Selling your skincare products in
Europe eKit

Guide to European Cosmetics Regulation EC 1223/2009

Would you like to sell your handmade natural skincare products but are a bit baffled by the cosmetic rules and regulations?

This eKit is your guide to understanding the EU Cosmetic regulations and contains everything you need to know to make and sell your products legally in the UK/ EU and makes the process of selling your products easy and enjoyable!

No need to tear your hair out trying to understand the EU cosmetic regulations – we’ve done it all for you – and will share our easy peasy checklist.

Plus you’ll get four important record keeping templates (including a Product Information File & manufacturing Log/Batch File template) to make all your record keeping as easy as pie!

To make sure that all products for sale are safe to use the EU Cosmetic regulations require that you provide certain safety information and that you keep detailed records and label your products correctly.

The regulations can seem overwhelming! But don’t let that put you off. We’ve been there and done it and we are so delighted to be making the process as easy as possible for you! 

In no time you’ll be  selling your handmade products (at very attractive profit margins).

This eKit will explain everything you need to do in a simple and easy to follow way using workbooks, document templates and examples.

The eKit covers:


    The Regulations


    Product Information Files




    Selling your products checklist


    Safety Assessments/ Cosmetic Product Safety Reports


    Good Manufacturing Practice


    Record Keeping


    Document templates and examples to help with your record keeping


    List of cosmetic chemists and safety report providers (costing from just £24 per product)


    Notifying Authorities


    Insurance (where to get this from just £70 a year)


    Calculating allergen levels

    The eKit will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are doing everything necessary to sell your products legally leaving you free to have fun creating, selling and making money!

    *Includes special BONUS: 4 easy-peasy document templates*

    Simply complete them with your product info and you can feel confident you are keeping the records legally required of you.

    “The eKit is excellent and has given me the boost I needed to carry on with my goal!”

    Laura, The Secret Beauty Garden

    “I would definitely recommend the eKit. When I spoke to my local trading standards officer about my business, she was mega impressed with my information (which I got from the eKit!)”

    Kelly Ford, Wheesht Masks

    This course is currently closed for enrollment.

    We expect to reopen it in 2020.


    How much does it cost to get set up to sell products?

    The main expenses are the safety report, other product testing that may be required and insurance. The cost therefore depends on how many products you wish to sell and what type of products they are. Included in the eKit are suppliers which provide safety reports for as little as £24 per product and insurance providers which will provide insurance from £70 a year. You will receive a list of 14 safety report providers who you can contact to find the best price for you.

    Do you provide support with the eKit?

    No. This eKit is designed as a self-study eKit and we don’t provide tutor support with it. Once you have submitted your products to a safety assessor they should be able to provide you with any additional help you need.

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