Tanya Joslin graduated from our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation and has gone on to found her own brand Indagare Natural Beauty. We’ve featured Tanya before as she told us about her personal journey to creating her own beauty brand, and we’re back to showcase her again! 

This time we wanted to dive a little more deeply into the values that underpin everything she does and how she has created the best toxin-free skincare brand for herself and her customers.

How getting clear on her values, enabled Tanya to launch her award winning brand!

Tanya came to natural and organic skincare formulation through her own personal experience of challenging skin that she treated with prescription creams for many years. While living in China Tanya saw first-hand how rampant consumerism is affecting the environment and our health, and she began to experiment with reducing her daily exposure to toxins, and making healthier food choices. 

One day she suddenly realized that her prescription face cream had a poison warning on it, and knew it was time to start addressing the toxins she was absorbing through her skin.

Using certified organic ingredients – why does it matter?

Tanya’s brand Indagare has strong values that focus on luxurious, beneficial botanical ingredients that are certified organic wherever possible; corporate social responsibility; only using sustainable packaging; and using cruelty-free and vegan-friendly ingredients. 

Indagare has a strong brand narrative, which is a very deliberate approach of Tanya’s. She says: 

“Figure out what your brand stands for, and stick to it. Every single one of our products is over 90% certified organic ingredients, if not 100%.”

Tanya’s commitment to organic ingredients is great news! Organic ingredients are produced according to certain important standards of environmental/organic production and they offer customers a guarantee that they can trust the ingredients. 

They are better for the environment, which means better for everyone, as we all live in the same world!

How to create the best toxin-free skincare products for yourself and your customers Student success stories

According to the Soil Association, which is the primary organic certification body in the UK:

“Demand for certified organic and natural products are on the rise with more health and beauty conscious consumers than ever before. They want products that work with nature, not against it, but they don’t want to compromise on quality.1

Might you consider using certified organic ingredients in your beauty brand, or even certifying your own products? 

Creating a skincare brand based on trust

The Fashion Institute of Technology’s Masters Program: cosmetics and fragrance marketing and management, 2018 Brand Transparency research identifies that 76% of consumers want brands to ensure safe ingredients. “The new expectation among 66% of consumers is that a brand will transparently share product testing practices, ingredient sourcing (65%) and environmental impact (54%).2” This is information really worth knowing if you are considering creating your own toxin-free skincare brand, whether that is based on organic and natural ingredients, or other value-driven standards such as cruelty free or vegan. As well as creating a brand based on your ethics, you will also need to communicate this to your customers, being as clear and upfront as possible. Consumers are now savvy to greenwashing – which can only be a good thing!

According to The Fashion Institute of Technology’s FIT Transparency Perception Assessment Survey (2018), consumer trust is driven by three key factors; accountability, transparent communication, and alignment with values.3

One thing is certain with Tanya. Indagare is closely aligned with its core values. From seeking out the highest quality organic ingredients as a first choice and empowering women’s co-operatives in Morocco, to commissioning reusable and recyclable packaging materials, Indagare’s values shine through each luxurious, indulgent product. 

Tanya shares:

“Don’t ever compromise on quality. The sum of the finished product is equal to more than its greater parts, I believe, when every single ingredient is the purest possible. My thoughts are that lovingly grown organic botanicals seem to have more life-force.”

We love Tanya’s ethics and values as expressed through Indagare and are super impressed by her success – both of Indagare’s flagship luxury face oils were recipients of Editor’s Choice Award at the international 2018 Beauty Shortlist Awards! 

Way to go Tanya!

Your first steps towards your own toxin-free skincare brand!

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How to create the best toxin-free skincare products for yourself and your customers Student success stories

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How to create the best toxin-free skincare products for yourself and your customers Student success stories


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