You have a dream, to make your own brand of natural or organic skincare and for your business to be successful, so it can be your work – work you love.


What does success mean to you?


Usually it means financial success although it can also be measured by other things you want to achieve; such as recognition, being the number one brand in your country, global distribution, having your own store, winning a prestigious beauty award or being on the front cover of a magazine.

Whatever your measure of success, to have continual, ongoing success in a beauty business means you must have continual, ongoing, healthy profits (otherwise its a very expensive hobby). And really all the other measures of success should contribute to increasing your sales and profits, ie financial success!

So, what will help you grow your beauty brand into the success you want it to be?


Here are our 7 secrets that will help you build your successful skincare brand

1) Be clear on your vision

Get clear on and stay connected to your vision, your long-term dream (for you and your business). Be clear on your values. Be clear on why you want to build a successful beauty brand.

Be so clear on your vision, values and your ‘why’ that you’re focused and motivated every day without having to rely on discipline and willpower.

2) Develop the right mindset

Success is a mindset. A mindset of believing you can achieve it. A mindset of not giving up. With clarity on your vision and a successful mindset, you will be focused, motivated and determined. This attitude will drive you forwards, step by step towards achieving your goals and manifesting your vision, even on the tough days!

Whether you have this success mindset right now or not, it can be developed and strengthened through personal practice, overcoming fears, various techniques and working with a coach.

3) Get personal

This means bringing your uniqueness to your brand and your business. Be authentic, don’t try to be like anyone else, don’t compare and don’t copy. Be inspired by others who are a bit further down the line, sure, but do it your way.

Don’t be afraid to infuse your whole brand and business with your personality. There’s only one of you and that will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

4) Develop great products

It goes without saying, but to be successful, for your brand to be talked about, bought in high volumes and shared, it needs to be awesome. It doesn’t need to be complicated to be great. In fact, simple may be better.

All the elements of your products need to be great and be infused with your personality: the branding, the name, the formulations, the packaging, the componentry and the design.

5) Do simple things well

Be consistent with your marketing, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It is by being innovative, different and unique that you will stand out from the crowd. Use fewer channels (ie not every social media option available!) but those you use, use well. If you don’t ‘get’ Twitter, don’t use it, if you love Pinterest, use that! Play to your strengths.

6) Take risks

Every now and then, take that crazy idea and try it out on your audience. Successful entrepreneurs take risks, a LOT of risks. Some work, most don’t. You won’t know unless you try. Be a trailblazer not a follower. Entrepreneurship is one big experiment.

7) Get support

Lastly, know that you don’t know everything about building a successful beauty brand, but you can learn from those who do know, those who have insider knowledge and experience. Like us.

Don’t try to learn just from all the free webinars, lessons and challenges, as you’ll only learn a small percentage of what you need to know and you’ll have to make sense of all the bits and pieces of information, which may lead to confusion and more work in the long run.

Join our supportive Facebook group for friends and fans of the School of Natural Skincare, consider joining us on our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation online course. Here you’ll not only learn the practice, art and science of natural skincare formulation, but you’ll also design your brand whilst creating a targeted set of natural skincare products that match the vision and values!



There are many different types of facial cleanser that you can make (or buy) and each is formulated in a completely different way.

In this free video training series we’ll look at the different types of cleansing products in detail so you’ll know how to formulate them for yourself or to sell.

7 secrets that will help you build your own successful skincare brand Business

With this training you'll get:

    1. The essential theory required to make a natural & organic cleansers
    2. A free formula for a natural Jelly Cleanser created in our Cosmetics Lab by our team of Cosmetic Scientist
    3. A free formula for a more simple cleansing balm created in our Cosmetics Lab by our team of Cosmetic Scientist
    4. A video demonstration showing you how to make a Jelly Cleanser using the free formula we give you! You get to see how it is all done in practice!
    5. A supplier list so you can buy the ingredients and make your cleansers

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