“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because it’s helped me discover my potential.”

What if embarking on your own natural cosmetic formulation journey could become the best decision you ever made? For Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation graduate, Bukola, discovering her own potential gave her a huge sense of reward and achievement and a ‘I can do this’ revelation!

This is the inspirational story of Bukola Akinbinu, a mother of three who went from battling postpartum depression to finding empowerment through the School of Natural Skincare. Today, she stands confidently as a successful student of the school, ready to launch her own haircare line!

Uncovering Her Passion for Natural Beauty

Bukola’s story begins with her lifelong interest in natural and organic beauty products. She always prioritized using the best natural products for her skin and hair, but her journey into the world of natural cosmetics truly began when she realized she knew, in her words, “nothing” about the intricacies of formulating these products.

“Before joining the School of Natural Skincare, I thought I knew more about making natural products, but I discovered I knew nothing! The school opened my eyes.”

She had experimented with making her own balm and oil for her gorgeous hair, using a combination of ingredients from DIY recipes, but she soon discovered that the DIY path had its limitations.

Upon joining the School of Natural Skincare, Bukola discovered a whole new realm of knowledge that completely reshaped her perspective. What she initially thought she knew about natural and organic products turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. The courses not only educated her on formulation but also challenged her preconceived notions, debunking misinformation she had gathered from various sources, including online platforms such as YouTube.

She told us;

“I had a blog where I would share tips on how to groom your African hair. Then I just said to myself one day that I needed to know more. So I searched on Google and found the School. I was so intrigued by the things that I was reading and I was like, “No, no, I really need to take a course here. I really need to learn more.” It was an eye-opener for me to learn so many things, to learn the difference between recipe and formula, and to discover that the things I’d been learning on YouTube were actually wrong.”

The School of Natural Skincare’s Unique Appeal

Bukola stumbled upon the School of Natural Skincare during her online search for reliable resources. The school’s emphasis on values, sustainability, and creating products that make a positive impact in the wider world resonated deeply with her. She spoke to us of Gail’s calm and informative teaching style, coupled with the well-structured courses, which helped Bukola to trust that this was the right place for her to expand her knowledge.

“I think one of the things was when Gail talked about the value, how you want your product to be. It’s not about the money, it’s about the value and the impact you’re making in your society. That really drew me to the course.”

More than just an educational pursuit, Bukola describes her time at the school as a therapeutic experience. Battling postpartum depression and low self-esteem, the courses became a source of healing for her. As she delved into formulating natural products, her confidence soared, and she found herself rediscovering her identity.

“This course saved me. Seriously. It was like therapy. I started getting my confidence back. I started believing in myself. I don’t have that self-doubt anymore.”

Belonging to a Supportive Community

Being part of the School of Natural Skincare community played a huge role in Bukola’s journey. The school’s Facebook Group opened up new connections. This sense of community provided her with support, answers to her questions, and the opportunity to share her newfound knowledge with others.

Bukola Akinbinu's Triumph: Navigating Postpartum Challenges to Thrive in the Natural Skincare Industry Student success stories

From Student to Skincare and Haircare Consultant

Bukola’s new-found confidence has enabled her to become a hair and skin consultant for her family and friends. The knowledge gained from the courses transformed her into a go-to resource, and her ability to provide solutions has become a testament to the value of her education.

It’s a win for me. I can say “I’m good, I can do this”. I know these things. I’m more confident. When my family and friends need help, they’re always calling me, their friends also call me.”Can you do this for me?” “What do you think about this product?” “What do you think about this ingredient?” It’s a win for me because I feel more confident about myself, I’ve gotten myself back.”

She loves the new problem solving skills she has developed through the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation and the Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation – and her passion for helping others is contagious!

“I made a product from my mum, as she has been going through hyperpigmentation and she said, “you saved my face!” And that really touched me.”

Bukola Akinbinu's Triumph: Navigating Postpartum Challenges to Thrive in the Natural Skincare Industry Student success stories

One-Stop Learning Hub: Bukola’s Encouragement for Aspiring Formulators

With bubbling enthusiasm, Bukola encourages aspiring formulators to enroll in the School of Natural Skincare. She highlights the comprehensive learning experience, the supportive community, and the opportunity to start from scratch and build a brand from the ground up.

“I would say enroll in the School of Natural Skincare. There you learn everything from A to Z. I would encourage it because there is so much to learn – it will teach you everything you need to know to start making your own products and start a brand. You can study at your own pace, the tutors are there to answer all your questions, and I would encourage it to everyone!” 

Bukola’s Next Chapter: Crafting Formulas for a Future Haircare Brand

The future looks exciting for Bukola, as she reveals her plans to launch her own haircare line. Currently working on formulations for shampoos, leave-in conditioners, deep conditioning masks, and hair oils, she is keen to share her passion and products with the world and to help her customers to feel that same sense of satisfaction, confidence and joy from the products they use.

“I am working toward starting my own haircare line, and skincare. But I’m going to start with haircare. I’m already working on my formulations. I’m working on my shampoo, the leave-in conditioners, deep conditioning mask, and hair oils. I’m just working on them before launching my brand. That is the plan.”

Bukola’s journey from self-doubt and postpartum struggles to confident entrepreneur showcases the transformative power of education and passion. Her story is both inspiring and motivating for others who wish to embark on their own journey in the world of natural skincare. 

Bukola Akinbinu's Triumph: Navigating Postpartum Challenges to Thrive in the Natural Skincare Industry Student success stories

As Bukola prepares to launch her haircare brand, the School of Natural Skincare stands as a beacon of empowerment, fostering dreams and turning them into reality.

If you’d love to transform your dreams into reality, then you, too, can find empowerment, reward and purpose as you venture into your own natural cosmetics journey.

Whether you want to help heal your skin naturally and begin making products for yourself, fill your home with your own natural goodies or perhaps you have a dream to see your products on the shelves of beauty stores?

Whatever your heart desires, the School of Natural Skincare can help you reach for the stars! You could create your own niche in formulating natural haircare, launch your own natural skincare product line, try your formulating fingers at soap making, or what about learning how to craft your own natural makeup?

What will you choose? 



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Bukola Akinbinu's Triumph: Navigating Postpartum Challenges to Thrive in the Natural Skincare Industry Student success stories

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