One of the things that keeps Gail and I motivated, gives us the sense that we’re alive, growing, developing and moving forwards is constant and never ending learning. 

We’re avid learners, keen seekers of new ideas, new inspiration, new motivation, new experiences. That is not to say that we’re unhappy with what we have, what we know, where we are in life and what we’ve achieved, we just love exploring, learning and experiencing.

Famous life coach and public speaker, Anthony (Tony) Robbins has said many times that most people feel the best in life when they feel they are growing, learning and developing in some way. It is when we’re in this mindset that we feel we are going somewhere positive.

We’ve learned firsthand how true this can be.

For us, being lifelong learners is a never-ending source of inspiration. In tough times, when things are not as great as they could be, it gives us hope, inspiration and motivation to keep on doing what we love.

So what do we learn about? 

Anything and everything we’re passionate about! 

Natural and organic cosmetics, herbs and aromatherapy, yoga, teaching, communicating, running and growing successful businesses are all areas of interest to myself and Gail. 

We have learned about natural & organic living, permaculture, green and eco-friendly innovation, homeschooling, parenting, spirituality, yoga and our connection to Mother Nature. 

We strive to learn more about our own happiness, health and wellbeing… and ultimately, success!

What about you?

Ask yourself, what are you passionate about? What would you like to understand better? And what are you willing to invest your time, energy, and resources into learning about?

It’s a topic well worth thinking about and taking the time to explore.

The importance of community

At the heart of our community at the School of Natural Skincare is a shared passion – a passion that propels us in our desire to learn more. 

You may dream of learning to formulate your own natural skincare products, or of founding a bestselling business. Whatever your goal, you will still need to learn, and that is a good thing – and an exciting prospect!

Of course, we’re not saying that success requires you to drop everything and dedicate your whole life to creating natural skincare. For many of us, that simply isn’t an option – we have families to care for, and all the commitments of day-to-day life to contend with. 

Despite all the challenges of juggling life with what you love, we believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way!

So, how could you become a lifelong learner in the midst of all the busy-ness of life?

Unlocking the Benefits of Lifelong learning: The Key to Staying Inspired Studying

Finding your passion, finding your ‘why’. 

If you’re reading this, then it’s probably safe to say you have a passion for natural skincare, or at the very least, a desire to learn more. 

Perhaps you care about what you and others put onto your skin. Perhaps you care about what we all put into the environment, and about sustainable living. Whatever the reason, this is your passion – your ‘why’. 

There will be many times in your life that you’ll ask yourself ‘why am I doing this?’. And it is in these  times of uncertainty that you can return to your ‘why’ and gather strength, inspiration, and motivation from the passion that got you here in the first place.


Everyone experiences times where they feel flat and at a loss for inspiration – even David Attenborough! However, if we can learn to self-motivate, we can tap into our passion and approach our studies and our craft with fresh energy.

Being able to talk to like minded-people – to share feedback and support – is a fantastic motivator!

One of the greatest benefits of studying with the School of Natural Skincare is our thriving online community. Just hop on to one of our forums and share what’s on your mind, and find a whole community of passionate people like yourself ready to support and share with you.

Understanding your learning style

We can acquire information in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s auditory, visual or kinesthetic, finding out your method of learning will help you to become a more effective student, as well as bringing more joy to your learning process. 

As Greg Anderson said, “Focus on the journey not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”. It is when we enjoy the process of learning that we achieve our best results.

Take this fun test to discover your learning style! 

Embracing mistakes

Allow yourself to see mistakes in a different light. Realise that mistakes offer the best opportunities for learning, and that they happen to everybody. It’s what you learn from making them that matters.

In fact Joe Rogan said, “We define ourselves far too often by our past failures. That’s not you. You are this person right now. You’re the person who has learned from those failures.”

We couldn’t agree more! 

It is equally important to foster positive self-talk.

Do you ever tell yourself you’re not good enough? 

Perhaps your skin product didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped and you berated yourself as a result.

Fostering positive self-talk is challenging, but it is a skill well worth investing in. We all have the choice to think, say, and feel what we want to. And so, as lifelong learners, we must own our thoughts, and make the choice to adopt a positive mindset in the face of negativity.

Try new things

How did you feel when you made your very first skincare product? Perhaps the process was nerve-wracking, uncertain, and daunting at times. Nevertheless, I bet it felt great afterwards! 

The truth is that trying new things can also be one of your biggest sources of inspiration. It’s a fantastic way to learn. After all, how do we know what we like if we don’t give it a go? 

When you’re learning to formulate natural skincare products, a lot will be about trial and error. When faced with these challenges it is important to remember you have to take risks – to move out of your comfort zone – in order to grow and develop. 

If it feels a bit frightening at times, that just means you’re learning!

Be kind to your body

Here’s a reminder to stay in tune with your body when you become a lifelong learner. Working so relentlessly that you burn out doesn’t help anybody, let alone your work.

So, choose to dedicate time to yourself every week. Alongside focused study, find an activity that helps you rest and recharge. Maybe that’s taking a walk in the fresh air or going for a swim. Whatever you choose, give your body and mind the chance to take a break from work. 

It’s tempting to think we don’t have time for self-care, but the truth is that this is how we bring fresh energy and creativity to our craft.

Lifelong learning with the School of Natural Skincare. 

Here at the School of Natural Skincare, we want to see your goals become a reality. 

We know that there are so many passionate people who care about natural skincare, just like we do. 

We truly believe that the best investment you can make in your future as a natural skincare formulator is to learn with us. Because with information comes empowerment, and when you commit to formulating better, kinder products, you will glow from the inside out. 

The School of Natural Skincare has helped thousands of students just like you to realise their natural skincare goals. 

We could gush all day about our courses, like our bestselling Certificate in Making Natural Skincare Products and Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation (we can’t help it!), but we know once you take the step, you’ll never look back. You’ll never want to stop learning! 

We are all lifelong learners

If we nurture a lifelong learning mindset, our innate curiosity and subsequent growth will be fostered throughout our lives. So add ‘lifelong learning’ to your business values, your bucket list, your daily ‘to-do’ list, and never take it off.  

Encourage your thirst for learning. Embrace mistakes. Celebrate each milestone, no matter how big or small.

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