Student community: Communication and support guidelines

These guidelines have been created for you, the student, so you know what support you can expect from course tutors and the School, and how to get in touch with us and the other students.

By enrolling on a course or joining a Facebook group you are agreeing to abide by these guidelines.

There are two different ways that you can get in touch with us: within a private Facebook group, or by email. Guidance on which to use in which situation is below.

1. Contact by email

Please contact us by email to about any of the issues listed below. This is the fastest way to get these issues resolved. A member of staff checks emails each business day.

  • Technical issues with accessing the course materials or with logging onto the online classroom.
  • Sharing any suggestions or praise for the courses.
  • Sharing any concerns, complaints or dissatisfaction. We will work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as we can.
  • Asking for advice about the best course of study for you or asking questions related to taking an additional course.
  • We also love to hear about your successes! If you launch a website or have products stocked by a store, etc, we’d love to hear about it.

All other questions should be posted in the Facebook group. Tutor support by email is not included in your enrollment fee.

Tutor support by email may be available at an additional cost. Please contact us if you’d like to arrange this.

2. Contact by Facebook

We really hope that our student Facebook groups are valuable to you! These guidelines will help to make it a great environment for all of us. We reserve the right to remove anyone who does not abide by these guidelines.

The purpose of the groups:

  • A place for peer-to-peer support; to ask questions of the whole group related to the course materials.
  • To ask quick questions of the course tutors related to the course materials by following the posting guidelines.
  • To get to know other students.
  • To provide a source of inspiration and encouragement.
  • To share any formulation experiments you have conducted if you wish.
  • To share achievements and wins.
  • To take part in other events that may be scheduled from time to time such as ‘getting to know your ingredient’ challenges.

The groups are not for:

  • Excess promotion of your products or brand.
  • 1-1 support from tutors.
  • Voicing any complaints or dissatisfaction. If you need to share something of this nature with us you must do this by email so that we can resolve it in the most efficient manner.
  • Technical support. If you require technical support with accessing the course materials, please email us.

Posting guidelines

Peer-to-peer support:

  • For peer-to-peer support you can post in the group anytime you wish. Please do not tag School of Natural Skincare tutors or staff in these posts. They are for you to reach out and discuss with other students and graduates.
  • We encourage students to help each other; there is a wealth of knowledge in the group! If you have experience or knowledge to contribute and can help another student, please do so. Opinions shared are that of the individual and not the School.

For support from the School of Natural Skincare:

  • We will invite questions from students either once or twice a week in allocated Q & A posts. If you wish to ask the School a question, you must post your question ​on that day as a comment on that post​. Please do not tag School of Natural Skincare tutors or staff in your question.
  • Your questions will either be answered by one of the School’s support staff or by a tutor usually within 2 business days. Occasionally there may be a delay the answering of questions, in which case we will let you know.
  • We will close comments on the post shortly afterwards, so if you have follow up questions you must post them in a reply quickly or alternatively in the following Q&A post.

Q&A post support schedule

Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation: Sunday and Wednesday

Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation: Sunday

Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation: Monday

Diploma in Formulating with Natural Surfactants: Monday

Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products: Monday

Certificate in Preservative Free Face Mask Formulation: Monday

Scope of support

The courses are designed as self-study courses, which take you through the process of gaining skills and knowledge in a step-by-step manner.

The support offered by the School in the groups will be relevant to the course you are taking. So if you have questions related to content that is covered in the course you can ask this in the group by following the posting guidelines.

The School will not provide support for questions that are beyond the scope of the course you are enrolled in. For example support will not be provided for questions seeking advice about something that is at a more advanced level or about a type of product or ingredient or subject not covered in the course. Tutors will not create or rewrite formulations or recipes on your behalf. They will not offer extensive troubleshooting advice for an individual formulation.

Tutors will not answer questions that you need to find the answer to yourself for example by contacting a supplier or conducting some experiments.

Extent of support

Extensive, personalized or one-on-one tutor support is not included with your enrollment. If we deem you have exceeded the amount of support you are entitled to we will let you know.

The amount of support we offer is entirely at our discretion. We may limit the number of questions we answer each week or change the frequency of support. Tutors may select which questions to answer at their discretion.

Resources available to you

The majority of questions can be answered using these resources:

  • The course materials.The content is extensive and most of your questions will already be covered there.
  • Your suppliers.​ Specific questions about ingredients or equipment are often most appropriate to direct towards the supplier themselves.
  • Course FAQ files located in the group.​ Please visit the files section where we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you.
  • The search function and tags function.​ You can search in the group for key words to bring up previous discussions. The tags function allows you to bring up all posts on a particular topic.
  • There will be many times that you will need to do your own research or experimentation.​ In order to become a confident and knowledgeable skincare formulator you’ll need to try formulations out for yourself.

Conduct within the group

  • Please treat each other and School of Natural Skincare staff with respect and keep all interactions friendly, positive and helpful.
  • Racism will not be tolerated.
  • The group is for mutual support, not to be competitive, but a safe place to share, learn and grow.
  • This is a private group and no content from within the group is to be shared outside of the group.
  • Please keep information shared in the group confidential.
  • Please respect the confidentiality and copyright of other student’s ideas, products, branding and all other aspects of their business.
  • If students share successes and praise for courses in the group then the School of Natural Skincare may share this outside of the group.
  • School of Natural Skincare may also compile questions asked and answers given into FAQ documents that will be added to course materials.

Friend requests

Please note that School of Natural Skincare staff prefer to keep their professional and personal relationships separate and therefore will not accept friend requests from students. If other students send you a friend request it is your decision whether to accept it or not.

Direct messaging using Facebook messenger

Please keep all communication on Facebook within the Facebook group itself. School of Natural Skincare staff will not respond to messages sent to their personal accounts or via the Facebook messaging system. The most efficient way to contact us is to use the methods outlined in these guidelines.

Thank you and enjoy your studies!

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