Heena Bhat had always been fascinated with natural products, and in India, where Heena is from, homemade skincare is part of everyday life. She told us how many people in India look for skincare solutions from their kitchen cupboards and rely on DiY methods, but those solutions differ in quality and are definitely not properly formulated or safely preserved.

From A Bad Experience With A DIY Recipe To Studying Natural Skincare Formulation And Launching Her Brand Student success stories
A bad experience with an unreliable DIY recipe she found online, which left her needing to seek medical advice, made Heena say, “no more DIYs… it has to be professionally formulated products for me!”

Since 2018, Heena had been a member of various natural beauty groups on Facebook, but fed up with “loud” marketing and promotions for ingredients that she knew she wouldn’t be able to source in India, she turned to the School of Natural Skincare…

“I realized the School of Natural Skincare was something that would give me exactly what I’m looking for; making my own products for myself, products that work, ingredients which are not that exotic and expensive and that give me the real effect… they’re result-oriented.”

Before joining the School, Heena was struggling with her emulsions separating and her products being unstable, but she has seen a rapid transformation which means that she is now formulating “safe and stable” products confidently for herself and for family and friends, and she plans to take it further.

Heena has always dreamed of launching her own beauty brand and as a full time working mom of two kids, she’s found the time to put into her studies over the last few years and now she is on the cusp of doing so with a small range of hero products.

What has it been like studying with the School of Natural Skincare?

Heena loves the “very friendly tutors and very friendly team” at the School and the fact that there is always someone there to help, meaning it doesn’t feel like an online course at all. 

She enjoyed the fact that thanks to the School’s student support Private Student & Graduate Facebook Group, she felt like she was part of a community… “It is like having your fellow students just around you, surrounded by them.”

Heena finds the “self-paced learning process” that the School offers very beneficial and appreciates the fact that she can get all the information she needs in one place, which saves her a lot of time. She describes the School’s courses as being “like an encyclopedia… so well designed” and appreciates that “every time I have a question, I don’t need to waste my time Googling around on researching.”

She also loves the “amazing formulas” the School shares and thinks they bring a lot of additional value to the courses, given that “even if you go buying one single, stable, real good formula, you have to spend thousands.”

Studying online has worked out brilliantly for Heena. It meant that she could learn from trained, qualified professionals from the comfort of her own home, in her own time and at her own pace. She told us 

“I know I can take my time out as and when I’m free from my kids, from my home, from my other work. So I know I have time to get online anytime I need some information.

And as a full time working Mom, the flexibility to study as and when she could was a huge help. It meant that she was in control of her studies and the time it took to complete the courses.

In terms of the quality of the courses she has studied, Heena explained:

The courses are like encyclopedias. So every time I have a question, I don’t need to waste my time Googling or doing endless online research. It’s just there for us – inside the courses, the tutor Q&As or the support community. So, excellent! 

I mean, I really don’t know what more I can say and what other way I can praise the courses and the school, seriously. I mean, I’m really thankful to the school.

The courses are so well designed. When you transition from one module to the other, you know what you are learning, you can actually relate to what you’ve learned already and what you need to learn next. And that’s exactly how it works for you. I feel a lot more confident.

For Heena, in less than two years, formulating her own natural skincare and haircare products is a completely different experience altogether. 

“I feel like I am actually becoming a formulator from nothing, from a zero to transformation and transitioning to a formulator. So yes, I feel absolutely confident with the knowledge that I’ve gained with the school. I know how to convert a recipe into a formula and how to formulate products that are safe, stable and effective.”

Having studied the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, the Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation and having recently enrolled in the Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation, Heena is well placed to comment on how much she loves the design of the School’s courses and how the structure helps you to build your knowledge as you move through the modules.

What would Heena say to someone thinking about enrolling onto one of our courses?

She thoroughly recommends studying with the School of Natural Skincare “if you really are looking for a serious business or even as a serious hobby because “it saves you a lot of time, it saves you precious ingredients, it saves you money.”  

In fact, Heena told us:

“I’ll sum it all in a very sweet and very simple language for students like me. People who love making their own products. People who love organic and natural products, safe and stable. Even if it is just a hobby, get into it because this is what will help you launch your own business. 

The course is designed so well. You’ll definitely understand what you’ve learned in the last module because you’ll start relating it with all of the other modules. 

The research and development done by the school is amazing. For example, to buy formulations from professionals, you’d end up spending thousands of dollars for one formula. But inside the courses you’ll find lots of example formulas which are amazing! Trust me. Even if I don’t want to do anything else, the formulas are awesome. 

I really don’t know what to say seriously. I am very happy with the course. Absolutely happy. I hope people listen to me and they definitely get enrolled.”

And what’s next for Heena Bhat?

As we publish this feature article Heena is studying our Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation and then there are two things she wants to do.

  1. Join the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club to continue her learning and
  2. Launch her brand.

We are so honored that Heena has chosen to study not just one but three courses with the School of Natural Skincare. It is always wonderful to see students start their formulating studies, watch that passion be ignited and follow the journey it takes them on… We’re so excited to see what happens next for Heena!

From A Bad Experience With A DIY Recipe To Studying Natural Skincare Formulation And Launching Her Brand Student success stories

If you’re passionate about natural & organic beauty…

We’re here to help you! If you’re interested in learning how to create (formulate) your own natural & organic skincare products from scratch like a professional – whether for yourself or to sell – then you’ll want to take a look at, and join, our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation

If its natural & organic haircare that most interests you – shampoos, conditioners, treatment and styling products – then you’ll want to join our Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation.

And if natural makeup & advanced color cosmetics is what excites you the most, then you’ll want to take a look at our Diploma in Formulating Natural Makeup & Advanced Color Cosmetics.

For confident (and perhaps more advanced) formulators, you’ll want to take a look at our Advanced Certificate in High-Performance Serum Formulation and/or our Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club.

Of course, if you have any questions please do email us on hello@schoolofnaturalskincare.com



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From A Bad Experience With A DIY Recipe To Studying Natural Skincare Formulation And Launching Her Brand Student success stories

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