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What Being a Natural Skincare Formulator is All About

You’ve been reading articles—some here, some elsewhere maybe. Searching for the right information as much as you may be searching for a certain kind of validation. Is this what I’m meant to be doing? Am I really drawn to be a natural skincare formulator? Should I try...

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Ingredient information

Five essential vitamins to support skin elasticity

The natural aging process reduces the elasticity of our skin. While this can be accepted as part of aging gracefully, there are vitamins that can help support and improve skin elasticity and therefore help improve the appearance of aging skin. Let’s take a...

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How to make SLS-free products and ditch harsh sulphates forever.

Shampoo formulation 101: 

The key ingredient that makes a shampoo work (and the best natural options) 

The structure of a shampoo formula

How to customize shampoo for different hair types.

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