Skincare recipes and getting started

Make your own $140 serum for under $5

Would you be surprised to find out that you can make a serum that retails for $140, at home, using basic equipment, in under five minutes and for less than $5? In this article we’re going to show you how easy it is! We’ve formulated our own version of...

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Skincare formulation tips

How to turn a cosmetic formula into a recipe

Professional cosmetic formulas are written in percentages. So how do you convert a formula written in percentages into a weight based recipe you can make? This article will explain: Converting a formula into a 100g test batch size How to calculate...

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Ingredient information

Our secret facial serum ingredient

Today we're sharing our secret facial serum ingredient that has proven a hit with many of our students! Our secret ingredient is...olive squalane (INCI: Squalane). There are so many benefits of using olive squalane in your skincare products. Let's explore them now....

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