Sometimes deep-diving into a new career can be out of the question. Financial demands and personal responsibilities can get in the way of our dreams. But what if you want to evolve your hobby into something a little more serious? There is a way! School of Natural Skincare student RH explains how.

A passion for hair

Two years ago, RH, from the USA, had absolutely no formulating experience, but she did have a passion. She loved hair. And her own hair was beautifully long, but was starting to show signs of breakage. Without a shred of formulating experience, RH’s passion and need to help her hair, to “find my own regimen that I can grow my own hair, do my own thing that will help me” drove her curiosity.

Like the majority of people with a need for a question to be answered, RH opened up her browser, and searched on YouTube. But the videos she viewed provided vague information and unscientific solutions.

“I realized that it just wasn’t adding up for me. I’m like, ‘Okay, these things are not adding up. I need to learn more. I need to know more. I need to do something to also help other people. I can’t just rely on YouTube.’”

Her days are spent working a full time job in an intense environment. Two years ago was no different. RH knew that if she was to find the answers she needed to “do my own thing that will help me.” She knew she needed a flexible study program.

“And that’s how I was like, ‘Okay, I need to start searching for a good school, an accredited school that I can put myself into to learn more,’ and that’s how I found you guys.”

RH’s analytical and meticulous mind stretched further than her career in government. A lot of research was undertaken in online courses and when the School of Natural Skincare was found, the investigating didn’t stop there.

“I wasn’t going to throw my money away. I read a lot of reviews, went on your Facebook page. I really looked into it. I also wanted to make sure that you guys were accredited.”

Every one of the School of Natural Skincare’s courses are indeed accredited, by the globally recognized CPD Certification Service. The CPD Certification Service assesses each course individually, evaluating the quality of training materials and learning activities against the highest standards.

Student reviews were readily available for RH to read and they soon convinced her that the School of Natural Skincare was a professional, world-class school that had taught over 15,000 students from 150 countries.

“I wanted to hear what other people were saying. The people who have taken the classes, what have they really benefited out of it? And that’s what actually made me take the step to take the classes.”

A beginner’s course for a new learner

To start her journey into the natural cosmetics industry, RH decided to first enroll in the beginner’s course – the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products – “And that was amazing.”

Immediately, RH could see the knowledge she was getting from the Certificate was incredibly advanced compared to the YouTube videos she had viewed. With those amateur videos, 

“I wasn’t measuring. I was just putting things together, just pouring and using my eyeball to measure. So, coming to the school… It really helped me. I’m not going to lie – coming to the school answers all your questions.”

Soon, formulating became second nature. Even something so simple as measuring, which was vague or not even done on some amateur websites, meant a huge difference to how products were being made, such as “I know that if I’m making eight ounces of bottles, I know how many bottles I’m going to get out of it.”

And RH’s knowledge of natural and organic ingredients and processes shot through the roof;

“I knew so many different ingredients and how to put them together, what not to put together. When you come, you get to hear so many ingredients that you can actually add to your stuff that will help you. I know how to formulate, and I know my oil phase and my water phase and how to homogenize them together…”

A growing resume of knowledge

After completing the Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products, RH then moved on to the more intermediate Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation to dive deeper into her passion for haircare.

“It’s really beneficial when you actually really have the right background information of skincare and haircare. You need to know the right background. You just can’t go online and just listen to what people are saying.”

The Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation takes students through everything they need to know to formulate their own custom, high-performance shampoos and creamy, perfect conditioners, all taught by professional, experienced professional formulators.

This gradual method of teaching, supported each step of the way by tutors and a community of formulating peers, helped RH to create some amazing and beautiful natural ingredient products.

“I like making leave-in conditioners. I get to make it my own. So, I come to the school, and you give me the basis of how to make a leave-in conditioner. But then I come back and then I make my own ingredients that nobody knows so I make it my own and people love it. People use it, they love it. And that’s the beauty of it.”

How has her confidence grown since completing the courses? “I think it’s grown. If you’re saying from a level up to a 10, I’m going to give myself a nine!”

RH has kept all her notes and formulation paperwork from the courses and still refers to them when creating new products; “You have to write your formulas down. I still go back to my notes and say, ‘Okay, let me go back to my notes and just refresh myself again.’”

Supporting students in every way possible

Unlike some course providers who send out the materials and leave learners to study alone, the School of Natural Skincare has expert cosmetic formulators that support students at every point in the course. There is also a peer Facebook group for even more support that,

 “has so many people on there with amazing ideas. You can just go in there and throw your questions and people will answer. It’s just having a community of like-minded people. I like that; having that closeness.”

Professionally filmed videos of the scientific tutors are also popular with students, including RH; 

“When we’re in a class, there’s a video of somebody formulating the items with all the ingredients. That really helps a lot. You’re not just reading the stuff, you’re also visualizing it with the videos that you’re watching so that helps.”

Advice for wannabe natural ingredient formulators

From an enthusiastic researcher, there must be some advice that RH would give to people around the world who are curious about becoming natural and organic hair and skincare formulators.

“I really did my research, and then I stuck with [the School of Natural Skincare] and I haven’t regretted. I still get all the newsletters. I still open them. [The School] sometimes give free recipes and I love them. So, if you have the idea to enroll into the school or you want to, just do it.”

Whether making natural products for yourself, friends and family, or to sell to the public, the need to have the information and advice to create safe and correct products is paramount, and having a certificate to prove your skills and knowledge is a real deal breaker.

“This is skincare and haircare. We’re not playing with people’s skin, we’re not playing with people’s hair, so we want to make sure that we know what we’re doing.”

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge before you enroll. Everything is covered in detail and students gain a good depth of knowledge about creating natural and organic skincare and haircare.

“If you don’t have any experience, it’s okay to come on board. I know the teachers are always there to help. The instruments are there, the documents are there for you to read. The videos are there.”

Beauty Blossom: A Thriving Natural Haircare and Skincare Business as a Second Job Student success stories

A new natural cosmetics brand

RH took all her knowledge of hair and skincare, and formed a new beauty brand – Beaute Blossom – exchanging study time for business time!

Covering a range of products from hair serums and facial masks to baby soothing balm and beard oil, Beaute Blossom has its own website, Instagram and Etsy pages.

And RH’s confidence in herself filters through into her confidence of her products;

“I think I’m actually at a stage now that I feel confident in the stuff that I make now. In the beginning I’m like, ‘I’m a little bit iffy about the stuff, but I’m still going to sell it’. But now I’m, ‘Okay, I know that I got it now’. You get to the point where you know that you got everything right.”

So, how does it feel to be able to create beautiful natural skincare and haircare products?

“Just the beauty of putting my own things together is amazing. It feels good. It feels amazing!”

Beauty Blossom: A Thriving Natural Haircare and Skincare Business as a Second Job Student success stories

How to create your own natural skincare and haircare products and launch your own brand

Launching your own natural beauty brand is a dream that many natural beauty enthusiasts have and with the right guidance it is absolutely possible. Most people are worried about it because they lack the perceived “business acumen” required to make a success of it, but we know this isn’t true. So many of our graduates have gone from DiY Beauty Enthusiast to Beauty Brand Owners by studying with us.

The key is to learn how to formulate natural & organic skincare and haircare products like a professional. This isn’t to say that you need to let go of your DiY spirit or your passion and hobby for making natural products. On the contrary, it means that you bring that with you and we’ll show you the way that professional formulators and scientists create products from scratch and how you can begin doing this yourself at home.

We teach people, like you, to formulate your products as if you were doing it for your brand, or your future brand. The process you go through to create a product from scratch is largely the same process you’d go through to design and create your own brand.

If you want to launch a natural skincare brand, then our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is the option you’ll want to take. You’ll learn to formulate your own complete range of natural skincare products that are just as good as, if not better than, the ones sold in shops. You’ll learn the professional art, science and practice of skincare formulation and what you need to do to comply with cosmetic regulations in your region, wherever you are in the world.

Many, like RH, are interested in formulating natural haircare products as well. If that’s something you’d like to do then our Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation is the course you’ll want to enroll on. It teaches everything you need to know to formulate your own complete range of natural haircare products like a professional. So, from shampoos and conditioner to hair treatment and styling products, using the finest natural & organic ingredients, we have you covered.

Our most popular program is the Natural Haircare & Skincare Formulator Program which is a combination of both our Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation and Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation online courses. By choosing the program you get a collection of exclusive bonus classes for free and you’ll get a good discount on your enrollment fee too. 

If you want to clarify anything or ask any questions, we’re on hand to help. Just email us your enquiry using and our customer service team will be happy to help you.



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Beauty Blossom: A Thriving Natural Haircare and Skincare Business as a Second Job Student success stories

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