Skincare recipes and getting started

Make your own lip balm (with no nasties) for under $1

Are you becoming increasingly aware of undesirable ingredients in commercial cosmetic products? Here is a simple swap you can make: a well-known, commercial lip balm that contains mineral oil, parabens, synthetic color/fragrance, silicone and lanolin for an...

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How to read a cosmetic label

Don’t be fooled by a product name or description - get to know and understand your cosmetic labels! That’s the only way to truly know what is in the products you are using, and how safe they really are. This guide will help you do just that. A lot of...

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8 Ingredients to detox from your skincare routine

This guide will help you to detox your skincare products by knowing which harmful or undesirable ingredients to look for on the label. You can then either stop using them right away, or know what to avoid in the future. If you want to take back the power...

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Skincare formulation tips

Ingredient information

Our secret facial serum ingredient

Today we're sharing our secret facial serum ingredient that has proven a hit with many of our students! Our secret ingredient is...olive squalane (INCI: Squalane). There are so many benefits of using olive squalane in your skincare products. Let's explore them now.  ...

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