How one student’s membership to the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club has given her the confidence to launch her own brand

Having always strived to use products that were good for her skin and hair, Stacey Brown, from the USA, became aware that products with 100% natural ingredients were hard to find.

Aiming to use brands that were holistically beneficial and true to her values of containing effective, natural ingredients, Stacey realized she needed to create her own products.

Once Stacey enrolled onto the School of Natural Skincare’s Natural Haircare and Skincare Formulator Program, her love for natural cosmetics grew. 

But it wasn’t long before Stacey’s passion for natural cosmetics ignited further as the brand new Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club began to launch.

“Something new and exciting was coming! I got really excited about it. I couldn’t wait for the Club to open up so I could get in there!”

Being part of the Club; feeling like a member of the natural cosmetic world Student success stories

An exciting new career

As a retired registered nurse, Stacey Brown found that having time on her hands was a great incentive to start a new hobby; formulating natural skincare products that really work. 

Her 31-year career had led her through a journey of understanding the importance of having safe and effective products that people can support and embrace.

“I understand, it’s not just important what you put in your body, good nutrition, but also what you put on your body. Doing a lot of research has led me to be able to make more informed choices.”

When Stacey retired in 2020, she started thinking about what she wanted her new career path to be.

She wanted to make sure that it was something that aligned with what she already knew, what her skills already were, and what she was passionate about.

Not only did she discover her skin and hair were changing as she grew older, she also found that some of the products that were claiming to embrace these changes with natural, gentle ingredients, weren’t always true.

“I started researching. How can I formulate my own natural cosmetics? I didn’t know anything about it. Can I do this? Is my degree enough? Do I have to go back to school and become a scientist of some sort? I had no clue. In doing some research, I came across some links about the School of Natural Skincare.”

It wasn’t long before Stacey’s research into the School revealed that she could formulate her own natural skincare and haircare products. And she didn’t need any scientific education in order to enroll.

“The School made me believe, wow, I can do this, little old me, I can formulate. That’s what drew me to the School, and that’s what I signed up for. I’ve been totally happy ever since!”

Feeling like a member of a Club

The Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club is dedicated to expanding members’ knowledge, skills and confidence of natural and organic cosmetic formulation.

Packed with courses, classes, experiments, reports, formulations, guides, video tutorials and more, the Club is filled with topics that excite, with products formulators love to make, ingredients they really want to explore and innovative ideas not found anywhere else.

The very thought of the Club excited Stacey; 

I started receiving communications about the Club. I was really excited about opportunities to learn new things, and to connect with people and have greater access to resources.”

Being part of the Club; feeling like a member of the natural cosmetic world Student success stories

Club Members can share with the School what they’d like to learn about so that the School can feature it inside the Club; something that greatly appealed to Stacey.

“The club makes us feel like we, as members, are stakeholders, that we’re contributing towards the success of the Club.” 

Having never experienced this type of Club before, where “they cared about what we think, and what we want to see, what’s valuable for us”, Stacey knows that it is a plus for other members too;

“It really is a very positive experience, not just for myself, but also for the other members, as I’m hearing things from them, as well. I think it really drives engagement.”

Being part of the Club; feeling like a member of the natural cosmetic world Student success stories

A Club, a family, a team

It is this engagement that runs further inside the Club, with members having the opportunity to meet virtually every month in the Formulators’ Forums, to come together and have a chat about all things formulating!

“I love people and the thought of the monthly Zoom calls; being able to connect and network with the other members, learning from them, sharing and learning about trends and barriers. And what I could also contribute to that with the things that I had learned.”

Members are able to share their creations and ideas with their peers;

“It’s very encouraging, it’s very inspiring. Especially when you see that people have wonderful things that they’ve made, or have had successful launches of a hair or skincare line.”


And failed formulations can be shared, too, in a safe environment, free of judgment, with help and ideas offered by other members of the Club, aiding confidence and nurturing reassurance.

“Being a new formulator was a little intimidating. Everybody’s so quick to jump in and really help and it makes you feel safe, and not afraid to try new things. I would say my confidence level is a lot higher since joining the Club.”

Innovative formulation at the heart of the Club

Mineral makeup, soap, face masks, shower gels and bubble baths, AHAs and BHAs… The Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club brings new, exciting, innovative classes and courses across the whole natural cosmetic spectrum.

Stacey’s passion for formulating drew her straight to the Club.

“My love, of course, which is why I joined the School in the first place, is the formulation. I love the Formulation Class! I’m always going in there checking what’s new. I want to make everything!”

And with new material released on a regular basis, the learning is fresh and up to date! Classes, courses, a formulation lab with experiments, formulations examples and skills…

Being part of the Club; feeling like a member of the natural cosmetic world Student success stories

There is something for everyone who is looking to extend their knowledge.

“I am looking forward to the business classes because I’m looking to launch my own skincare and haircare line soon and I know those classes will be very beneficial, and help me be able to leverage that knowledge towards my endeavor.”

So what does the future hold for Stacey?

Being part of the Club; feeling like a member of the natural cosmetic world Student success stories

Launching a new natural cosmetics brand

With the help of the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club, Stacey plans to use her knowledge to launch her own natural skincare and haircare line.

“I’m leveraging everything, optimizing my experience, my participation in the Club. I want to be fully immersed in it so that I can just really just maximize what I want to do in this new career path of mine.”

Creating a range of skincare and haircare products that are natural, beneficial to the wellbeing of the user, and are safe and effective are part of Stacey’s core values. 

Having her products in households around the world is not only exciting, it is also a call for prudence.

“I want to make sure that the products are really going to be good. I’d rather take the time and launch a successful product that has a really good reputable brand, versus rushing through my excitement. I’m going to take my time and do it all right.”

Stacey’s found a great deal of the Club’s resources reflected her targeted audience;

“A lot of the curriculum was very valuable for me and talked about natural formulation for the customers that I wanted to target; African American women.”

And that the Club was ultimately the driving force behind her decision to launch her brand; 

“If it wasn’t for me being a part of the Club, I don’t know if I would have had the confidence to be able to believe that I can do this, that I can solve problems for other people. I believe it now, and I know I’m going to get there.”

A natural formulation club you can trust

Continually building on and improving formulation skills is a great way to stay on top of the growing market of natural cosmetics, and members are reassured by our professional scientists. 

“We have trust with the School, we have trust with the tutors. We know that they have extensive skills and knowledge, and so we know that they’re only going to give us information that they know is valuable for us, and that’s good for us. The fruition, when we have successful formulations, is due to the School and the Club.”

So, would Stacey recommend the Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club to others?

“Everything you need to be a natural cosmetic formulator is right there in that Club. Everything you need. It’s a wonderful investment of your time, and financially it’ll give you everything you need.”

The Natural Cosmetic Formulation Club

This is a global community of like-minded passionate and confident natural cosmetic formulators who study alongside each other, choosing the classes, courses and learning materials that excite and interest them the most. 

Club Members get to collaborate with each other in the Private Online Support Community, Live Monthly Formulator Forums hosted on zoom and directly through the Member Directory.

To find out more about the Club just click here and do get in touch with us on with any questions you may have.

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Being part of the Club; feeling like a member of the natural cosmetic world Student success stories

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