What are cleansing grains?

Cleansing Grains are dry, powder-based formulas of botanical ingredients, which are mixed with water right before use and blended to create a soft paste. The soft paste is used as an effective daily cleanser which gently exfoliates skin. It is safe to be used daily or twice daily for most skin types, especially normal-combination, dry and oily skin types which will benefit from the balancing and light exfoliation benefits of cleansing grains.


This recipe is for Oat, Milk and Almond Cleansing Grains which contains:


  • Powdered oats and ground chamomile for their soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Milk powder and ground almond meal which gently and lightly exfoliate and cleanse skin

How to use cleansing grains?

  1. To use cleansing grains, take a small amount of the dry powder grains (about 1 tsp, or 5ml) in your hand or a very small bowl, and add a few drops of water, and mix into a paste. The more water added, the more liquid the paste, while less water results in a thicker consistency paste. 
  2. Dampen face with water, and gently apply paste to face and cleanse as you would a normal facial cleanser, avoiding the eye area. 
  3. Rinse your face and gently pat dry.

IMPORTANT: It is key not to allow water to enter the cleansing grains container, as it will invite micro-organisms to grow and spoil the cleansing grains.


Ingredients | properties and benefits

Oat, Milk and Almond Facial Cleansing Grains recipe Natural Facial skincare recipes
This recipe contains five simple ingredients which you may already have on-hand in your kitchen or home-laboratory.  Oats, arrowroot powder (or rice powder), milk powder, ground almond meal, and ground chamomile flowers, make this a simple DIY recipe!

Oats – fine-ground, or use oat flour or oat bran; soothes, calms, anti-inflammatory, gently exfoliates and cleanses skin.

Arrowroot powder – or you may use rice starch/powder for more impactful exfoliation; helps combine formula together, gently exfoliates skin. 

Ground almond meal – exfoliates gently, leaves skin balanced and soft-feeling.

Milk powder – exfoliates gently, softens, balances and moisturizes skin (contains natural fats). Milk powder contains lactic acid, which can lighten dark spots and sun damage when used over time.

Ground chamomile flowers or chamomile powder – soothing, anti-inflammatory, and gently exfoliates skin. May also use ground calendula.


How to make your cleansing grains

Some of the ingredients are already in powder form, such as the arrowroot (or rice) powder, ground almond meal, and milk powder. Using a herb-blender, coffee grinder or pestle and mortar, blend the oats or oat bran into a fine powder. You may choose to use oat flour or colloidal oatmeal, which will come pre-powdered. The dried chamomile flowers (or calendula) will also need to be ground into a fine powder. 

Once all ingredients are powdered, measure by weight according to the chart below, and combine the ingredients in one bowl.  Once you have everything combined, mix together until well blended.

Package in a small, sealable plastic container.


25% oats
20% arrowroot powder
20% ground almond meal
20% milk powder
15% ground chamomile flowers or chamomile powder


Shelf-life and safety

Store in a cool, dry place and avoid humidity or moisture entering the jar.  The cleansing grains should last for approximately 6 months if stored properly. 

There are no broad-spectrum preservatives added to this cleansing grains formula, so it is important not to allow water or moisture to enter the packaging and contaminate the product. Because it contains dried botanical ingredients, once water is introduced it creates an ideal environment for bacteria and microorganisms to grow. Water should only be added to a small amount of the cleansing grains just prior to use.


We hope you enjoy creating your own cleansing grains! 

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