In the world of skincare, the shift towards natural and sustainable products is not just a trend but a conscious choice for many consumers. Tatiana Cherry, a certified aromatherapist from Alberta, Canada, discovered her passion for natural skincare and honed her skills through the School of Natural Skincare.

Integrating Aromatherapy Insights into Natural Skincare Formulation

Tatiana’s journey into the world of skincare began with her love of aromatherapy. As a certified aromatherapist running her private practice, she often faced questions from clients about creating skincare products. The desire to provide the best for her family and clients fueled her exploration into the world of natural skincare formulation.

In the early stages of her exploration, Tatiana encountered numerous challenges. The confusion between natural and non-natural ingredients, the complexities of certifications, and the struggle to find the right educational path led her to seek further knowledge.

“My customers keep asking me, ‘Oh, but can you do this? Can you do that?’ I went to the Tisserand Institute to learn more. But again, even after finishing the certificate program, I still had so many questions. I still was confused between natural and not natural.”

Discovering the School of Natural Skincare

Amidst her quest for a structured and comprehensive education, Tatiana stumbled upon the School of Natural Skincare. She started off becoming a Member of the School’s Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club

This is a membership community full of short bite-sized classes covering a whole range of different subjects from across the entire natural cosmetics spectrum. One of the classes she enjoyed the most was the class on Formulating Natural Household Cleaning Products. Here she learned to make washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, multi-surface cleaner and furniture polish – different to cosmetics but that also really interested Tatiana.

Having been left totally inspired by what she was learning inside the Membership Community, she looked into enrolling on our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation; “I was like, ‘Wow, that’s the structure that I need!’.” With the opportunity to delve deeper into formulation, Tatiana decided to enroll. The decision marked a turning point in her journey.

Tatiana’s experience with the School of Natural Skincare was transformative. The detailed curriculum provided clarity on natural ingredients, formulations and the science behind skincare. Specific highlights for her included the mist and toner formulation, where she realized the depth of possibilities beyond her previous aromatherapy education.

“I really enjoyed the mists and toners. Back in aromatherapy school we had it, I would say, in a particular way. I was really shocked how it’s actually supposed to be done from a cosmetic formulation part.”

Learning all the different variations of toners that can be formulated, from adding vitamins and humectants, to obtaining both liquid and powdered forms of extracts. Tatiana would soon “really, really love this part” of the course.

“It might be the same extract, but the form of the same extract will have slightly different properties and you can use in different formulations.”

A whole world of realizations and new possibilities were opening up to Tatiana.

“Back in aromatherapy school, we used just beeswax as an emulsifier, and here in the course that was the opposite. From a formulation point of view, beeswax cannot be used as an emulsifier. And again, I learned so many natural emulsifiers and I was stunned. I was like, ‘Wow, seriously, the texture is different, it feels different and penetrates differently.’”

And her confidence, once completing the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, soon had a practical benefit; answering her clients’ questions.

“The majority of the questions that are coming, I can answer quick, because I went through the whole course. Completing the course gave me this comfort to tell people what is proper information and what is not. I was confident to answer because I learned from a proper source.”

Creating a Natural and Organic Skincare Brand: The Vision Behind The Brand

Tatiana’s brand, Urban Mom, reflects her vision of providing unique, organic, and locally sourced skincare products. Her commitment to zero waste is evident in her experimentation with sustainable packaging and her dedication to creating products that resonate with local values.

“I’m recently fascinated about zero waste products. We live in a world where you can reuse the same package, for example, the glass jars. I love this idea. And in the future, I want to implement the same principles that people come back with their containers; they won’t feel guilty that it will somehow end up in the landfills and will stay there for ages.”

Lifelong Learning: Tatiana's Path From Aromatherapy to Beauty Mastery and Launching her Brand Student success stories

To help her with that and to make sure she knew how to get her zero waste solutions right, she enrolled onto our Diploma in Zero Waste Skincare & Haircare Formulation online course and Diploma in Soap Making. Here she is learning a few new styles and techniques of natural cosmetic formulation.

She’s been learning to formulate solid bars e.g. lotion bars, serum bars, shampoo bars and conditioner bars, powdered concentrates and formulating with upcycled ingredients as well as all the many and varied different types of soaps; cold process soaps, hot process soaps, liquid soaps and soap swirling techniques. 

Through our courses she is learning how to effectively and professionally minimize waste, eliminate, reduce and/or improve the packaging of her products and incorporate more sustainable ingredients into her formulations. 

Armed with her newfound knowledge, Tatiana is making strides in the skincare industry. After completing the Diploma in Soap Making, she has successfully ventured into producing exquisite and unique soaps that have garnered positive feedback.

“You can use a wide range of beautiful oils and butters so that each bar you have, it’s super unique and will give you unique properties to your skin and your needs.”

Experimenting with pumpkin spice and several essential oils, swirl techniques and different molds, Tatiana has created a range of soaps that are “Super, super unique. They’re literally all different.”

Lifelong Learning: Tatiana's Path From Aromatherapy to Beauty Mastery and Launching her Brand Student success stories

Future Plans to Learn, Grow and Expand Her Brand

Looking ahead, Tatiana envisions expanding her product line.

She plans to launch her natural soaps, leveraging the skills gained from the School of Natural Skincare’s Diploma in Soap Making, before taking on the challenge of formulating high-performance serums for the face with the help of our Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and growth.

“I’m not going to stop in terms of learning new things. The next thing I want to take, The Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation.”

Lifelong Learning: Tatiana's Path From Aromatherapy to Beauty Mastery and Launching her Brand Student success stories

Advice for Budding Natural Beauty Formulators

Reflecting on her journey, Tatiana emphasizes the importance of thorough research and testing. She advises budding formulators to resist the temptation of rushing into sales and instead focus on creating unique, well-researched products. Learning from the mistakes and constantly testing formulations are key elements in the journey of a successful formulator.

“I always love to say, ‘It’s better to try and fail rather than just sit there and just dream about things.’ You have to do it rather than not do it.”

Tatiana’s journey from aromatherapy to natural skincare formulation exemplifies the power of education and determination. The School of Natural Skincare played a pivotal role in empowering her with the knowledge and skills needed to create unique and sustainable products.

As Tatiana paves the way for her brand, Urban Mom, she stands as an inspiration for aspiring formulators, emphasizing the importance of education, testing, and the pursuit of one’s unique vision in the realm of natural skincare.

“I feel like I’m more independent in terms of knowledge. I feel like completing the course gave me extra strength and gave me extra opportunity to act. So, I know this amount of information, and I have my ideas for the future. With the help of the school, with the proper education, I’m just looking forward to launching my brand in full!”

Tatiana’s Commitment to Lifelong Learning and Her Passion for Natural Beauty

Tatiana has an incredible story to tell and what we love about her is her drive to learn and grow. Her determination to do something with her passion and knowledge for natural beauty is a wonderful example of what is possible when you set your sights on your dream. 

It is clear that her passion and enthusiasm for the subject come first and that both fuel her interest and desire to learn more. 

What is inspiring about Tatiana is how she has shown great courage and drive to take that leap and launch her own brand. With each new skill she acquires, she seeks to create something meaningful for herself and put it out into the world for others to enjoy.

By studying our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, Tatiana was able to formulate professional quality natural & organic skincare products. This gave her the skills, knowledge and confidence to launch her brand and now she is looking to expand her knowledge and product line. We wish her the very best of luck and are looking forward to hearing about her future successes.

If you’re as inspired as we are by Tatiana’s story, you can follow in her footsteps and learn to formulate your own skincare products using luxurious natural & organic ingredients with our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. If you’re more interested in haircare, then you can enroll onto our Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation. And of course, we have Diploma courses in soap, makeup and color cosmetics and zero waste skincare & haircare too.

For any questions about our courses, programs and school, please email our customer service team on We’d be delighted to hear from you and excited to welcome you to our school.



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Lifelong Learning: Tatiana's Path From Aromatherapy to Beauty Mastery and Launching her Brand Student success stories

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