Lucia Mencarelli, founder of Casa Mencarelli and graduate of many of our courses, has created a wonderful, certified organic skincare brand that is completely committed to the environment.

Organic certification

As Casa Mencarelli is certified organic by the Soil Association to COSMOS standards, at least 95% of the ingredients have to be organic and 100% must be natural. 

Lucia strongly believes in the importance of living in harmony with the natural world, and how clean green skincare products can be a healthier choice, as they avoid many of the toxins and unwanted ingredients that can be absorbed through our skin when we use non-organic products.

Lucia has some excellent advice for would-be organic skincare brand creators:

“Do not compromise. If you want your skincare range to be clean and organic, use only organic certified ingredients. Even better, look at potentially having your products licenced by an external body, like COSMOS Soil Association, ECOCERT and ICEA. These have the strictest standard worldwide, to secure the quality of your range.”

We agree that certification is a great option for an organic skincare brand. It can be an expensive up-front cost, but the benefits can be enormous. 

When you are independently certified, your potential customers see a logo they know and trust, and they understand they can have complete confidence in your credentials. It can enable you to attract customers to your beauty brand that might otherwise not find you among the competition.

Even better than organic!

Lucia chooses to go even further than the stringent guidelines laid down for organic certification, as she is aiming to create products that are not only kind to the environment, but also have incredible benefits to our skin. 

“We prefer anhydrous products to increase the percentage of organic ingredients, and we make sure that the ingredients are cold pressed and untreated, to keep all the antioxidants and vitamins – so good for the skin! The final result is healthy skin with natural glow… we go beyond organic and safe, we want organic and healthy!”

That sounds good to us!

But… why organic at all?

People sometimes wonder – why bother with organic at all? If it’s expensive to certify and your ingredients are limited… why give yourself the extra work? 

Well, the answer to that is a lot longer than we can fit in one small article! We believe there are a great many reasons why organic/natural is a good choice for skincare formulators. 

For many, choosing organic ingredients and organic products just makes sense. It is the right choice to make and those that believe in the organic movement have a deep sense that it isn’t just about a particular value system, it should be the only system we follow. 

Lucia couldn’t have put it any better when she told us this:

“When choosing organic ingredients we respect the environment and we nurture our skin. Choosing organic means ZERO pesticides, no synthetics, no exploitation of the soil, respect of wildlife, no GM, minimal recyclable packaging… when choosing organic, you make sure that you have the best starting point.”

What a beautiful and well articulated sentiment, and we totally agree!

When it comes to natural and more especially organic skincare, there is the notion that it is transparent, simple, somehow more related to who we are and where we come from.

In a recent article Natural, Simple, and Effective: Why Natural Skincare Ingredients Help your Products Shine we said: 

“By using natural and organic ingredients we are – in our own small but significant way – honoring mother nature, accepting her gifts, and using them to sustain and nourish our being. There is something sacred in that.

Simplicity here is in having a connection with the ingredient you are using because it comes from the same place that we do: Nature.”

… And those are just a few of the many good reasons to consider using organic/natural ingredients in your skincare products! 

Why not start simply, by investigating just one or two high-quality natural and organic ingredients. Then you can see how it goes. 

Creating your own luxurious, effective skincare products is a journey – we take it a step at a time and see where it leads us! 

And with that in mind, we can help…

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Why organic certification matters: A case study of organic skincare brand Casa Mencarelli Student success stories

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