Wymie, a student of the School of Natural Skincare and founder of sustainable and natural cosmetics brand La Petit Main, has brought zero-waste ethics into the heart of her business practices!

Refills – an emerging trend in the sustainable cosmetics industry

Wymie has recently started offering refills – an emerging trend in the cosmetics industry and one we are very much in favor of! Refills offer so many benefits: to your business but also to the wider world. They encourage your customers to keep coming back (always a good thing), the reduction in packaging helps to reduce water use (sign up to our email training series Formulating for the conscious consumer to find out why we should all be thinking about our water usage), and ultimately there is less packaging to either be recycled or sent to landfill. In fact, Wymie started looking into zero-waste practices when she became overwhelmed by the amount of landfill rubbish created by simply going supermarket shopping. Now she shops at zero-waste stores, there’s hardly any waste for her to deal with!

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Wymie is going one step further – by choosing packaging that is refillable she is actively selecting containers that reflect the ethics of her brand (and also look really appealing):


“We don’t use plastic at all. We use beautiful amber glass and stylish aluminium containers instead of plastic. Plus we offer a discount when people bring their washed empties to buy our products. We proudly say we have had over 100 bottles returned and reused.”


Wymie has incorporated some wonderful innovations, from eliminating plastic packaging, to educating her customers about eco-friendly practices, to even producing a gift set made entirely without extraneous packaging – she offered skincare products in a stylish wooden gift box. What a lovely idea! And so appealing to customers – who, let’s face it, really want to be able to buy their products and gifts without feeling guilty about it. Let’s make it easy for our customers by offering products and services that chime with their values and beliefs!


Making positive choices with conscious consumerism


If we all make a few more conscious choices about the things we buy and who we buy them from, we can make a huge difference, not just to brands like Wymie’s but also to ourselves and the wider world.


The great thing about natural and organic skincare is when you learn to create your own, you can create them with your dearest values at the very heart. So, if it is plastic or package free you want to move into, or fairtrade, eco-friendly or carbon-neutral, it is all possible.


All you have to do is:


  1. Decide on what is important to you and what you want your products to be known for.
  2. Learn to create professional quality skincare products from scratch that are safe, stable and effective.
  3. Develop the knowledge, cultivate the skill and perfect the art of natural skincare formulation.


And with belief, passion, desire and determination, you could do what Wymie is doing!


Fortunately, this is exactly what we teach students to do – either for themselves, family and friends, or to sell – in our online Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation.


Want to find out more first? Become a conscious formulator!


If you’re a natural beauty fan, we’re offering an email training series to help provide some key insight for our students, as well as natural beauty fans even if they’re not students with us yet!


Right now, consumers, formulators, and brands alike are becoming much more aware of environmental and ethical issues.


Discover the issues that are important today and how to become a conscious formulator creating cosmetics for the conscious consumer!

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  5. How a minimalist skincare routine and multipurpose skincare products help people to live more sustainable lifestyles.

Today, consumers, formulators and brands alike are becoming much more aware of environmental and ethical issues. Explore the important issues and discover how to become a conscious formulator creating cosmetics for the conscious consumer!

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