Juliette, founder of White Cloud Skincare and graduate of our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, uses 100% vegan and ethically sourced ingredients to create wonderful products that soothe her family’s challenging skincare condition. 

Juliette, a pioneer of sustainable natural cosmetics, first came to natural skincare because of her family’s hereditary skin condition, for which they were routinely prescribed steroids. 

Feeling increasingly unhappy at the lack of choice of natural alternatives, Juliette studied the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation and acquired the knowledge she needed to combine the right ingredients, formulated in the correct way, to create an effective skincare product that delivered results for herself and her family! 

Ethical ingredients – sustainable sourcing

Juliette is very conscious of the impact of consumerism on the planet, and is keen and determined to be a part of the solution as well as a force for good. She is a strong advocate for ethical sourcing. She shares:

“About 80% of my ingredients are sourced from Aotearoa, which makes it very environmentally friendly. I also research every one of them to ensure that there is an ethical supply chain.

“For anyone wanting to create anything, then a huge way to be more ethical is to look at the source of an ingredient: where has it come from exactly, who is involved in the production process. I used to use rice bran oil – it is an amazing oil, but the manufacturer could not tell me exactly where it came from, so I stopped using it.”

Juliette’s no-compromise eco-friendly approach

Juliette has incorporated many more eco-friendly measures into her beauty brand, including using refillable and reusable glass packaging; using bio glitter as an alternative to mica or conventional glitter (mica may be derived from non-ethical sources and glitter is a microplastic); and discounts on her refills to encourage customers to reduce their packaging use.

We’re really impressed by Juliette’s initiatives and her drive to promote ethical supply chains. 

We agree that ingredient sourcing is a really important aspect of creating beautiful, natural and organic skincare. We’re so happy that Juliette has graduated from our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation and gone on to create such an inspirational beauty brand!

How a difficult skin condition lead to a transformational beauty brand

What was once a difficult skin condition became one woman’s search for answers which lead her to natural and organic skincare. 

Juliette’s studies on our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation helped to solve her skin issues and fuelled her desire to share her masterpieces with other people. 

Something that continually inspires us about our students, like Juliette, is how they use their personal challenges (for example discomfort or painful skin, or dissatisfaction with the skincare products available) as a springboard for the creation of absolutely transformational skincare businesses. 

Many of our students, including Juliette, have taken the opportunity to dive deeply into the world of ethical skincare, and have developed awesome world-enhancing brands that we couldn’t be more impressed by or proud of. 

It takes bravery and courage to create a business that expresses your most closely held values, and Juliette obviously has bucket loads of both! The White Cloud Skincare website states:

“We supply quality skincare products without compromising the world around us.”

That gets a big YES from us! We’re so happy for Juliette, her family and her customers!

How could natural skincare products help you?

Making your own natural skincare products is a fun and creative hobby that can become a passion that burns so brightly that it fuels the desire to take it beyond a DiY approach.

Students come to us for many reasons. 

For some – like Juliette – it is in an attempt to solve specific skin issues or to treat a particular skin type.  

Others come to us to develop their passion and interest in arts and crafts and a love for natural and organic living. 

Then we have students who want to learn to make products because they’re fed up of paying over the odds for products that don’t work or that contain all manner of undesirable or harsh ingredients (again, like Juliette!).

Making your own natural skincare products can be something fun and creative; something you look forward to doing at the weekend. It is a great way to express yourself, live out your passion for natural and organic living and it is also something that could become a business, as White Cloud Skincare did!

Many of our students take their studies further to learn how to formulate skincare products from scratch like the professionals do. 

At this stage students realise the possibilities available to them, not only to create products from scratch without following recipes and selecting ingredients that suit specific skin types and conditions, but also about how they can live their values, by creating products that conform to their highest values and beliefs. 

  1. You might start out as Juliette did, by deciding not to put creams with poison warning on your skin. 
  2. You (or your friends or family) might be experiencing a challenging skin condition, or you might find your skin reacts poorly to conventional skincare products. 
  3. You might want to use skincare products that are way out of your price range – but which (when you know how) can be formulated by you, for a fraction of the cost. 

There are so many brilliant reasons why you might decide to start your formulation journey – so whether you want to make natural products, organic products or vegan products, or products that conform to high ethical standards or that use eco-friendly packaging or that are manufactured and produced in sustainable ways…you can do it! 

You just need some help to guide you along the way.

Our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation teaches students to create products from scratch like a professional. Of course most of our students continue to do this from home so there is an element of DiY, but it is more DiY Done Professionally! 

From here our students are able to design their own complete range of skincare products tailored to suit specific and different skin types and conditions as well as according to their deepest values and beliefs.

We’d love to welcome you to our growing global community of passionate natural & organic beauty lovers!

And if you’d like to find out more about formulating according to high ethical standards, we’re offering a free email training series to help provide some key insight to our students, as well as natural beauty fans even if they’re not students with us yet!

Right now, consumers, formulators, and brands alike are becoming much more aware of environmental and ethical issues.

Discover the issues that are important today and how to become a conscious formulator creating cosmetics for the conscious consumer!



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Creating natural, soothing skincare products with ethically sourced ingredients: White Cloud Skincare Student success stories

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Creating natural, soothing skincare products with ethically sourced ingredients: White Cloud Skincare Student success stories

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