Where Indagare began

Tanya Joslin struggled with hormonal, severely congested skin for many years, and was running out of options.


Stress levels, diet, I tried everything. I’d used dermatologist-prescribed creams and antibiotics, and my frustration levels were rising. The creams would clear it up, the first week or two would be great, and then other issues would arise. I was in my 40s by this stage, so the visible signs of aging started to bother me. The creams would strip my skin so it really wasn’t looking plump or healthy, and nothing was working long term.

Tanya was drawn to organic food, and making healthy choices – but she never previously considered what she was using on her skin.


I’d do these massive detoxes and juice cleanses. Yet I was getting my prescription creams and one day I looked down and saw a poison warning, and I thought, ‘oh, I wonder what’s in this’. The irony really hit me that I’m checking pollution levels, eating well – and putting god knows what on my skin.

And so Tanya started experimenting. She realised that she’d exhausted conventional methods – and now it was time to find out what natural options worked for her skin. Indagare was born! Indagare – meaning ‘to investigate’ – began with investigating ingredients for Tanya’s skin, and moved to investigating supply chains, and ultimately to Tanya becoming a more conscious consumer on many different levels.

Starting a business alongside a full-time job

Tanya’s full-time job at this stage was running a travel magazine, so Indagare was initially a hobby – a personal investigation. However, the word travelled fast about Tanya’s fledgling products, and she found herself being asked for samples by friends and family. Eventually she was giving away so much, her husband encouraged her to start a business.


We registered the business and I was then really drawn to the School of Natural Skincare. I liked the fact that they were a couple with young kids. I really related to that as my whole career had been built around my family. Gareth being an aromatherapist appealed to me because of what I was experiencing from essential oils and plant oils. So, I wasn’t necessarily thinking that the business would go anywhere or do much, but I signed up to do the course, and I ended up developing my Signature Night Recovery oil.

Tanya joined the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, fitting it in around her full-time job and caring for her children, which naturally led on to building in time to develop her business.  


When the kids were in bed I’d do the course. I got so used to putting that time in, it’s part of my life now. I’ll finish work, I’ll finish with the kids and at night time I work on Indagare. It was good to make the time for the course because if you are going to go somewhere with your business, you’re going to have to carve out time. I’m probably similar to a lot of people, I didn’t have thousands of dollars to invest, I’ve got a mortgage, I’ve got two kids, I’m just a normal everyday mom who’s really passionate about what I’m doing. So, that time has to be found somewhere.

Tanya’s growing knowledge

After completing the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation course, Tanya saw her knowledge and confidence expand.


There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet, much of it unsafe. If anyone is thinking about selling or giving products to other people to use, consider doing a course like this where you’re dealing with facts. You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to the people who are going to use your products.

One thing the course really taught me that I constantly have to bring myself back to, is: what am I trying to achieve here? Who am I formulating it for? What is it? It’s a small discipline but it’s really important – because otherwise you can go off on all sorts of tangents.

As Indagare grew, Tanya also learned about other aspects of building a beauty brand.


I started by thinking it’s just a formula, I wanted to make beautiful products and help people with their skin and suddenly I had to design packaging and deal with suppliers. It’s a learning curve!

Ethos and brand values

Indagare’s brand ethos focuses on sustainability, fairness and quality. From seeking out the highest quality organic ingredients as a first choice and empowering women’s co-operatives in Morocco, to commissioning reusable and recyclable packaging materials, Indagare’s values shine through each luxurious, indulgent product.

Tanya’s advice for budding beauty entrepreneurs

Tanya has some advice for any would-be beauty entrepreneurs considering taking a course with the School of Natural Skincare:


Definitely do it. Anyone considering, do it. If you have an inkling that you want to start a beauty business, or if you just want to make products to give to people or even for yourself: just do it!

To learn more about Tanya Joslin and Indagare, please visit their beautiful website at www.indagarebeauty.com. Thank you, Tanya! We’re so glad to have you as a student!



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How Tanya juggled life with kids, work and studying natural skincare to launch her beauty brand, Indagare Beauty Business Student success stories

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How Tanya juggled life with kids, work and studying natural skincare to launch her beauty brand, Indagare Beauty Business Student success stories

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