Meet Lillian Lester-Blake, creator of Iane Naturals, Alabama USA

Lillian took our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation in 2015 and is now also on our Teacher Training Programme. We catch up with her and see how her business is flourishing.

Why did you decide to start your brand? What was the catalyst/inspiration behind it?

About six years ago, I became concerned about the products I was applying to my skin – products with ingredients that I felt were detrimental to my overall health and well-being.  It was then that I began using natural skincare products that were being made by a good friend who, at that time, had been in the business for a number of years. I was so impressed with the results that I was obtaining and was delighted that I could achieve these results with products that were natural. I wanted to share this great information with others who prefer using products that use botanical ingredients and are free from parabens and other harmful substances.

What is the essence of your product line? What is unique about it?

The goal of our business/product line is to provide our customers with products that are purely botanical, that lack any harmful ingredients, and have a long shelf life. 

What is your favorite or most popular product from your skincare line?

My favorite product is Radiance Body Butter. This also happens to be the most popular.  People love it because it is versatile (can be used on the entire body including the face and hair) and it answers their need for a product that prevents dryness without the greasy feeling.

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What do you love about running your business or creating your products?

I love the fact that I am filling a need for those persons who are concerned about the products that they apply to their bodies – people who are also concerned about the environment and who prefer products that have not been tested on animals.

How has the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation helped you with your business?

Before taking the Diploma I was unable to decipher the ingredients lists of the products that I was using. The INCI (scientific) names were foreign to me so I was completely unaware of the properties of the ingredients. I had to depend on others’ recommendations for the products that I used on my skin. Now I am able to clearly define each ingredient and its properties as well as formulate various products for my own use and for the public.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

The challenge of formulating products for specific skin types and needs.

What advice would you give someone who dreams of starting their own skincare line?

Just do it! I would also advise that they take a course in formulation AND fully understand the legal requirements for their local area (state/province).

What do you do to relax, unwind and get away from it all?

I am a musician so my music is very important. It provides a means of self-expression for me.


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