). Can I still take the masterclass?

Yes! The masterclass is hosted online and consists of video presentations and downloadable pdf guides and worksheets. It is designed to be taken from home from anywhere in the world.

As the videos are prerecorded you don’t need to worry about time differences.

Do you send us any materials or ingredients?

No, you won’t receive anything in the mail from us. We will suggest the materials and ingredients that you may like to purchase and where to buy them from.

How long will I have access to the masterlcass?

You will have access to the online classroom for one year from starting the course. Plenty of time to study all the materials and have your product line designed! You can also download all the the materials (except the videos) to save on your own computer and keep for longer than that.

Where can I buy the ingredients?

We will provide global supplier details as part of the masterclass. As some of these ingredients are brand new onto the market a few are currently only available from large scale suppliers (who are also happy to provide samples for you to try). As these ingredients grow in popularity the number of stockists will also increase. Be the first to learn about them and stay ahead of the game!

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