This natural lip gloss is so easy to make. It uses mica powder for its colour and shimmer, which is available in lots of different shades – have fun!

Lip gloss recipe 

1g beeswax

13g castor oil

0.5-1g pink mica (I used a pinch measure which is roughly equal to 0.5g. This creates quite a subtle pink shimmer. Use more for a bolder colour)

1 drop geranium essential oil (optional)

Lip gloss tube

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How to make your natural lip gloss 


1) Melt the beeswax together with the castor oil over a bain-marie.

2) Once its melted add the essential oil and the mica and stir in well.

3) While the mixture is still warm pour into your lip gloss tube (you can use a syringe to help you). If the mixture starts to set before it’s in the tube, simply warm it up again. Leave some space at the top of the tube or it will overflow when you put the lid on.


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