You’ve been reading articles—some here, some elsewhere maybe. Searching for the right information as much as you may be searching for a certain kind of validation.

Is this what I’m meant to be doing? Am I really drawn to be a natural skincare formulator? Should I try it?

(We think you should!)

And we believe that being a natural skincare formulator is so much more than just learning how to combine ingredients and make a product. It’s more than just the cream, or the lotion, or the scrub that you make. Here’s what we think being a natural skincare formulator is all about:

Being a Natural Skincare Formulator is about…

having passion in what you do.

It’s about making your own products—but it’s more than just DIY. For many, being a natural skincare formulator goes beyond a hobby, and quickly becomes a passion. When you see what your products are able to do, and you feel the confidence in making them, adapting them, perfecting them, you experience the power that natural skincare has.

Being a Natural Skincare Formulator is about…

having confidence in your abilities.

It’s about developing your skill and going beyond the basics. Equipping yourself with the tools and knowledge to think like a professional, and developing the hands-on, practical skills to create any product you desire. And it’s about making sure you know what you’re doing, know that you’re doing it right, and having the discernment to tell when a technique is correct or not, because you have science and training to support you. It’s about not falling for the common traps that some get stuck in, making things because you know how, not just because you saw it on a blog or in a YouTube video. Being a skincare formulator is about developing the skills you need to make sure your products are safe, stable, and effective, and that your products are the best they can be.

Being a Natural Skincare Formulator is about…

crafting products that reflect your values.

It’s about knowing you have the ability to create products that reflect your deepest values. Whether that’s for products that are derived from nature, or whether they are organic, vegan, ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free… you get to choose, and you get to infuse your own meaning into your work.  When people pick up your products, you can stand behind them with the utmost confidence and share this physical expression of your deepest, innermost feelings about the world you wish to create. It’s really an opportunity to make the world a better place, to change someone’s heart or mind, show them that, yes, natural products can be better than the ones you find in shops, and you don’t have to choose between function and values at all.

Being a Natural Skincare Formulator is about…

solving skin problems and making life better.

It’s about contributing to a rising trend and growing awareness. As more and more people become informed about ingredients that are irritating, harmful, or toxic, or that don’t conform to their values, they are increasingly seeking natural & organic alternatives. People are tired of trying products that either don’t work, or make things worse. They want to find products that are kind to their skin, help nourish and feed it, replenish  and protect it. When your skin is healthy, you feel confident, like you’re glowing from the inside out! And that healthy feeling, it’s as much physical as it is mental. As natural skincare formulators, you can help people feel happy, confident, uplifted, rejuvenated, and help boost confidence in so many amazing ways.

Being a Natural Skincare Formulator is about…

being the change you want to see in the world!

It’s about taking dull and dry and tired skin and transforming it into soft, glowing, healthy skin—but it can be so much more than that! Like a stone cast into a pond, the effects of natural skincare formulation and everything that the world encompasses radiates outward, from making zero-waste products, reducing plastic usage and waste, changing how we use and waste water, supporting local businesses or fair-trade ones half a world away, networking with local businesses and cooperatives, making products with recycled and recyclable packaging, thoughtfully sourcing ingredients, connecting with underserved populations in so many ways. There’s so much opportunity here in the world of natural skincare—opportunity that already exists around you, if you know where to look.

…and it all starts here.

Professional-quality natural skincare formulation is not achieved by dabbling, by adding some of this and a little of that. It’s about knowing the science of skin, of ingredients, and of carefully formulating products. It’s about developing the art of selecting and blending deliberately-chosen ingredients to create something safe, stable, and effective, but also unique to you and a representation of your values. It’s also about perfecting the practice, developing your knowledge, skills, and confidence, and watching your products get better and better.

This is not achieved by flipping from one source to the next, or piecing incomplete (and often inaccurate) information together—or by taking a casual, DiY approach, following endless cycles of trial and error that waste time, money, and resources. It is achieved by investing in your skills, by finding and learning from experts, by learning how the professionals do it, gaining that essential knowledge, and applying the same skills.

If you’re ready to commit your time and energy to learning how the professionals formulate these amazing natural & organic products, then you’re ready for the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation. You’re ready to engage with a student and graduate community, to get support from experts as you study, and to apply what you learn with hands-on practice that builds your skills right from the start. You’re ready! And we’d love to have you join us. Come check us out, and take your first steps to becoming a natural skincare formulator.



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What Being a Natural Skincare Formulator is All About Skincare Formulation

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