We’re declaring independence.

Independence from using products with harsh, synthetic, or undesirable ingredients.

Independence from using products that cause irritation and reactions in our skin.

Independence from store-bought products that don’t conform to our values, cost too much, or that simply don’t work.

Independence from the endless cycle of trying to figure out recipes on our own, doing our best with the incomplete, inaccurate and conflicting information we find, and ending up with something that doesn’t quite work—if it works at all!

Enough is enough!

We want natural skincare products that are made with the best, most luscious ingredients, products that brighten our skin, revitalize and renew it. And we want to have the control to do it ourselves.

But with all that conflicting and often confusing information out there, DIY might be bringing you down. We get it. And we’re here to tell you that it is possible to find clear, accurate, approachable tools and techniques, and start amazing yourself with what you’re capable of creating.

How to Become A Natural Skincare Formulator: Your Declaration of Independence Skincare Formulation

There’s nothing wrong with DIY…

…but there’s a limit to what you can create with an amateur, DIY approach. Incomplete information and trial and error can only take you so far!

For passionate natural and organic beauty lovers, taking a professional approach doesn’t have to mean losing the artisan, handcrafted, personal qualities. It is possible to take all of your passion for DIY and back it up with the tools and information you need to create top-quality, safe, stable, and effective products.

Maybe you’ve been making products here and there with some success, but you want to learn more, do more, make more. To become a natural skincare formulator, you need to learn how to do it yourself the right way, the safe way, and the effective way. And that’s different from just doing your best. We believe your best can be even better! And we want to show you how.

Learning from free resources shared by other people will only get you so far.

If you are searching high and low on YouTube, free Facebook groups, bloggers and vloggers for information, then you’ve probably already encountered conflicting information. Most of these people are well-meaning, but not entirely qualified to be teaching. You’ve almost certainly encountered incorrect information, too, but you might not yet have the discernment to know it when you see it.

How to Become A Natural Skincare Formulator: Your Declaration of Independence Skincare Formulation

Your enthusiasm has brought you this far…

…and when you make the choice to arm yourself with the right kind of knowledge, you’re truly giving yourself the gift of learning.

You’re freeing yourself from that frustrating cycle, opening up unlimited possibilities to become an independent creator of your own effective, safe, and natural products.

You can discern when something is right or wrong; you can identify trustworthy, reliable and accurate sources.

You can minimize the mistakes you make, and know what to do when they happen. You can more easily identify and research the right ingredients.

You can have much more intelligent conversations with your peers, suppliers, and industry professionals.

And when you make the choice to begin that journey, and see how effective it can be to do things the professional way, you become more passionate than ever, because you know that it’s working. Because you are informed, you trust that you really can do all of this yourself, learn how to make better decisions… not to mention better products!

How to Become A Natural Skincare Formulator: Your Declaration of Independence Skincare Formulation

You’re not alone…

…and The School of Natural Skincare has helped thousands of students just like you declare their independence from this frustrating cycle by empowering them with the natural skincare formulation knowledge they need to succeed.  

With our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, you can learn from professionals and connect with a group of students and graduates who know what they are talking about—and who have been just where you are! Instead of freebie hunting and doing your best to source information from disparate sources, you have it all in one place, fact-checked and up-to-date, and presented in a way that is easy to access. By learning the right way from experts, and having support from the community, you are investing in yourself and in your future as a natural skincare formulator.

In our course, you follow a methodical product design process that, when used properly, gets you results that a DIY approach just can’t beat. This process ensures that your products are:

  • Safe, stable, and effective—because you’ll know how the professionals achieve that result!
  • Suited for the skin type and prospective user it’s been formulated for—because you’ll understand who those users are, and how to meet their needs.
  • Actually going to help the skin problem you want to address—because you’ll understand the science of the skin and how to choose ingredients better than ever.
  • Representing your ethics and values—because you’ll craft a brand that is yours, through and through!

You’ll follow a tried and tested framework which takes you from idea to formulation, and from formulation to finished product. From there, you’ll even learn how to get those products into the hands of prospective customers.

How to Become A Natural Skincare Formulator: Your Declaration of Independence Skincare Formulation

With the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, you will:

  • Learn the science and art of skincare formulation, and continuously put it into practice.
  • Use formulation templates that will help you to get a better result, tweak your formulas more easily, keep your records up to date so you know what you’ve done.
  • Discover troubleshooting tips that will help you to navigate away from mistakes and learn from them.
  • Study the science of the skin so you understand the challenges of different skin types and conditions, and what is required to look after, protect and nourish them properly.
  • Boost your natural and organic ingredient knowledge, including sources, benefits, interactions, and contraindications.
  • And so much more!

We could gush all day about our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. (We can’t help it!) We truly believe that it’s the best investment you can make in your future as a natural skincare formulator.

If you want to declare your independence from wasting expensive ingredients and your precious time with DIY methods that aren’t going to teach you how to make professional-quality products…

If you can picture your ideal products in your mind, but just don’t quite know how to get there…

If you are ready to gain the skills to infuse your values, ethics, and most deeply-held beliefs into products that are safe, effective, and natural…

…then you need to come check out our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation!



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How to Become A Natural Skincare Formulator: Your Declaration of Independence Skincare Formulation

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How to Become A Natural Skincare Formulator: Your Declaration of Independence Skincare Formulation

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