We’d like to introduce you to Lindri Henegar Riveras, owner and creator of Gallipot Skincare, Seattle, USA and a graduate of our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation.

Her story is totally inspiring and unique. We know you’ll be inspired by what she has achieved.

Around 3-4 years ago, Lindri noticed something that she didn’t particularly like: the signs of aging were beginning to take hold.

Her body felt different, her skin was changing in ways she didn’t fully understand and this obviously also had an impact on Lindri’s happiness. She looked at herself differently; she was afraid.

Other women were experiencing the same but no-one was really talking about it; there seemed to be so much fear around the topic. It was almost as if it was a bad thing to grow old.

Beauty products harped on about their “anti-aging” properties as if one should do all they could to reverse the inevitable process and stay forever young.

Lindri felt a deep urge to do something about it and find a way to come to terms with the aging process in a way that made it feel positive. So she started to look for natural solutions that would help her to soothe and heal.

She had no idea where this adventure would take her. She just hoped to make some nice products that would work for her, so that she could begin to accept what was happening to her body and maybe also love the person she was becoming.

…and what a sensational healing journey she embarked upon!

In many ways, Lindri was sat in a similar place to where you are now.

She was surfing the internet and reading books trying to find information. She was following recipes containing lovely natural and organic ingredients and was making some beautiful and simple products that were proving to be hugely effective at nurturing and nourishing her skin.

During these beginning stages the focus was all about the products

…you know, the love of finding recipes and using lots of lovely natural ingredients to make delicious products!

She loved the products she was making, noticed how much better her skin looked and felt and she was receiving rave reviews about them.

“It was so much fun dabbling in my kitchen, using lovely ingredients and following recipes.”

Everything looked great for Lindri and making products was such a passion. However…

Lindri was conscious that she didn’t know much about the ingredients she was using or why she was using them (except to say that they worked).

And she was aware that she wasn’t able to create her own products from scratch, (she was still following other people’s recipes).

“I knew that I was working with products that were super, fantastic, gorgeous and luscious and healing but I didn’t know what they did exactly.

Lindri just knew that this had to change and although she wasn’t looking for a course to help her…

“When I saw your course, it was like, hey great, here I can learn how to really formulate and it gives me more of a sense of control over the process so I can choose ingredients that make me feel good, that suit my needs and that help me to soothe and heal myself.

When I did the course there was so much more, to the extent that I still revisit it often, use the templates and information in the resources provided… it’s still a library for me.”

Now that she has completed our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, things are very different.

“Completing the Diploma has enabled me to formulate my products properly and deliberately and launch my brand Gallipot.

I can make informed decisions regarding ingredient selection and define my product. I now understand percentages and weight conversions too, so I am confident I am formulating properly.

I have learnt new vocabulary and I can now make hydrous products as well as anhydrous products.”

And here we are, 3-4 years on…

Lindri has created a fabulous brand with a strong yet simple philosophy that fuels the passion and meaning in her life and influences the ingredients she selects, the formulations she creates and the messages she communicates to her adoring fans.

“Sustainability and Simplicity”

Natural skincare as a rite of passage: Meet Lindri Riveras Student success stories

She now not only “formulates products properly and deliberately” and “makes informed decisions regarding ingredient selection”, but…

She consciously infuses her products with her deepest passions and highest values.

Her products (and her brand) are now the full expression of who she is.

As a result, her products have greater personal meaning and they’re just… that bit more special.

What I love about Lindri’s story, more than anything else is, that through creating her own products and launching her own brand she has discovered something so beautiful it’s hard to put into words.

Perhaps this comes close…

“I founded Gallipot Skincare as a way to honor aging as a rite of a passage”

Her range now includes a Lavender Neroli Dry Body Oil, an Exquisite Anti-aging Facial Serum, a Lavender Whip Body Butter, Cocoa Vanilla Body Butter and a Lavender Rose Hydrosol.

Interesting what natural skincare can do for a person isn’t it…!?

Now that is inspiring!

We are pleased (and proud as punch) that our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation has helped her on her journey.

The course gave Lindri a structure to follow that helped her to go from being a passionate hobbyist “dabbling in her kitchen” to being a confident and self-sufficient creator of her own range of products (and skincare brand) that are consciously infused with her passions and values.

Thank you Lindri Henegar Riveras.

Our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is an online training program enabling students to study from wherever they are in the world at their own pace, in their own time.

As Lindri’s story proves, you don’t have to be a scientist or cosmetic professional to make it work for you. Instead you need passion and enthusiasm, a desire to learn and a willingness to apply what you’ve learned.

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It’s our most in-depth training program, taking you step-by-step through designing, formulating and creating your own product range; a practical course that gives students the practical skill to actually go ahead and design & make their own natural & organic beauty products.

So whether you want to make products for yourself or to sell, you will learn the theory, practice, art and science of natural skincare in a multi-media online course!

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