Following a passion for natural skincare

Simona Mohar Karakatič is a qualified pharmacist in her native Slovenia, with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and also in the cosmetic sector. Cosmetics was always her passion, so she decided to learn more about natural formulation and skincare.

Her background meant she already had an understanding of product formulation and Good Manufacturing Practice, but to secure that understanding and deepen her knowledge she enrolled onto the School of Natural Skincare’s Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation


“During the course I upgraded and deepened my knowledge, which was my basic reason for joining. But then, I was so impressed about creating my own natural skincare products, that I started to make them for my family!”


Teaching skincare formulation to others

Professionally, Simona wanted to study skincare formulation so that she could give advice about creating and producing natural skincare products. 

Since completing the Diploma, Simona has the confidence to give lectures on how to prepare and make your own natural  skincare products. She has also developed an understanding of the legislation in this area, so can help people to bring their natural skincare products to market.


Simona is proud of having gained new knowledge and also of having the opportunity to gain awareness of natural cosmetic products that she can share. 


And she was so impressed by learning how to make natural skincare products for herself and her family that she has begun to do just that! 


“My intention is to show and teach others about the use of natural cosmetic products. I love making and creating natural skincare products and I’m rewarded with excellent results.”

Nothing but praise for the School of Natural Skincare

Simona has nothing but praise for the School of Natural Skincare’s online Diploma, describing it as “very useful, understandable and interesting”.

She believes that natural cosmetics and skincare products will only grow in popularity as people become more conscious of what they are using on their skin. She says:


I think that people’s awareness of what we put on our skin is growing and it is becoming more important to us. We want fresh, gentle, natural materials that have a beneficial effect on our skin, body and hair. We want natural smells and as few synthetic substances as possible.”


Just the right natural skincare ingredients


Simona has had particular success making natural face creams and she also loves her natural hair conditioner and body oil. The fact that everything is made from natural ingredients is a key motivator for her. She says:


“There is nothing else like natural cosmetic products. The feeling on your skin is fantastic; making it feel softer, gentler, smoother. And it makes your hair beautiful, shiny and healthy, too. I love finding just the right ingredients to make natural cosmetic products for me and my family and I particularly enjoy preparing oil extracts to use in my products.”


As with any learning process, it’s not been without its hiccups and Simona recalls trying to make an emulsion using the wrong emulsifier. The result? Oil coagulating on top of the water base! You can find out more about natural and organic emulsifiers for cosmetics in our quick guide here

A secret natural skincare ingredient that no commercial products contain… 

Although there are many natural skincare products and cosmetics on the market, Simona believes that nothing beats making fresh skincare products using natural raw materials that she and her family and friends love. And, all other products have one important, personal ingredient that no commercial products contain… 


“I create with my love, with my positive energy built into the products. It’s such a pleasant feeling doing something good for us as well.”


What does the future hold for natural beauty enthusiast, Simona?

So what does the future hold for Simona? Well, she has become an aromatherapist, too, so she can now perfectly incorporate an array of essential oils and hydrosols into her natural skincare products for many different purposes. If you’d like to learn more about essential oils in natural skincare products, have a read of our article More than just a nice scent! How to Combine the Art and Science of Formulating with Essential Oils.

She says: 


“I’ve started a new life and have an opportunity to do something for and by myself. I’m so grateful I found the School of Natural Skincare. You have expanded my knowledge and helped me to be able to make excellent products for me and my family. Thank you!”


As a pharmacist, Simona has the advantage of a scientific background, but she still understood how important it is to seek out expert tuition from a team of qualified professionals who could give her the correct instruction, knowledge and skill that she required to ensure she was doing the right thing.

Our Diploma courses, skincare and haircare, teach the practice, art and science of natural skincare/haircare formulation online to students in every part of the world. Students are not required to be scientifically trained or have a deep scientific knowledge. Of course it helps, but we teach science in a way that is easy to understand. 

So, for any passionate hobbyist looking to make top quality products for a fraction of the price of shop bought brands, taking our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation and/or our Diploma in Natural Haircare Formulation is the right place to start. 

Here you’ll learn from qualified experts, how to formulate a complete range of natural cosmetic products from scratch like the professionals. You’ll learn the essential theory, have access to a huge library of ingredient information, gain access to a formulation library that helps you to create products from scratch like the professionals do.

The Diploma courses are for beginners or intermediate level, so if you’ve just started making  your own products or if you are an experienced formulator/scientist like Simona in another field, they will be the perfect place to learn.



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From Pharmacist to Natural Cosmetics Formulator Student success stories

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